Snowden Field parkrun is cancelled on 18 July 2020: COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Snowden Field parkrun – Event 42 (14/03/20)

A field of 41 runners and walkers assembled on the start line for the 42nd running of Snowden Field parkrun. The light drizzle that had been falling during the course set-up relented during the walk across a the long damp grass to the start line, but the mood on the start line seemed to match the sky - grey, a reflection that today was likely to prove to be the last parkrun for a week or two. Only time will tell.

Our participants made the most of it though, long grass or not with no fewer that 15 PBs being recorded. Well done if you are the owner of one of them.
We welcomed two runners to Snowden Field for their very first taste of parkrun, along with visitors from Lincoln, London and Hertfordshire.

First across the line today was one of our visitors, Philip NIND, in a very rapid 17:21 - the third fastest time ever recorded at Snowden Field. Second was another visitor Christopher HYDE, whilst our own Evie HEMMINGS and Lottie HEMMINGS came in third and fourth, both bagging PBs for their efforts.

Thank you to this weeks volunteer team, who were Colin APPS, Fran CARLIN, Richard CAVE, Anwen DAVIES, Peter HALL, Tony HARKER, Lance HEMMINGS, Christopher KING, Jenny KING, Owen L-P, Glyn MAYLEY, Joanne MCDONALD, Eric MURRAY, John OVENDEN, Ella SKIDMORE, Jamie WARD, Jessica WARD and John WOODHEAD.
We also unveiled our new volunteer board, to make it easy for you to see what roles are available for the coming weeks and to bag the one you want! You can of course still email us at or follow our volunteer page on Facebook. Please do get involved as it is rewarding.

Some pictures from this morning can be found here.

Finally, wherever your parkrun journey takes you over the coming weeks, we recommend you keep an eye on the cancellations page of the parkrun website.

Happy running (and volunteering), and hope to see you all again soon.



Snowden Field parkrun – Event 41 (07/03/20)

There are some weekends when parkrun is really, really tough. We’ve certainly had our fair share of those recently: mud, rain, wind and lots of exhaustion. But there are other weekends when parkrun is just a joy, and this was one of them. Our special International Women’s Day event had it all: lots of purple running tops (and leggings, and trainers); a little bit of spring sunshine, some significant milestones, cake, and lots of first-timers making their parkrun debut. We even had a circus!
The arrival of the circus meant a last-minute change to the summer course, but the ground has dried up a lot since last week and it felt like a much easier run. We had a fabulous field of 74 today, and for the first time ever, women outnumbered men – proving that indeed, This Girl Can. Twelve people scored PBs, and nineteen people made their first visit to Snowden Field, including eight people who were taking part in their first parkrun. Emma DAVISON and I were joined today by three of our colleagues from Spalding Grammar School, and we’ll be making sure they come back soon – there’s no escape …
First finisher today was Ryan ANDERSON in 19:17, leading the field home for the third time. First female was Emma TOMLINSON-McCRAE, who was making her first visit to Snowden Field, in 23:09. And first junior was Jacob COX, with his flying feet, in 25:54. Congratulations to all three of you! Well done to everyone who took part – five kilometres is a real challenge, and those three laps of the field can seem endless.
There were two significant milestones for Snowden Field regulars this week. Joanne McDONALD celebrated her 300th parkrun, and Margaret HAYES completed her 200th run. These are massive achievements – between them, Joanne and Margaret have run as far as Marrakesh!
The fact that people come back to parkrun week after week is testament to what a fantastic community event it is, and it’s worth remembering this on International Women’s Day. Parkrun is genuinely for everyone, including those who are just embarking on their fitness journey, those who are nervous about exercising in public and those who (like me) were always last to be picked for the netball team because they couldn’t run fast enough. Snowden Field is a lovely friendly event and whatever your pace, you’ll always receive lots of support.
Parkrun can’t happen, though, without its volunteers, and this week’s evenT couldn’t have taken place without the support of David ANDERSON, Colin APPS, Stephanie BEAVIS, Kevin BUNN, Fran CARLIN, Michael CORNEY, Cheryl DOYLE, Simon ELDRIDGE, Peter HALL, Matthew HARTLEY, Owen L-P, Glyn MAYLEY, John OVENDEN, Nikunj PATEL, Edna PEARL, Abigail STEPHENS and Annette WILLIAMS. Many thanks to all of you for giving up your time. If you enjoyed today’s event, do consider volunteering – have a look at the future roster and email if there’s something you could do to help.
See you next week!


29/02/20 – Event 40 (Leap Year parkrun)

The forecast was awful. The weather itself was only marginally better and everyone left their arrival – or getting out of their car – until the last minute. At ten to nine, I thought we might be able to negotiate our finishing positions and times between the three of us and retire for an early coffee and bacon sandwich. In the end (or should that be “At the beginning….’?), thirty of us assembled at the start and we set off on a very muddy course. First home was Morgan Harrison who was a visitor to our event and who was nearly 2 minutes in front of the next finisher. The first female finisher was Evie Hemmings in 3rd place followed by her sister Lottie.

The remainder of us did our best, but it wasn’t really the weather or the conditions for running.

Next Sunday (march 8th) is International Women’s Day and on Saturday (7th) we are encouraging as many women as possible to come and run, jog or walk round the course. We are encouraging men too…. Please wear something purple to show solidarity. I hope to see you there.

Peter Hall


Snowden Field parkrun – Event 39 (22/02/20)

We were lucky this week. True, the winds were pretty horrible on some parts of the course, but at least the rain held off until after we’d finished. We were fortunate to have a parkrun at all this Saturday, as over 100 parkruns across the country – from Inverness in the north to Seaford Beach in the south, and from Holkham in the east to Llanelli Coast in the west – were cancelled due to the weather, with flooding, high winds and fallen trees making many courses unsafe. (Tremorfa parkrun in Cardiff, meanwhile, had to be cancelled due to loose horses, while Higginson parkrun in Marlow has had an invasion of swans. More exotically, Westonaria parkrun in South Africa was called off today as there were two lions on the course … eeek.)
It was certainly blustery today. This meant that there were some stretches where we were blown along very helpfully – but others, such as under the trees, where the wind was right in our faces. Some parkruns you run with your legs; others with your head. This was definitely one of the latter. Keeping going was often a case of mind over matter, and it was a relief to make it to the finish funnel. However, 36 of us managed the full 5k today, and I hope everyone had a very indulgent afternoon as a reward.
First home this week was Peter HOLLAND, leading the field home in 21:27, with Simon ELDRIDGE close on his heels in 21:38. First female finisher, for the third time at Snowden Field, was Stephanie BEAVIS in 24:57. Unusually, we had no juniors today – clearly, they were all sensible and stayed in bed!
We welcomed five runners to Snowden Field for the first time today, including Leanne ROBINSON, who was doing her very first parkrun. Welcome to the parkrun family! Tourists joined us from London and Bedford, and seven different running clubs were represented.
This week’s hi-viz heroes were Kevin BUNN, Adam CARESS, Fran CARLIN, Michael CORNEY, Simon ELDRIDGE, Peter HALL, Matthew HARTLEY, Margaret HAYES, Glyn MAYLEY, Eric MURRAY, John OVENDEN, Nikunj PATEL, Gordon PEARSON, Abigail STEPHENS and Jamie WARD. Many thanks to all of you for giving up your time and cheering us on – the encouragement from the marshals was very necessary today! If you’ve never volunteered at parkrun before, do have a look at the future roster – parkrun cannot happen without its fabulous volunteers and we’re very grateful for all your help.
There are two special events coming up over the next fortnight. Next Saturday, it’s Leap Day – the first time that 29 February has fallen on a Saturday since 1992. If you aren’t at parkrun next week, the next time you’ll be able to do parkrun on 29 February will be in 2048, so make the most of the opportunity! And on Saturday 7 March, we’ll be celebrating International Women’s Day by dressing in purple and trying to attract as many runners as possible – female and male – to mark this important day. It would be fantastic if we could celebrate by beating our current biggest attendance of 131. So tell your friends, spread the word, and dig out your purple T-shirt!


Snowden Field parkrun – Event 38 (15/02/20)

We’re certainly working our way through the alphabet of storms, aren’t we? Last
week it was Ciara, this week it was Dennis … who’s next, I wonder? Hopefully
it’ll be a few weeks until Ermintrude or Emmeline or whoever comes along,
because I reckon we’re owed a few weeks of decent weather.
I wasn’t running this week, but I am reliably informed by my other half, Matthew
HARTLEY, that were was mud, Lots of it. It was clearly a week for the hardcore.
We had a small, select field of 40, and most were Snowden Field regulars.
Nevertheless, seven people came to Snowden Field for the first time this week.
Welcome - we hope you enjoyed it! It’s not always this muddy, honestly …
Conditions were clearly tough, because there were no PBs this week. Some
weeks are like that – a matter of sheer endurance and adding another run to
your total before heading home for a bath. First home was Ryan ANDERSON,
leading the field home for the second time in a frankly heroic 19:41. Big shout-
out to Evie HEMMINGS who was the first female and the first junior home in
23:02. Her sister Lottie HEMMINGS wasn’t far behind, at 23:51 – fabulous
There were no milestones this week, although Snowden Field first-timers Sarah
SHORT and Andy SHORT completed their 290 th parkruns with us on Saturday.
Meanwhile, Snowden Field regular Margaret HAYES completed her 199 th
parkrun. We’re looking forward to the 200 th – definitely an occasion to celebrate!
This week’s heroic volunteers were Kevin BUNN, Fran CARLIN, Liam DOYLE,
WARD, Annette WILLIAMS and John WOODHEAD. Thank you so much for
making sure that this week’s parkrun could happen, in spite of the weather.
Parkrun survives because of its hi-viz heroes and volunteering is a tremendous
thing to do – it doesn’t take a huge amount of time and is a great way of meeting
people and feeling like part of the parkrun family. Do have a look at the roster
and see if there are any roles you could volunteer for – you’ll receive lots of
support and it’s a lovely way of giving something back to such a fantastic event.
See you next Saturday!

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