Southsea parkrun #244

Southsea Parkrun 244 run report, courtesy of Paul Wheeler:

What a beautiful day for a Royal wedding and indeed a parkrun! A couple of park runners turned up in regal dress in recognition of the big day for Harry and Meghan.

After Kev’s pre- race briefing we trot off east bound for Southsea Parkrun number 244.
For me, as per usual I have a tune fixed in my head which is on repeat. Every week is different song and this week it’s ‘Can You Feel It’ by The Bee Gees which at least has a upbeat pace to it! Where the ‘earworm’ comes from I’m unsure but maybe it’s a tune from my radio alarm.

As we head out in the hazy sunshine, ships horns out at sea sound at regular intervals as a mist creeps across The Solent toward Southsea. At halfway Sam offers masses of enthusiastic encouragement for flagging runners which spurs me on into the second half and into a much needed cooling breeze.

Running ‘home’ is always a great feeling at Southsea and this week is no exception. The pier is usually a landmark to aim for in the distance knowing it’s close to the finish line, but this week it’s barely visible from along the prom, as the mist has shrouded it in its grey cloak.
I run stride for stride alongside a fellow park runner in almost perfect unison, we don’t actually speak, but I can almost feel the park run spirit between us as we gently increase our pace along the seafront. Hardly Chariots of Fire stuff but you get the idea!
We all make it home safe and sound to Speaker Corner and another park run is done. By now the mist has hit land and the temperature dropped accordingly, so much so that, despite a warm start in lovely sunshine, peoples breathe can now be seen as if it were a winter’s day.

447 runners and walkers took part this week with with over 50 pb’s!!.....7 sleep’s until the next one!