Snowdon Field parkrun, Event No. 22 09/11/19

Living in the UK, we parkrunners get to experience the full variety of seasons & weather. The temperature may be getting cooler but it was a beautiful sunny morning for a 5k jaunt down by the abbey. Whilst locally, we escaped without the flooding suffered in South Yorkshire & the East Midlands, Peterborough parkrun did unfortunately have to be cancelled. This gave us the chance to welcome several runners who chose to start Saturday with us instead. 83 participants completed this week’s event, 30 of which were for the first time at Snowden Field, 3 of those were their very first parkrun. A huge welcome to all our new visitors & welcome to the parkrun family, the 3 newbies!
Whilst the weather may have be kind, the field was holding quite a bit of water & was particularly muddy & slippery in some places. Thanks to our fantastic marshals this week, our runners were both encouraged on their way and made aware of any hazardous areas, and it’s always great to hear runners shouting their thanks to marshals along the route.
There seems to be a lot of attention in the media lately around plant based diets. Well, if proof is required that diet & performance are related, our results this week show that Vegan Runner Laura Whitton was first to the finish line in 22:20 in her second visit to Crowland, knocking over a minute off her previous time to get a new PB. Jeremy Green was our first male across the line in 22:32. In total there were 11 new PB’s this week, which considering the muddy conditions is fantastic, well done to you all!
We received tourists from Crekerne in Somerset, Chiltern Church runners club & the UK Mud Queens, maybe our course wasn’t too muddy after all!
This week was also a special one for milestones, Lexie King & Matthew Barnatt completed their 10th parkrun & join the junior 10 club, Ian Humphries & Andrew Smith both join the 50 club & Hannah Barnard joins the 100 club, congratulations to you all, don’t forget to claim your milestone t-shirts & wear them with a huge amount of pride around Snowden Field!
Last but by no means least, a group of couch to 5ker’s from Werrington Joggers chose to complete their final run with us, massive congratulations to you on graduating, hopefully this will be just the start of a long & healthy running addiction!
Of course, none of the aforementioned would have been possible without the generosity of the volunteer group this week: Andrew SMITH • Annette WILLIAMS • Chelsie BOLE • Cheryl DOYLE • Christopher KING • Edna PEARL • Elaine MCMILLAN • Emma DAVISON • Fran CARLIN • Glyn MAYLEY • Jacqui SMITH • Katie BRENNAND • Kevin BUNN • Laura WHALE • Louis KING • Lynda WHALE • Peter HALL • Simon ELDRIDGE
Chris King will be your run director next week, so please get in early to assist him by volunteering if you can.
Run report by Kevin Bunn


Christmas Day parkrun – Snowden Field (25/12/19)

We shall be hosting a Christmas day parkrun on Snowden Field at 9am. Please do get into the festive spirit and come dressed in your xmas best. Barcodes will still be needed as usual, dont make us be the Grinch on the 25th. Requests to volunteer are warmly welcomed.

Adam Caress
Event Director


Snowden Field parkrun – Event 20 (26/10/19)

What wonderful hi-vis heros this morning! A huge thank you to the 16 folk that turned out to marshal the 20th Snowden Field parkrun with such good humour.

The rain was persistent but not torrential and surprisingly, not too cold. It didn’t take long before I couldn’t see through my glasses so I reverted to ‘soft-focus’ without. That adds to the senses as the trees, now dressed for autumn, took on candy-floss outlines in shades of green, red, orange and brown. The smell of the earth and damp leaves was reminiscent of many a Halloween and bonfire night. The grass had taken on a stunning, rich shade compared to the parched grasses earlier in the year and the fallen leaves, in their autumn colours, camouflaged the way-marker cones. It’s surprising how you re-assess when you can’t see so well!

Thank you too, to the 20 participants whose spirits were not damped by the weather and were ready for a stretch of the legs. We had a car full of four lads from Harpenden who are prolific tourers. They average 215 parkrun venues each. Congratulation to Daniel Pudner, one of these tourists, who came across the line in first today. Well done to you all and we hope you enjoyed your time at Snowden Fields. Did you manage to pop into the centre of the village to see how quaint it is?

A very occasional parkrunner, Rodney Marks was our other first timer today. He has been absent from parkrun since April. I wonder what his incentive was to hop out of bed to come and join us this morning?

Second to cross the line was Mark Alderson on his fifth outing to Snowden Field and third was Mark Salmons, with first lady Petra Ellen from local Eye Runners, Carol Atherton, a Snowden regular, in second and Margaret Hayes third.

Once you are wet it can’t get worse and several volunteers and runners were happy to stand and chat for a short while afterwards about their parkrun experiences. That’s what is so special about parkrun, meeting new people every week, all with a common interest.

So, I’m delighted you all ignored the rain to start the day at Snowden Field (and secretly I’m chuffed to bits at the low turnout as this old plodder now has 14th as my highest finish position!) I hope to see you all again soon.

Margaret Hayes


Snowden Field parkrun – Event 19 (19/10/19)

After the hideous rain we’ve had recently, it was a relief to wake up this morning and see clear blue skies. There was a chill in the air, but the sun was out and Snowden Field was looking lovely. What more could you want on a parkrun morning? True, it was a bit wet underfoot, but who needs dry socks anyway?

Fifty people turned up today to get their trainers well and truly soaked and to run, jog or walk five whole kilometres. These included 18 people who did the three laps of Snowden Field for the first time. We hope you enjoyed it! It’s not the biggest parkrun in the area, but it’s definitely the friendliest. Five people made their parkrun debut – welcome to the parkrun family! At the other end of the scale, Paul FREYNE notched up a stonking 535th parkrun. That’s a total of 2675km! To give you an idea of how far that is, if you set off from the start line at Snowden Field and kept running, 2675km would take you further than Moscow, Istanbul and Marrakech, though your socks would get VERY wet, and you’d need more than the thought of cake at the Old Paper Shop to keep you going.

Today’s first finisher was Russell DOWERS, on his first visit to Snowden Field, in 21:36. Congratulations! First female finisher was Lola FLETCHER, who was also the first junior home, in 24:06 – a fantastic achievement! Four people got new PBs today. And a special shout-out to Emma DAVISON, who ran the whole five kilometres today for the first time! Emma is in the Couch to 5k group that I’m running at work, and has worked fantastically hard over the last six weeks. I had wondered whether she’d run all the way today, and she did – and managed a sprint finish and huge smile as well!

Parkrun really is about everyone, whatever their speed. The average time taken to complete a parkrun has increased considerably in the fifteen years since parkrun was launched, and this is a sign of how successful it has been in appealing to people who wouldn’t necessarily see themselves as runners – or even as walkers. I tailwalked last week, and it reminded me of how long 5k can seem and how much time you spend on your feet. That third lap can seem really tough, especially when you come through the trees near the start and then have to turn away from home to do those final loops by the Abbey. Lots of people are starting their running journey at parkrun, so do give them a cheer – it takes a huge amount of confidence to put on a pair of trainers and join in a public event.

Finally, parkrun can’t happen without its volunteers – so an enormous thank you to Adam BRAYBROOK, Jack BRAYBROOK, Kevin BUNN, Dawn BUNN, Adam CARESS, Fran CARLIN, Michael CORNEY, Emma DAVISON, Simon ELDRIDGE, Peter HALL, Levi HARTLEY, Edna PEARL, Alexander SMITH, Laura WHALE and Annette WILLIAMS for enabling today’s event to happen. Parkrun’s anniversary survey found that 84% of volunteers say that volunteering at parkrun makes them happier – so do have a look at the future roster and see if there’s anything you’d like to volunteer for.

See you soon!


Snowden Field parkrun – Event 18 (12/10/19)

This week’s parkrun at Snowden Field attracted both regular faces and some tourists from Loughborough, Leeds and Durham. Unfortunately, as I have recently moved to Durham, I was unable to attend in person but I have supported the core volunteering team by helping with admin tasks and writing a couple of run reports. However, my absence has given me the opportunity to explore new parkruns in the North East of England including Sedgefield, Riverside and Windy Nook (one of the smallest parkruns with attendances of around 20-30 people each week). This feedback allows us to reflect on our own event and make positive changes for the future of Snowden Field parkrun. As I completed my 20th different parkrun course last weekend I have now joined the bottom of the parkrun tourist leaderboard. I still have a long way to go to catch Paul Fielding on 461 different events though. If you get the opportunity to visit some new parkruns then please do feedback any new ideas to our core team.
As part of the celebrations for parkruns 15th birthday, Leeds Building Society, one of the sponsors of parkrun, have distributed 15 golden GPS batons across the country. This is part of the #BigCommunityRelay where the goal is to pass on the baton to someone at your event who is travelling to a different parkrun next weekend, as far away as possible from its current location. Apparently one of the batons is in our local area so if you see one here’s how you can play a part. Say Hello and find out where they’ve travelled from. Collaborate to decide who the baton should be passed onto; the further distance travelled the better. Share the occasion with others and definitely get some photos with it in for our event page. If you are lucky enough to receive the baton make sure to pass it onto someone new next week.
Overall, we had 43 runners, joggers and walkers complete the course today. As it is the Great Eastern Run tomorrow, we expected numbers to be lower than last week. This week our first finisher was an unknown so unfortunately, we can only guess who was first to cross the line. Peter Ward was our first known runner to complete the course in a time of 19:59. In third place was our first junior to reach the funnel; Harry Harland in 21.47. First female, was first timer at Snowden Field, Claire Powell in 21.56.

We had 16 first timers with 4 people (Emma Majewicz, Sharon Wright, Lorraine Roffe and Michael Van Rooyen) completing their first ever parkrun. 3 personal bests were achieved.
Shout out to the volunteers who made today’s event possible: -
Ian HUMPHRIES • Laura WHALE • Simon ELDRIDGE • Peter HALL • Fran CARLIN • Adam CARESS • Chelsea HUMPHRIES • Carol ATHERTON • Richard CAVE • Liam DOYLE • Cheryl DOYLE • Joanne BLACKBIRD • Emma DAVISON • Levi HARTLEY
I would like to finish off the run report by politely asking that all runners who complete our parkrun course, take a finish token from our volunteer when moving down the funnel. If you have forgotten your personal barcode then you can just put the token straight into the green bucket. If you refuse a token it causes confusion and delays at the finish funnel which then can make the results processing more difficult and could result in other runners being awarded the incorrect time or missing out on a personal best. Thank you for understanding.
Good luck to everyone taking part in the Great Eastern Run tomorrow.
Adam Caress
Event Director

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