Southsea parkrun # 260 – 15/09/2018

This week's run report comes from visitor Karen Cole, Thank you for your report Karen

Southsea parkrun #260
15th September 2018

On turning up at the start line, we found a cheery band of volunteers, who were massing and being briefed as to their duties which lifted our spirits as they do each parkrun morning.  The parkrun fairies were kind to us today and provided beautiful blue skies and sunshine which was a welcome sight after the grey gifts of late.

Thank you to Elliot for the new runner's briefing where new runners were warmly welcomed and introduced to the course layout.  We were warned about other events also using the seafront today and indeed got some cheers of support from the massing Pride rally that was taking place after parkrun. Southsea also provided our younger members of our parkrun community or indeed the young at heart somewhere to burn some energy off before our run started as they were running along the beach and throwing stones into the water. Your course is a very pleasant one being in and out along the seafront and were warned about the street furniture as with the volume of users can make it a challenge to spot them. This type of course provides lots of opportunities for the faster runners to overtake and to receive and indeed give encouragement as they whipped past us slower mortals.

Today, tourists from Havant, Portsmouth Lakeside and Malden Prom were using Southsea as their tourist venue.

Grant, our RD for the day gave a big thank you to the volunteers who gave up their time to ensure that we were able to run this morning. There were certainly a cheery band of Marshalls out on the course, all supporting by giving encouragement and clapping. Don't forget if you are unable to run, have a race coming up or are just generally a good egg, then volunteering is a great way to give back to the parkrun community. Head over to the Southsea parkrun webpage for details of the next few weeks roster and sign up for a position that suits you- you get to wear a hi- vis jacket! -what more incentive do you want?

First timers, as mentioned above, are always warmly welcomed and are on the start of their parkrun journey and working towards their first milestones. The trick is when working towards your milestones is #DFYB- Don't Forget Your Barcode! many of you were listed as unknown runners this morning. That's one run less to count towards those milestone tees. That's the great thing about parkrun isn't it, that each person has their own individual journey to talk and share about. Especially pertinent though to also remember to hand in your finish token, parkrun needs them for next week as they unfortunately are not a souvenir, medal or indeed your own version of Bingo!

There were teas and coffee and very delicious looking cakes available in the Rocksby cafe for our apres parkrun, which allowed perfect opportunity to catch up on how all of our runs had gone and what we thought of the course.

Thank you again Southsea parkrun for starting our weekend off on a positive note. Look forward to seeing you all again soon.

Karen Cole Havant (Portsmouth) parkrun