Cancelled Event

parkrun report – 02/02/19

So early this morning, this is what the flats looked like! ED Rob Kelly got up early to check the course and made the correct decision to cancel the run.

No doubt there were the full range of feelings attached to this decision from relief to indifference, from frustration to annoyance but in the end, it is about safety. Whilst some people undoubtedly turned up and ran anyway, it is quite different for a few people to run – that is their decision – to maybe 1000 people running together. Given that parkrun is a run and not a race, it was not worth the risk. There are probably another 50 runs available this year so plenty of opportunity to get some exercise!
At least we were not the only parkrun cancelled today but a number of Southampton regulars went to Eastleigh and Netley for some impromptu tourism. Their advantage is that their courses are not on tarmac and whilst there was some residue snow, and caution was the word of the day, they were not slippery.
So hopefully normal service will be restored next Saturday! If the weather looks at all doubtful then don’t forget to check on Facebook. Anyone who is on the volunteer email list could receive an email informing them of the cancellation – one very good reason to sign up! If you have not opted in please see your last result email and click the opt-in button.
So, happy running this week – stay safe and stay warm!