South Oxhey parkrun is cancelled on 18 July 2020: COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Virtual parkrun and catch-up: Saturday 18th April 2020

Tea after parkrun

As you will all know, South Oxhey parkrun is cancelled this week, due to the current lockdown restrictions.  All parkruns worldwide are currently sadly halted.

However, this won't stop the South Oxhey parkrun community's love of getting together on a Saturday morning and then having a cup of tea and a natter with our parkrun friends. So we will set you off at 9.00am on Saturday via Facebook Live and then everyone in the South Oxhey parkrun community is invited to join us via Zoom afterwards at 10.00am.

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Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 747 0446 1132 

Password: hill

We hope we will see you all then.  We will get through this, together.



Virtual parkrun – Saturday Morning 28/03/2020

South Oxhey parkrun is a community which we are not prepared to let this current crisis over Coronavirus Covid-19 close down even for the next few weeks.

The core team of Run Directors have got together and we have decided to keep SO parkrun alive as a virtual community to encourage everyone to stay active and connected to each other, giving the same encouragement and friendship we would normally see at our weekly event.

Here’s the plan:

Virtual parkrun

On Saturday at parkrun time the Run Director for the week will go live on the South Oxhey parkrun Facebook page and after a short introduction will count you all down to start your own individual runs, walks or exercise routines. This week Ruth Williams will be your RD.

Share Your Experience

Afterwards we encourage everyone to post pictures and videos of what they've been up to.

Get Together - the virtual pop up cafe

At 10am a virtual pop up cafe and chat will take place on the the zoom video conferencing platform. If you are not familiar with this please follow the link below for a full description. If you have any questions or problems getting set up then let us know. With zoom we can join together up to 100 people and chat whilst having our own individual post run drinks. We can also split people into smaller rooms from the main discussion to make conversation easier and they can leave these rooms and rejoin the main meeting.

This is entirely free in keeping with the parkrun ethos.

There will be a zoom host and this week it will be Liz and Jon Doulton. Keep an eye on our facebook page and spread the word to others who may not use facebook as they can still join our get together on zoom.

There's lots to learn about making this work effectively so bear with us. We are open to any suggestions so please feel free to share your ideas and if you feel like volunteering for the RD and zoom host jobs that would be great – full instruction and support given by the team.

Hope to see you at our next virtual parkrun and post run virtual chat!!
South Oxhey parkrun core team. 135397851.1584637961


South Oxhey parkrun Report #268

Firstly, for all of you who stayed at home as the rain was pouring down around 8:00am, do you know the opportunity you have missed? With parkrun starting in 2004, and the most recent previous Saturday 29th February being in 1992, this was the first time a parkrun could be run on the ‘Leap Day’ ! If you’re now thinking ‘OK, but I’ll do it next time’, be prepared for a wait… the next Saturday 29th February will be in 2048, so pop the reminder on a post-it, stick it to your fridge door – and remember to move it every time you change your fridge over the next 28 years!

After rain and a strong breeze from Storm Jorge greeted the parkrunners at the playing fields, as well a volunteer team who prepared the course from 8.00am onwards in order that there were no hiccups at 9.00am! Run Director Andrew Beck greeted the 89 runners and 12 volunteers with his entertaining run briefing before starting everybody on their three laps of the course. Numbers were swelled by the late cancellations of Cassiobury and Rickmansworth parkruns – this was probably a factor in 28 parkrunners being new to the South Oxhey course!

The full team of volunteers marshalled and organised the event with the great expertise – the following individuals are to be thanked for ensuring the event was safe and expertly.

Martin DEAN • Sarah KAFETZ • Ian KNIGHT • Jon DOULTON • Chris LLOYD • Aidan WHITELAW • Adam WOOD • Andrew BECK • Steven HARRIS • Maurice CREWE • Thomas LAWRENCE  David DUGGAN

There are still spaces on the volunteer roster over the next few weeks, so why not try viewing parkrun from a different angle? Plenty of volunteering roles are available to be performed – please email if you are interested.

Those collecting low number tokens

Collecting token number 1 was Will Brotherston in a time of 20:28 on his third visit to South Oxhey. Peter Shelley was the second person to be issued with a token almost 2 minutes later and Oliver Nokes was the third runner to complete the course, in 22:47. First lady home was Kemi Rooney in a time of 27:58, with Christine White following her home after a gap of 29 seconds. Sandra Flynn reached the funnel for third place, on her 4th run to the playing fields.

What the numbers tell us!

Three of the runners who had barcodes were doing there first ever parkrun – congratulations to Jan Cameron, and Maria and Kat Nezirova, hopefully you’ll return again soon! As mentioned, there were plenty of visitors, and it seems people were escaping home runs beginning with B – Bushy, Burgess and Bedfont were all represented!

Three runners achieved personal bests at South Oxhey, and will no doubt benefit from better conditions in the future too! Hat’s off to Peter Shelley, Stephen Hobbs and Audrey Hobbs, who all managed to go faster around the three laps than they had before!

It appears 2 out of the 89 people didn’t have times registered – the abbreviation of DFYB is parkrun terminology participants are regularly reminded of……Don’t Forget Your Barcode is great advice when getting to the start line on a Saturday morning!

David Duggan


South Oxhey parkrun Report #266

South Oxhey parkrun Run Report

Event #266

15th February 2020

Saturday morning was deceptively mild and there was definitely a lull in the storm as we awaited the arrival of Dennis.

While Liz and Jon began setting up the finish line and catering equipment, Andrew and I trudged off to set up the winter course. The ground was certainly the wettest I’ve ever known it and there was plenty of standing water. It was difficult enough to walk around, let alone run! Probably not the day for brand new white trainers.

Despite the forecast, the wind and the drizzle we had a fantastic turnout...

This week 57 people ran, jogged or walked the course (several with dogs). There were 13 wonderful First Timers and representatives from 9 different Clubs - many thanks for visiting South Oxhey and we look forward to seeing you again.

Congratulations to Helen Mussen who was our first finisher and Oliver Nokes who finished second - fantastic effort in those conditions!

As ever, the event was only made possible by our brave and hardy volunteers:

Pat HAGAN • David BROWN • Caroline GLASGOW • David ANTUNES • Naomi WOOD • Adam WOOD • Andrew BECK • Georg PETERSEN • Maurice CREWE • Thomas LAWRENCE • Martin DEAN

Huge thanks as always to Liz and Jon Doulton who week after week bring the equipment for the hot drinks and cakes (and the lovely blue VW bus which acts as a catering truck when the weather is nasty).

It is worth reminding everyone that there is a First Timers Briefing at 8.50am and a General Briefing at 8.55am - in time for a Start at 9am. These briefings cover important safety and course information as well as welcoming Tourists and celebrating parkrun Milestones etc.

There are still lots of opportunities to volunteer over the coming weeks, so please get in touch via email or Facebook if you would like to help out and get involved - you’d love it!

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the South Oxhey parkrun Results Page.

We hope you have a good week and look forward to seeing you at South Oxhey very soon.

All the best

Martin (Run Director)



5th Anniversary South Oxhey parkrun Report #264

South Oxhey parkrun

Fifth Anniversary - Event #264

1st February 2020

Even though February has only just begun, the days are slowly but surely getting longer. It was great to leave the house in daylight and head off for our anniversary parkrun.

Liz, Jon, Andrew and I arrived early to set up the Winter Course, Tea Station and Gazebo. Trudging around the course, the ground was a mixture of sticky mud, slushy mud and standing water. The moles had been working overtime. Combined with a strong wind blowing down across the playing fields, the conditions were challenging and deceptively cold. But it was dry and the sun was shining.

There was a fantastic turnout this week which made the 5th anniversary celebrations extra special. Andrew Beck made a stunning fruit cake emblazoned with the parkrun logo, some delicious homemade cookies and brownies, as well as an extensive selection of cakes, biscuits and sweets - we going need to get a bigger table!

There were 112 people who ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 10 were first timers, with 6 recording new Personal Bests at South Oxhey.

Many thanks to representatives of 12 running clubs took part as well as those who run or volunteer as part of their DofE Award.

Jack Chubb was the first male to finish and Helen Mussen was the first female to finish - outstanding running!

Congratulations to Rob Deane who celebrated his 50th parkrun, Nick Andrews who celebrated his 100th, and Deborah Roberts who ran her first ever parkrun - well done to you all!

As ever, the event was only made possible by our wonderful volunteers:-

Roslyn MCGINTY • Martin DEAN • Sarah KAFETZ • Grace HOO-QUARTEY • Debbie EDWARDS • Catherine O'SULLIVAN • Gerry LANGTON • Mark WILLIAMS • Aidan WHITELAW • Caroline GLASGOW • David ANTUNES • Michael ANTUNES • Andrew BECK • Mark WARDELL • Maurice CREWE • Yvonne JACKSON • Marcia QUINN •

And on our 5th Anniversary, I’m sure everyone who has ever run at South Oxhey and enjoyed the wonderful community spirit, would join me in saying a huge thank-you to all of the Event Directors and Run Directors, past and present, who have made it all possible!

Today's full results can be found on the South Oxhey parkrun Results Page.

If anyone would like to volunteer for a future parkrun, please contact us via email ( If you haven’t volunteered before and would like to get involved, there are many varied and extremely enjoyable roles.

We hope you all have a good week, and look forward to seeing you again soon.

All the best


(Run Director)

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