And the award for……..

…..The latest run report goes to me.

Apologies for the lateness of this report, I could make excuses,  but here it is regardless.

As it was, despite the recent cancellations and inclement weather the sun shone and the course was (just about) ok to run on with the help of a couple extra marshals manning the new feature “the bog” (see Toms picture below)

As it was a special occasion and because a large part of the course was more swamp like, we adjusted it slightly and ran backwards with the added treat of an extra curly wurly (not counting the over 100 chocolate kind) we had afterwards.

Lots of fun was had by all. Myself included – starting the brief – this time remembering the correct name (unlike our inaugural – “Somerfield Pavilion parkrun” I then described the course as “no idea really – just go for it”

fancy dressAwards were given out to some amazing people –

Parkrunner of the year went to Matt Langon
Volunteer of the year – Hugh Burchard
Junior Parkrunner of the year – Bradley Grinter
Junior Volunteer - Janey & Lydia Goold
Most Curly Wurlies – Gary Hughes
Fastest RD – Matt Brace
Brst Tourist attempt – Sofie Haidon
Best Photograp
her – Jessica Fox-Taylor
Best right hand man/Woman – Joan Gibson and
Best fancy dress to Joan Gibson dressed as a Gin bottle – no idea where that idea came from.


As well as our birthday we had other celebrations. Andrew Blacker ran his 100th run and Cory Grinter ran his Junior 10th

We also had lots of visitors – Tom Lay came from Salisbury and brought delicious cake and very kindly wrote the rest of the run report

Hello everyone!

I am writing this run report as a newcomer to this elusive parkrun, which recently celebrated their first birthday, so congratulations to you guys, as well as those who won awards! I had heard about this course a few months ago, but had no idea of what it looked like! Big surprise that for the anniversary, the route was put in reverse, making it a unique first timers experience! Very dizzy inducing... which unfortunately led to some walking … Mud-a-plenty made for a surprisingly enjoyable 'sprint and slip' finish, which gave way to a new top finishing position of 120, which I am very happy with, as well as a 13 second improvement on my last travel time to Blandford. Thank you to all marshalls and volunteers who both welcomed my clubmates and myself, as well as the ones I spoke to afterwards, I learned some very interesting facts about the course layout and the history of the location.


Hopefully I can return to this course in the future, and do the proper route, and go for the sub 35, if my head allows it! I am glad to check it off my list of places, however.

Thanks Tom.

As you will be aware Saturdays run was cancelled due to conditions on the course - keep watching this space for future updates

Until Next time


Run Director

Somerdale Pavilion parkrun
Event number 49
16th November 2019
This week 138 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 47 were first timers and 9 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 27 different clubs took part.
The event was made possible by 25 volunteers:

John PEAKE • Matthew BRACE • Andrew BLACKER • Ian MUSSELL • Jayne CUMNER • Isabella SANIGAR • Gary COULTART • Sharon COULTART • Pamela GOOLD • Vasen MOODLEY • Tina DURY • Matthew WOOD • Joan GIBSON • Lynsey MILES • Carol LOWREY • Nick BRAIN • Jane BEETON • Donna WILLIAMS • Stuart WILLIAMS • Janey GOOLD • Lydia GOOLD • Fiona BURCHARD • Jessica FOX-TAYLOR • Becky GRINTER • Joanne NYE
Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Somerdale Pavilion parkrun Results Page.
The male record is held by David HUDSON who recorded a time of 16:39 on 14th September 2019 (event number 41).
The female record is held by Lucy RICHENS who recorded a time of 19:55 on 21st September 2019 (event number 42).
The Age Grade course record is held by Caroline LAVIS who recorded 87.52% (26:18) on 23rd March 2019 (event number 17).
Somerdale Pavilion parkrun started on 17th November 2018. Since then 2,942 participants have completed 5,895 parkruns covering a total distance of 29,475 km, including 1,047 new Personal Bests. A total of 286 individuals have volunteered 923 times.