Southend parkrun #98 – Run Report

Southend parkrun #98 – Run Report

The sun had his hat on for Southend parkrun no. 98; only a couple more weeks wait until the big 100 (providing we have no more bomb scares!), don’t forget your fancy dress (theme: black tie) and the post-parkrun-picnic-in-the-park.

Don't forget that the 100th is actually on the 30th August!

225 runners enjoyed the weather, amongst which there were 30 first timers. There were also 6 parkrun tourists, coming all the way from (in order of distance)  Basildon – not really that far, Brighton – not bad at 90 miles away, two from Chipping Sodbury – a huge 171 miles from Southend, Glasgow – coming from another country (maybe!), and then AUSTRALIA – almost on the other side of the earth!.  I guess Southend parkrun is well worth travelling across the world for – it is known as a fast PB course! Ozzie Peter Bracken’s home parkrun is New Farm parkrun in Brisbane, Queensland, Down Under. Even more impressive, Peter finished second, in a brilliant time of 17:11! The tourist’s PB is equal to our Southend regular Ian Anthony, however a little birdy told me that Peter was on the beers the night before; I bet Ian’s glad or he could’ve stolen Ian’s first finish (not win, as this is a RUN not a RACE!!).

Although Peter couldn’t record a new personal best, 51 others did – a pat on the back for:


Extra special shoutouts for:

  • Trevor Imbush and and Mark Armitage, who have both recorded a whopping 5 successive PBs
  • Ellen McPhillips is only one behind – she has 4 in a row
  • Then Ian Belcher, Richard Goad, Samantha Picket and Si Stibbards have 3 on the trot
  • Previously mentioned first finisher Ian Anthony and my predecessor as Run Report writer Mark Benham both ran their 50th parkruns. Congratulations to you both.
  • Matt Barrett, who also PBed, won the Friday Night Teaser by guessing closest to the position of the first placed finisher from the VM 60 – 64 age category (who was tourist Mel Warren, Mel came in 35th. Matt was painfully close, his guess 37)

Tourist Mel Warren on his way to a 35th place finish.

Now if you’ve been reading the run report for the last few weeks, you’ll be aware of a new section introduced – Lloyd (the regular run report writer) has been quizzing members of the Southend core team. So far crossed off his hit-list include Alex, Scotty, Keith and a few more. However, this week I’ve prised his precious Run Report from his grasp; yet Lloyd still can’t stay out of it. Here’s his interview:

Get to know the Southend Team

Name  Lloyd Richardson

Number of parkruns  77 Total – Southend (76), Weymouth (1)

Volunteer  62 roles performed

Personal best at Southend parkrun  20:44

How long have you been running?  I’ve been running regularly for about 15 years.

What do you do at parkrun? If I’m running by myself then I get myself ready, cycle to parkrun in plenty of time, run a warmup lap of the course and listen up for anything interesting that I might want to include in the run report if I’m writing it that week.

If my family are running with me then I spend an hour and a half getting everyone to wake up and get ready and have breakfast and not wear the wrong shoes and arguing about who is running with who and yes those leggings are good and yes that top matches those shoes and telling them their hair looks fine and no I can’t plait it and no best not to bring a teddy and yes that outfit looks slimming and we’ve got 5 minutes before we leave and yes bring your barbie doll if you have to and GET IN THE CAR NOW and then we get there. And then I breathe.

What is your pre-parkrun breakfast?  A bowl of bran flakes, a banana and about 2 pints of water.

How has parkrun changed your running?  For years and years I ran about 3-4 miles a time, three times a week, without having any other targets. Then I did parkrun and was given a time and then I got a PB and my running has since changed totally. I now know my PB at several different distances and I now have one for the marathon which I never thought I would do.

What do you like about parkrun?  I love parkrun. I love the enthusiasm it has given me for running, I love the great group of people that I have met through parkrun, I love it that all of my family through to my little 5 year old can take part and are included just the same as the more serious runners, I love being able to take the mickey and stitch people up when writing the run report (and I like it that they can take a joke).

Share a memorable moment from parkrun  I’m sure I’ve mentioned this before but for the first Christmas parkrun I ran in full Father Christmas garb. Hat, Trousers, Jacket, Boots. I think I even had a stick on beard too. Well, the heavens opened and we had an almighty downpour that continued for the whole event. Half way along the seawall the usual puddle had turned into a lake and I tried to walk along the outside of the path, lost my footing and fell flat on my back in the middle of the puddle. That was the first lap and I had to run the rest of the course as a very soggy santa.

What is your next running target?  I have entered the Amsterdam marathon in October and my target is to finish and beat my current (and only) marathon time of 3 hours 55 minutes.
Tell us an interesting fact about yourself?  In the early 90s I was captain of Peterborough City volleyball club and gained Level I certificate of coaching and grade IV certificate of refereeing from the English Volleyball Association.

Lloyd as a non soggy Santa, a year later

A very amusing lowdown on the one and only Lloyd Richardson there.

As usual a big thanks to this week’s volunteers:

Alex S THORNTON  •  Carol Anne ELLIS  •  Clare PALMER  •  Damon PARSONS  •  Diane DUNN  •  Elliott CONE  •  Freddie TALL  •  Howard DIMMOCK  •  Hugh LOVETT  •  Katie PALMER  •  Kieran MOTE  •  Loren MURRELL  •  Nathan Jack THORNTON  •  Rachael L THORNTON  •  Sally ROLPH  •  Scotty BRENTON  •  Tina BOSWELL  •  Vanessa MCELROY

If you would like to volunteer, please email Alex at It really is a fulfilling thing, and more importantly, it helps parkrun happen. Being the son of an Event Director, I have a unique insight into the amount of work the core team put into giving everyone their weekly parkrun fix. IMPORTANT NOTICE: Please remember no-one is paid to do this, it is all done out of their goodwill, so why not help them out?!

After that serious note, I’d like to try and lighten the mood a little. If you know me, you’ll know I love a stat every now and then (like father like son!), here are a few…………:

  • The Earth is 384,400 km from the moon. At our current rate, we should have run that distance at approx. event 385, which would be sometime in 2019 (if I’ve got my maths correct!).
  • So far Southend parkrun has a combined time spent running of 6698 hours. In that time, you could watch every episode of Eastenders ever back to back … almost three times!
  • 2404 individual runners have been to Southend parkrun so far – that’s around 0.14% of the population of Essex! I wonder what the other 99.86% do every Saturday morning!


And here’s the standard bit:

Southend parkrun Event number 98 16th August 2014

Men's placings:
Ian ANTHONY (VM35-39) of Havering Athletic Club, was first over the line in 16:41 - 33rd time in 50 appearances.
Peter BRACKEN (SM30-34) of Redman Runners, was second over the line in 17:11.
James NADIN (JM15-17) of Chelmsford AC, was third over the line in 17:37.

Current standing in the Men's annual points competition:
Ian ANTHONY (Havering Athletic Club) 3983 pts.
Justin KING (Flyers Southend) 3244 pts.
Elliott CONE (Flyers Southend) 3100 pts.

Women's placings:
Sarah JEFFERY (SW25-29) of Southend-on-Sea AC, was first (13th overall) over the line in 19:58 - 5th time in 5 appearances.
Jemma LEE (SW25-29) of Leigh on Sea Striders, was second (39th overall) over the line in 22:32.
Raina THURGOOD (VW40-44) (Unattached) was third (41st overall) over the line in 22:47.

Current standing in the Women's annual points competition:
Hannah MCELROY (Unattached) 3734 pts.
Susannah TAYLOR (Unattached) 3221 pts.
Bethan MCELROY (Unattached) 3200 pts.

The following runners recorded the best Age Grade scores:
Kyle GILL (JM10) was graded 79.58% for the time 19:50 (10th overall).
Ian ANTHONY (VM35-39) was graded 79.02% for the time 16:41 (first overall).
Daphne PUGH (VW80-84) was graded 77.81% for the time 34:15 (193rd overall).

This week there were 225 runners, of whom 30 were first timers and 51 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 16 different athletics clubs took part.

Southend parkrun started on 13th October 2012, and since then 2,404 different runners, including participants from 125 athletics clubs, have completed 14,531 runs covering a total distance of 72,655 km, and there have been 3,645 new Personal Bests.

The women's record is held by Alexa JOEL who ran in a time of 00:17:12 on 2013-06-22 (event number 38).
The men's record is held by Adam HICKEY who ran in a time of 00:14:29 on 2014-04-12 (event number 81).
The Age Grade course record is held by Adam HICKEY who recorded a 89.07% run (14:29) on 12th April 2014 (event number 81).

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Southend parkrun Results Page.

Photographs from each event are published on the Southend parkrun facebook page. You can find us on both Facebook and Twitter.


Today's run report is by Nathan Thornton.

Oi!  You two are going the wrong way!


Local Event Diary

Local Event Diary:


Essex has a great running scene, here are a few highlights on the running calendar, everything from 5km to 45 miles!


The core team, have run most of these over the years and can recommend them.


If you’re an event organiser and would like your event included, please contact


Date Event Website and Entry


3rd November 2013 Billericay 10k Website and entry details here
10th November 2013 Stebbing Remembrance Day 10M Website and entry details here
16th November 2013 Night Rush Xtreme 10k Website and entry details here
17th November 2013 Marsh Farm 10M Website and entry details here
24th November 2013 Chelmsford 10k Website and entry details here


8th December 2013 Run Santa Run 5k Website and entry details here
15th December 2013 Southend 5M Rudolph Run Website and entry details here
26th December 2013 Crown to Crown 5k Website and entry details here
26th December 2013 Witham Boxing Day 5M Website and entry details here
19th January 2014 Benfleet 15M Website and entry details here
26th January 2014 Hadleigh 2012 Legacy 10k Website and entry details here


9th February 2014 Great Bentley ½ Marathon Website and entry details here
16th February 2014 Ilford AC 10M XC Race Website and entry details here
23rd February St Luke’s Hospice Dunton Test Track 10M Website and entry details here
2nd March 2014 St Peter’s Way 45M Ultra Website and entry details here
9th March 2014 Roding Valley ½ Marathon Website and entry details here
9th March 2014 Essex 20M Website and entry details here
16th March 2014 Colchester ½ Marathon Website and entry details here
23rd March 2014 Brentwood ½ Marathon Website and entry details here

Last updated 20th October 2013


Phoenix Striders 5K Summer Series

Phoenix Striders Incredible 'Summer Series'.

Langdon Visitors Centre, Lower Dunton Road, Basildon.

Four 5K trail runs around the beautiful Plotlands Reserve.

Try to beat the record or just enjoy the fresh air and surroundings.

Tuesday 21st May 'Summer Series' 5K trail run
Langdon Visitor Centre 7.30pm £2 entry U16 £1

Tuesday 18th June 'Summer Series' 5K trail run
Langdon Visitor Centre 7.30pm £2 entry U16 £1

Tuesday 16th July 'Summer Series' 5K trail run
Langdon Visitor Centre 7.30pm £2 entry U16 £1

Tuesday 20th August 'Summer Series' 5K trail run
Langdon Visitor Centre 7.30pm £2 entry U16 £1

More details and website here


Pitsea Running Club 5k Crown to Crown Series

An enjoyable 5k route mainly on Bridleways starting from the Crown/Harvester Pub at Westley Heights Country Park, Langdon Hills.

Dates for 2013:

Good Friday (29th March) 11.00am
Wednesday 8th May 7.30pm
Wednesday 12th June 7.30pm
Wednesday 10th July 7.30pm
Wednesday 14th August 7.30pm
Wednesday 4th September 7.00pm
Boxing Day 11.00am

More details here


Horndon-on-the-Hill 10k 30th June 2013

The 10k road race takes place during the annual 'Feast and Fayre' in the historic village of Horndon-on-the-Hill. Whether you are a 'Serious Athlete', Jogger or Fun Runner this is the event for you. Make it a day out and bring your family and friends along for the Craft and Charity stalls, All day Street Entertainment, Plenty of Food and two of the best Inns in the County.

More info and entry details here


Southend Half Marathon 09/06/2013

Whether you are an experienced runner or new to the distance why notsign up for Southend’s premier running event, the Southend Half Marathon today. A lovely coastal route along Southend’s seafront, it’s flat, traffic free and ideal for a pb.

Website and entry details here


Xtreme Running 5k or 10k 02/06/2013

This is going to be one of the hardest 5k or if your brave enough 10k obstacle races that you will ever run. The course has been designed to push you to the Xtreme.

Location: Gloucester Park,Basildon

Register now if you think you are Xtreme enough!

Website and entry details here



Kirste 5 Memorial Race 28/07/2013

A 5 mile race to celebrate the live of local runner Kirste Bowman.

Kirste was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2005, and underwent six bouts of chemotherapy and radiotherapy

She passed away on February 9 2012, at the age of just 42 after raising more than £50,000 for breast cancer charities by running 23 marathons while fighting the disease.

She joined Benfleet Running Club in 2001 and throughout her treatment she never stopped
going to the club, and would train most days. Her smiling face will be forever missed.

Website and entry details here



Bluebell 5 mile 12/05/2013

A five-mile off road run through the lovely Little Haven Nature Reserve (just off the A127 near Rayleigh Weir). The undulating run takes you through 92 acres of spring flowers, ancient woodland and open hay meadows.
It is a fund raising event for Essex Wildlife Trust (Charity No 210065). All profits will go to help maintain the reserve.
Full changing, showering and toilet facilities will be available at the Deanes Sports Centre, Daws Heath Road, SS7 2TD where there is ample parking.

Website and entry details here

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