29/02/20 – Event 40 (Leap Year parkrun)

The forecast was awful. The weather itself was only marginally better and everyone left their arrival – or getting out of their car – until the last minute. At ten to nine, I thought we might be able to negotiate our finishing positions and times between the three of us and retire for an early coffee and bacon sandwich. In the end (or should that be “At the beginning….’?), thirty of us assembled at the start and we set off on a very muddy course. First home was Morgan Harrison who was a visitor to our event and who was nearly 2 minutes in front of the next finisher. The first female finisher was Evie Hemmings in 3rd place followed by her sister Lottie.

The remainder of us did our best, but it wasn’t really the weather or the conditions for running.

Next Sunday (march 8th) is International Women’s Day and on Saturday (7th) we are encouraging as many women as possible to come and run, jog or walk round the course. We are encouraging men too…. Please wear something purple to show solidarity. I hope to see you there.

Peter Hall