South Norwood parkrun is cancelled on 24 October 2020: COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Spring has arrived but the future looks uncertain

Report by Andrew Bull

Spring has arrived. An almost dry week and a warm sunny morning. Puddles are drying up and the course has survived the winter in great shape. 

Of course, the Coronavirus threat is now dominating everything. And nothing is more important than everyone’s health. If the Government places a blanket ban on large gatherings, then parkrun could well be suspended. I’m sure many of us would like it to continue whilst taking practical precautions, such as today where the finish team all wore gloves. Laura and the core team are keen to keep running! But ultimately this decision will come from parkrun HQ

To keep updated go to

and watch South Norwood Facebook page

The Run Director was Michael SmaldonHe was beautifully supported by a 21 strong volunteerteamWell done everyone

Hopefully parkrun will be continuing, but can only do so with the volunteers so please check the roster and if you can help 

Please contact

REMEMBER - NO volunteers means NO parkrun.

Today Croydon Harriers and Striders of Croydon were present in large numbers as they used the parkrun as a club ‘mob match. Overall a very good turnout and many very fast times.

Check out for some photos from the day.

Today there were 186 finishers, 19 were doing their first parkrun at South Norwood and just onedoing their first ever parkrun. Well done and will be great to see you all again.

There were also a huge 34 personal bestsand 9 ‘unknown’ this week.

Remember - Don’t Forget Your Barcode #DFYB

Unofficial Milestone

Andrew Bull, ooh that’s me. I completed my 200th parkrun todayA couple of weeks ago I alsocompeted my 100th different parkrun venue. I also set a PB today as well.

First Male Finishers

1. Phil COALES – 16:50 (Striders of Croydon)
2. James LYNE – 17:01 (South London Harriers)
3. Daniel STEEL – 17:43 (Woodford Green AC with Essex Ladies)

First Female Finishers

1. Niamh VINCENT – 20:46 (Striders of Croydon)
2. Genevieve BLANCH – 21:52 (Melbourne University AC)
3. Nikki JAVAN – 22:26 – PB – (Striders of Croydon)

Hopefully next Saturday for South Norwood event 143. Keep safe and watch South Norwood Facebook page for latest updates.


A celebration of International Women’s Day

Report by Andrew Bull

This week International Women’s Day was celebrated at South Norwood parkrun as well as parkrun globally. International Women’s Day happens to be a public holiday in the parkrunning country of Russia. An all female volunteer crew set the tone for the day, although a few token men were allowed to take some of the pacing slots.

The weather was much improved from recent weeks. Thursday’s rain had kept the   puddles topped up but still relatively little mud and no real waterlogging. Unlike nearby courses which now resemble mud baths or ponds. Cloudy but dry – perfect parkrunning conditions.

The Run Director was Laura Foster supported by an all-female volunteer team

Thank you all. 

 As always, I will say parkrun can only exist because of the volunteers so please check the roster and if you can help 

Please contact

REMEMBER - NO volunteers means NO parkrun.

 Today there were 176 finishers, 64 of these females. 

26 were doing their first parkrun at South Norwood and 10 were doing their first ever parkrun. Well done and will be great to see you all again.

There were also 25 personal bests, that’s very good for the conditions and 13 ‘unknown’ this week.

Remember - Don’t Forget Your Barcode #DFYB

 Unofficial Milestone

Tom Curtis completes his 150th parkrunHe has done 145 at Roundshaw so decided to avoid the mud and come to South Norwood. 

Londoner Tom Ashby has done many parkruns across London but has recently been living in Germany where he has helped setup a new parkrun. 

First Male Finishers

1. Andrew Bull – 19:13 (PB)
2. Christian THOMAS – 19:17
3. James RHODES – 19:20

First Female Finishers

1. Patroulla LORKE – 25:03
2. Sarah AUSTIN – 25:05
3. Charlotte LUCAS – 25:49
Next Saturday for South Norwood event 142, if you are running there or elsewhere, have a greatweek.

Get Yer Waders On! – 29th February 2020

Another Saturday morning parkrun, another storm, this time Storm Jorge (we seem to have jumped straight from D for Dennis to J for Jorge, did we have a mini-storm every day last week?). The country park had been rained upon continuously for several days and so there were A LOT of big puddles along the course. It was a case of get your feet wet or slip around on the mud at the edges. The run down to the bottom end of the field was particularly boggy and the final ascent proved more energy sapping than usual, but the wind and rain mostly stayed off for the duration of the run.

We had 96 hardy souls taking on the elements today. They also have the distinction of having done a parkrun on the first occasion that one has been run on February 29th. If you missed out, you'll now have to wait until 2048.

Our first woman into the funnel today was Annette Shrimpton, who has completed an impressive 385 parkruns and the first man home was Daniel Steel.

Thanks to all our volunteers today. The DoE helpers are particularly enthusiastic in their support and encouragement for everyone going round, it really helps on a mucky day like today!


Don't forget that we're celebrating International Women's Day next week with a full set of female volunteers. It is also the first Saturday of the month, so we're looking for women to volunteer as pacers as well. Choose a time that you can comfortably achieve and let us know at or via our social media.

Report by Andy MacIntyre




Goodbye Storm Ciara, Hello Storm Dennis

Report by Andrew Bull

At South Norwood we saw a similar pattern to last week. Then Storm Ciara  kindly waited for theparkrun to be completed. This week Storm Dennis also waited for the parkrun to be completed before hitting LondonAlthough many parts of the UK were not so fortunate with 172 parkrunscancelled. The overnight rain had cleared although leaving a lot of puddles, some dodge able, some not. The grey clouds threatened rain, but as it turned out the run was completely dry. Well done to the runners and volunteers who had the faith & commitment to attend.

Today’s Run Director was Michael JosephThanks to Michael and all 18 enthusiastic but windswept volunteers – you make parkrun happen. 

As well as the Core team, there are regular DoFE volunteers, but the volunteer roster always needs filling - If you can help 

Please contact

REMEMBER - NO volunteers means NO parkrun.

 IMPORTANT - South Norwood parkrun are celebrating International Women’s Day on 7th March with an all-female team of volunteers. If you can be part of the volunteer team on this great day please contact

The core team would like to see as many females as possible, so bring some along, whether to run, jog, walk, volunteer or spectate.

Oh – males are welcome as well…

Today there were 158 finishers, down on the 2020 record attendances, many expecting conditions to be much worse no doubt

18 were doing their first parkrun at South Norwood and 3 were doing their first ever parkrun. Well done and will be great to see you all again.

There were also 22 personal bests, that’s pretty good for the conditions and 8 ‘unknown’ this week.

Remember - Don’t Forget Your Barcode #DFYB

 No Milestones to report this week.

First Male Finishers

1. Daniel STEEL – 18:44
2. Jake MOIR -19:12
3. Andrew AITKEN – 19:39

 First Female Finishers

1. Rowena FRANCIS – 22:11 (PB)
2. Carly QUIGLEY – 22:48 (First Timer)
3. Juliet CLEGHORN – 23:21

Next Saturday for South Norwood event 139, if you are running there or elsewhere, have a greatweek.


The lull before the storm

Report by Andrew Bull

Storm Clara kindly waited for Saturdays parkruns to be completed before hitting the UK. Fewer than ten parkruns were cancelled and over 181,000 runners and 15,000 volunteers took part. 

A little overnight rain left few puddles, but this course is still in great shape for February. The morning started overcast but the clouds soon lifted with the arrival of the Pengenista Drummers.

The Pengenista Drummers. are a local group of Samba Reggae Drummers who perform at many events – see their website for details – they are also looking for new talent…

Their upbeat rhythmic drumming provided a great addition to the event. They drummed throughout the entire parkrun and you could literally hear them wherever you were on the course. There was even another person to be heard joining in from somewhere in Longheath Gardens area.

Thanks Pengenista.


Today’s Run Director was Michael JosephThanks to Michael and all 21 wonderful volunteers – you make parkrun happen. 

Todays DoE marshals were especially enthusiastic!

Please contact if you can help to fill the volunteer roster for the next few weeks.

REMEMBER - NO volunteers means NO parkrun.

 Today there were 213 finishersthe 3rd highest attendance at South Norwood. This is continuing the high attendances since Christmas.

30 were doing their first parkrun at South Norwood and 8 were doing their first ever parkrun. Well done and will be great to see you all again.

There were also 43 personal bests, that’s one in every five finishers and 13 ‘unknown’ this week.

Remember - Don’t Forget Your Barcode #DFYB



Jenna Hooper earns the red t-shirt on her 50th parkrunShe first ran on 4th February 2017 at Lloyd and has done 10 of her runs at South Norwood. Well done Jenna.

Andy Macintyre earns the black t-shirt on his 100th parkrun. He first ran on 21st January 2017 at Lloyd, then Crystal Palace and now 82 times at South Norwood. He has also volunteered 25 times. Well done Andy.

There were two members of the ‘500’ club at South Norwood today, Dave Wilson 510 runs and Andrew Lambert 501 runs.

First Male Finishers

1. Alex TURNER – 17:58
2. Andrew Bull – 19:20 (PB)
3. Andrew AITKEN – 19:34

First Female Finishers

1. Niamh VINCENT – 21:27
2. Helen JONES – 22:09 (First Timer)
3. Harriet NORTH - 23:17 (PB)

Next Saturday for South Norwood event 138, if you are running there or elsewhere, have a greatweek.

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