Sloughbottom parkrun, Event number 18, 7th September 2019

Hello Sloughbottomers. It's was a wet one but that didn't stop 246 of you running, jogging and walking the course - close to a record number for us. Spare a particular thought for our volunteers. They're all stars at the best of times but on day's like Saturday it takes real dedication to drag yourself out to get soaked all so hundreds of people can enjoy our parkrun. So well done to all of them and make sure you remember to say thank you next time you're out on the course.

Speaking of volunteers, a big shout out to core team and founding member Sophie Kendall this week (disclaimer: she's my wife). parkrun has been a big part of her life for a long time, both as runner and volunteer. She did her last one at our spiritual home of Catton in May last year when she was pregnant with our second child. Since then she's not only given birth but also undergone major spinal surgery to repair damage she suffered in childbirth. At her lowest point she could barely walk, often slept on all fours and couldn't care for our children alone as she couldn't lift them. This week she completed her first parkrun in more than a year.

Sophie at the start line

Sophie at the start line

It was her 56th so no milestone (although it's also worth noting that she's also volunteered a massive 49 times) but it means more to her and us than you can imagine. Me, Alex and Isobel are all very proud - there really were times that we thought she might struggle to walk properly, let alone run, ever again but she's been determined to get back to parkrun throughout. I know she would like to particularly thank the Norwich Road Runners Couch to 5km programme which has helped her massively in the last few months.

I know I'm in danger of laying it on a big thick but it's worth saying as well that parkrun also kept me going when things were difficult. It was often one of the only times of the week when I could get away from it all. I'm sure, to a greater or lesser extent, it plays a similar role in a lot of people's lives.

Other people who were celebrating this week were our latest milestoners: junior runners Henry Murrell and Emilia Thomson completed their 10th runs, Estelle Corner completed her 50th and Jason Peck completed his 100th. Well done all of you - it's time to claim those t-shirts.

Off to the start

Off to the start

Just a quick plea from all of the core team. Recently we've had to do lots of last minute shout outs to fill our volunteer roster. We're always very fortunate that people step forward and do their bit. But it would really help if anybody who is willing to volunteer let us know in advance - ideally a few weeks. I know it's not always possible to plan that far ahead but the sooner we fill our roster, the sooner our regulars - the same old faces who give up their time and their chance to run to help you all - can be stood down and given a chance to enjoy parkrun for themselves. We say it a lot but if every parkrun regular volunteered just a handful of times a year, it would make life a lot easier and would allow the dedicated core of volunteers to have the odd week off so that they too can run. It is also a really good chance to see parkrun from a different, and often more rewarding, perspective.

That said, this event was made possible by 22 volunteers, each and every one of them a true high-viz hero:

Paul WOODYATT • Tina POTTER • Graham HARDINGHAM • Martin George ROPER • Samuel WHITHAM • Radley FENN • Sam WALL • Ian MARCER • Ben KENDALL • Sophie KENDALL • Robert WESTBURY • Clare MARCER • Simon WRIGHT • Karl PEEBLES • Chris RICHARDSON • Miranda ELLIS • Katie FENN • Paul ELLIS • Jessica PARKER • Rose REUBEN • Laura WOLSEY • Luke WOLSEY

We also had one marshal whose name we didn't get - if that was you, please get in touch.

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Sloughbottom parkrun Results Page.

That's all for now, thanks for reading.



Sloughbottom parkrun, Event number 17, 31st August 2019

This week I'd like to start with a tribute to a rather special volunteer. Louise Hurt took on the role of companion runner to one of our regular's, Derek (following in the footsteps of Simon Alcock who took on the same role the previous week). Derek is a familiar face at parkrun but has had a couple of tumbles in recent weeks and need a bit of extra support to make sure he gets round safely. I start with that because I love what it says about our parkrun: parkrun is for everyone and it's great to see our runners embracing that ethos by helping each other out.

Companion runner

Companion runner

Another story from the weekend which shows why we all love parkrun so much is junior first timers Libby and Gemma Faircloth who completed the course with their friends Sapphira and Salina Jones and their mothers. It was lovely to see them all cross the line with huge smiles on their faces and we hope they'll come back for many more runs.

First timers

First timers

This week 227 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 71 were first timers and 48 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 25 different clubs took part.

The event was made possible by 20 volunteers. All of them are really dedicated and we appreciate their help hugely. But please remember they're all runners too so it would be great if a few more people could help out now and again to give us all a chance to enjoy the odd run. This week's top team was:

Paul WOODYATT • Angela MAN • Claire BERRIDGE • Tom HULL • Barnaby BERRIDGE • Ben KENDALL • Sophie KENDALL • Jack COOKE • Karl PEEBLES • Louise HURR • Mandie THORPE • Philip CALEY • Chris RICHARDSON • Katie FENN • Emily RIVERS • Andrea FLINT • Mickey LONGSTAFF • Anna KETT • Frances COOKE • Thomas COULSON

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Sloughbottom parkrun Results Page.

That's all for now, see you.



Sloughbottom parkrun, Event number 16, 24th August 2019

This week's run report may be a little short and sweet, mainly because the report writer decided to go camping over the weekend and went to Lowestoft parkrun instead (nice parkrun by the way, not as nice as Sloughbottom, obviously, but worth a visit).
This week 250 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 105 were first timers and 59 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 34 different clubs took part.

One very exciting piece of news is that we had a record attendance this weekend with 250 of you running, jogging and walking. It's easy to forget how new we are and it's great to see the event continue to grow.

What's also great is that we have lots of people joining us for their first ever parkrun. Welcome this week to Natasha Blyth, Jennie Long, Stewart Nash, Molly Briggs, Laura Abel, Amanda Bonura, Charlotte Boulter, Nicola Cassie and Gracie Briggs - I suspect you're all about to catch the parkrun bug and there is no cure.

And it's black t-shirt time for Ross Ashton who completed his 100th parkrun - well done Ross.

We always thank our volunteers but this week they deserve special thanks. With so many people away for the Bank Holiday, filling the roster was a challenge but lots of people stepped forward, many volunteering for the first time. Special thanks to Simon Alcock who took on the special role of supporting runner for one of our regulars who, after taking a couple of tumbles, needed a bit of help making sure he got around the course safely. We always say parkrun is for everybody so it's great somebody was prepared to step forward in this way and help a fellow runner.

This week's volunteers were:
Frank VICKERS • Emma O'KELLY • Corrina THEOBALD • Radley FENN • Izzy WOODS • Ruth WOODS • Janice SHIRLEY • Ben KENDALL • Debbie SPINKS • Philip CALEY • Katie FENN • Simon ALCOCK • Kate RINGWOOD • Andrew CURSON • Andrea FLINT • Jessica PARKER • Vicky JEFFERSON • Anna KETT • Frances COOKE • Mark WOODSThe event was made possible by 20 volunteers:

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Sloughbottom parkrun Results Page:

That's all see you soon. Thanks.



Sloughbottom parkrun, Event number 15, 17th August 2019

This week 205 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 60 were first timers and 36 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 26 different clubs took part.

After a few barren weeks we had a flurry of milestones this week. Shane Bidle did his 25th volunteering stint and, as well all know, that's the best milestone of the lot - you get a lovely purple T-shirt and everything. So why not join him by offering to volunteer? More about that later...

Congratulations too to Jane Trudgill who hit 200 and Kevin Hanney who made it 50. 

We were also joined by Ian Keith Taylor, visiting from Brighton who ran is 399th run. Impressive enough but we had the honour of being his 200th different parkrun - we'd love to know where we rank in those 200, got to be top ten surely?

We also like to celebrate first timers so well done and welcome to the following, we hope you'll join us again soon: Theodora Karadaki, Hannah Taylor, Seraj Brugi, Henry Briggs, Nick Rotchell, Mark McLean, Sharna Tara, Robyn MaCrae and Tom Collier.

Beautiful day

Beautiful day

Now back to volunteers. Volunteers are what make parkrun great and we really appreciate all the people that help us out regularly. The next few weeks look really thin. This coming weekend, we may have to even consider switching to our alternative (and let's face it, inferior) route if we don't get more people come forward. We know it's the Bank Holiday but please do get in touch and help out - we'd love everybody to feel able to contribute and help keep our parkrun great. And you know, I'm sure you all look great in hi-viz.

The event was made possible by 26 amazing volunteers:

Martin George ROPER • Radley FENN • Nick RICHARDS • Georgina HYDEN • Kevin HYDEN • Alison MASTERSON • Shane BIDLE • Sarah TURNER • Ken HURST • Ben KENDALL • Sophie KENDALL • Liam DAVISON • Philip CALEY • Eddie WARREN • Nicola WRIGHT • Miranda ELLIS • Amélie FENN • Katie FENN • Paul RICHARDSON • Paul ELLIS • Lucy MORGAN • Katie DAVIES • Lucy BIRKETT • Owen DAVIES • Iona DAVIES • Sophie DREW

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Sloughbottom parkrun Results Page.

That's all for now, hope to see you all (wearing high viz) soon.



Sloughbottom parkrun, Event number 14, 10th August 2019

Welcome to the run report and this week we start with an apology. The 181 of you who ran, jogged and walked this week will know we started 20 minutes later than usual. As you could hopefully hear, this was because we loaned our defibrillator to a junior parkrun. This threw our routine and we found ourselves without one on Saturday. We're not allowed to hold the event without one so one of our heroic event directors made a dash across the city to get it.

So sorry you had to wait - and even more sorry to those of you who were pressed for time and had to complete your own unofficial runs - but safety really is important and there have been incidents at other parkruns where these precautions have proven vital.

I'll just quickly repeat a couple of our regular pleas:

i) We provide free tea, coffee and sometimes biscuits. This is because it's the best way for us to do it without handling cash, which isn't allowed by parkrun. We're always looking for ways to improve this but for the time being it's the only way. You can help by bringing your own cup to save us buying them or making a donation here: Thanks to those of you who have already donated.

ii) VOLUNTEER! VOLUNTEER! VOLUNTEER! We have a great group of regulars but it's a constant struggle to find enough people so we're always looking for more. If everybody could volunteer a few times a year, it would make planning the parkruns we all love so much so much easier. Also, the earlier you volunteer the better.

The event was made possible by 22 volunteers:

Paul WOODYATT • Tina POTTER • Frank VICKERS • Martin George ROPER • Radley FENN • Fiona SEARSON • Claire BERRIDGE • Barnaby BERRIDGE • Oliver DACK • Shane BIDLE • Ben KENDALL • Hugh WOOLFENDEN • Karl PEEBLES • Philip CALEY • Eddie WARREN • Kierstan FOREMAN • Chris RICHARDSON • Katie FENN • Kate RINGWOOD • Helen CONWAY • Vicky JEFFERSON • Anna KETT

We had five people running their first ever parkruns: John Oliver, Bryn Crampsie, David Turner, Ellen Rochelle and Kay Turner. Well done to all of you - please come back for your second soon!

Judith Roper also completed her 100th run - a great achievement, congratulations.

Sorry for the lack of pictures this week, we were a bit distracted.

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Sloughbottom parkrun Results Page.

That's it. Thanks, goodbye.


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