Rain Rain Go Away!

Please note that Somerdale Pavilion parkrun is cancelled for the 21st and 28th December (with no extra events planned for Christmas or NYD). 

It's been a very difficult time for Somerdale Pavilion parkrun in the last few months.  Unfortunately, it seems to have been raining solidly for about eight weeks now, which has impacted our ability to put on the tourist favourite: curlywurly parkrun.  Each week we agonise over whether to put on the event, and if at all possible we always go ahead.  This makes it particularly hard if we have to cancel on the Friday night or Saturday morning, because it often means letting runners and volunteers down (and sometimes the message is very hard to get to people in time).

We wanted to record our deepest thanks for those regular and occasional volunteers who have been helping to fill out the volunteer roster in the last few weeks and keeping the event running.

We wanted to share some photographs to show you just how challenging the conditions are at the moment.


As you can see, the football fields parallel to our course are completely underwater (the pitch is gently sloped and so I imagine it is probably quite deep next to the old "out and back").

02So disappointing news for parkrun tourists, but the Chew area does have an impressive array of wetland bird wildlife, so maybe we will just be having different types of tourists for the next few weeks!


The sodden area extends into our finish straight and across much of the course, which is very disappointing.  The ground does drain very quickly, so we just need a few days in a row of dry weather for the course to go back to normal.

04Even the brand new raised access path to the course is underwater at the moment.



The area in the photograph above used to be our finishing funnel area!  If you are interested in a 5k weekly timed swim then perhaps this is the course for you...

Of course, it is no surprise that the course is flooded from time to time, and truth be told we are lucky that the course has been so dry in the first year up until now.  The course is set on a flood plain next to the old Cadbury Factory (and is a natural flood defence for the town of Keynsham).  If the rain continues for another few weeks, we might start to see similar water levels to previous major flooding:

06 07 08 09Which leads me to think that perhaps if we pulled the bath plug out of the middle of the curlywurly then perhaps the course might drain in time for the New Year!


Happy parkrunning and a Merry Christmas from the Somerdale Pavilion parkrun core team!  See you again in 2020.