Southampton Juniors parkrun – Trial Event 10 November 2013

After several months of preparation, we held our trial event this morning and it was a great success.

Although the primary purpose of the event was to help iron out any issues with the course and equipment prior to the inaugural event on the 24th November, we had a great turnout of 47 runners and their families.

Many thanks must go to Ant Gritton who lead the runners in a pre-run warm up as well as acting as lead runner at this morning's event.

Here are the results:

Southampton juniors - Trial Event 10th November 2013
Pos Time Athlete ID Athlete
1 08:26.0 A161250 ALLAN, Isla
2 08:49.0 A734427 PARDOE, Luke Daniel
3 08:52.0 A237183 HUNT, Nathan Lee
4 08:57.0 A729007 LUCAS, Maddy
5 09:06.0 A655991 HOILES, Daniel
6 09:20.0 A453427 BLIGH, Lucas
7 09:29.0 A195001 BROOME, Margot
8 09:44.0 A728675 TAYLOR, Olivia
9 09:52.0 A624472 HUNT, Reece
10 10:06.0 A440897 ROSAS, Keni
11 10:08.0 A289044 ALLAN, Angus
12 10:20.0
13 10:23.0 A710689 ABBT, Jeremy
14 10:47.0 A734320 ERRINGTON, Chloe
15 11:06.0 A732372 RAMSDALE, Thomas
16 11:43.0 A413791 RONNIE, Callum
17 11:51.0 A732712 WALLACE, Fletcher
18 11:52.0 A398607 ROBINSON, Kalim
19 12:26.0 A353160 HINKS, Samuel
20 12:31.0 A408021 MATHEMA, Anisha
21 12:32.0 A733076 SIMPSON, Nicole
22 12:33.0 A728968 CAPLEN, Livia
23 13:04.0 A353857 HINKS, Reuben
24 13:19.0 A731248 MCHUGH, Fred
25 13:20.0 A734386 HILDITCH, Madeleine
26 13:21.0 A731236 MCHUGH, Hattie
27 13:29.0 A728965 CAPLEN, Connie
28 13:33.0
29 13:43.0 A734416 LE BAS, Jessica
30 13:53.0 A734177 WHALEY, Dylan
31 14:24.0 A495088 MACKAY, Nia
32 14:34.0 A734397 HILDITCH, Holly
33 14:34.0 A398608 ROBINSON, Yashan
34 14:35.0 A728037 POWELL, Samuel
35 14:40.0 A734646 HINKS, Thomas
36 15:11.0 A733087 SIMPSON, Izabelle
37 15:18.0 A730080 PIERCE, Daniel
38 15:20.0 A734247 FOY, Agatha Lily
39 15:22.0 A734435 PARDOE, Jack William
40 15:41.0 A334792 HOLLINSHEAD, Sage Wiliam Albert Stanly
41 16:07.0 A721332 VAN LEEUWEN, Annika
42 16:20.0
43 16:25.0 A727129 LANCASTER, Jessica
44 16:55.0 A734419 LE BAS, Isabella
45 17:06.0 A727934 GILL, Amelie
46 17:09.0 A727937 GILL, Elodie
47 17:12.0 A734448 RONNIE, Hannah

There were great performances across the board today with all runners giving their all and, hopefully, enjoying what was probably their first Junior parkrun. Congratulations to Isla ALLAN who crossed the line first and also to Hannah RONNIE who ran all the way and enjoyed every step along with her mum, Laura RONNIE, and today's tail runner, Lindsey NEWBOLD.

The inaugural event will take place on Sunday 24th November and will then be held weekly. We're really pleased to be one of the first 2 events that will be adopting the new weekly schedule and hope that it'll provide local children with a great way of getting active regularly.

Many thanks to the volunteers that helped ensure the smooth running of the event including Donna LovelockEmily SmithClare MathemaSarah ShavePaul ShaveSteve RobinsonAnt GrittonLindsey NewboldTansy Gill, Darren TaylorHelen HoilesAndrew GouldZilah AbbtNicki Taylor, Andrew Gould and Kash Robinson and several parents that also stepped forward to help out.

Many thanks also to Emily Smith for taking a great set of photos which are currently available on Facebook at and on our photos page at

In order for the event to run smoothly, we need about 15 volunteers each week. If you're able to help, please visit our volunteering page.