Snowden Field parkrun – Event 41 (07/03/20)

There are some weekends when parkrun is really, really tough. We’ve certainly had our fair share of those recently: mud, rain, wind and lots of exhaustion. But there are other weekends when parkrun is just a joy, and this was one of them. Our special International Women’s Day event had it all: lots of purple running tops (and leggings, and trainers); a little bit of spring sunshine, some significant milestones, cake, and lots of first-timers making their parkrun debut. We even had a circus!
The arrival of the circus meant a last-minute change to the summer course, but the ground has dried up a lot since last week and it felt like a much easier run. We had a fabulous field of 74 today, and for the first time ever, women outnumbered men – proving that indeed, This Girl Can. Twelve people scored PBs, and nineteen people made their first visit to Snowden Field, including eight people who were taking part in their first parkrun. Emma DAVISON and I were joined today by three of our colleagues from Spalding Grammar School, and we’ll be making sure they come back soon – there’s no escape …
First finisher today was Ryan ANDERSON in 19:17, leading the field home for the third time. First female was Emma TOMLINSON-McCRAE, who was making her first visit to Snowden Field, in 23:09. And first junior was Jacob COX, with his flying feet, in 25:54. Congratulations to all three of you! Well done to everyone who took part – five kilometres is a real challenge, and those three laps of the field can seem endless.
There were two significant milestones for Snowden Field regulars this week. Joanne McDONALD celebrated her 300th parkrun, and Margaret HAYES completed her 200th run. These are massive achievements – between them, Joanne and Margaret have run as far as Marrakesh!
The fact that people come back to parkrun week after week is testament to what a fantastic community event it is, and it’s worth remembering this on International Women’s Day. Parkrun is genuinely for everyone, including those who are just embarking on their fitness journey, those who are nervous about exercising in public and those who (like me) were always last to be picked for the netball team because they couldn’t run fast enough. Snowden Field is a lovely friendly event and whatever your pace, you’ll always receive lots of support.
Parkrun can’t happen, though, without its volunteers, and this week’s evenT couldn’t have taken place without the support of David ANDERSON, Colin APPS, Stephanie BEAVIS, Kevin BUNN, Fran CARLIN, Michael CORNEY, Cheryl DOYLE, Simon ELDRIDGE, Peter HALL, Matthew HARTLEY, Owen L-P, Glyn MAYLEY, John OVENDEN, Nikunj PATEL, Edna PEARL, Abigail STEPHENS and Annette WILLIAMS. Many thanks to all of you for giving up your time. If you enjoyed today’s event, do consider volunteering – have a look at the future roster and email if there’s something you could do to help.
See you next week!