Southsea parkrun #2 – Long may it continue

Today was a special day for me.  After years of pushing and organising the Southsea parkrun, I was taking a back seat and heading to the coffee cup to marshal.  Why the coffee cup and not timekeeper or scanning? Well, if I am honest I am a bit of a control freak and the farther away I was from our highly competent team of volunteers and Run Director the less likely I was to try and interfere ;-)

Before I say anything else a mahoosive HELLO and WELL DONE  to the 80 odd runners today for whom today was their first visit to the Southsea parkrun.  We loved having you and we hope you will come again.

The team - led by our Run Director Grant Day - did an excellent job today, we saw 153 runners plough their way through the course.  Despite all the predictions of rain, doom and gloom - the sun was out and it definitely had its hat on.  The only niggle was a slight easterly breeze that posed some resistance on the way out, but was likely everyone's best friend on the way back.

So the run, today we had two buggies, one dog, five children at 14 years and under plus a real community feel.  The parkrun tourists of the week before had sailed and it was a day for local personal bests. Libby Marchant was the fastest female on the course with a time of 21 minutes 13 seconds and  Danny White stormed into the finish as the fastest male with a time of 17 minutes 35 seconds.  The fastest junior (under 19 years) was Ed Dodd who screamed in bang on 18 minutes.


Every child in every buggy was sound asleep and blissfully unaware of what was going on, which for me, was a very surreal part of my experience. Although I am sure all the parents out there reading this will be nodding along, thinking that this is normal.

I'd like to give a special mention to everyone on the course today who found it hard, but achieved.  Willing you all on, it was clear that there was some real determination to get up, get out there and get fit.  For me this is the reason that we started this parkrun and made me very proud of you all.

A big thank you to all our volunteers today, they were: Grant, Darren, Dave, Jen, Liz, Ruth, Lee, Alan, Alex, Tom and Me.  I will get some photos into the report as soon as I can. I also want to thank the traders, I chatted with them on my way to my marshalling point and they have all agreed, rather helpfully to avoid putting signs out too far onto the concourse until after 10am.  For this I am grateful.

Until next week, have a great time and we hope to see you for Southsea parkrun #3.