Southsea parkrun # 292 – 13/04/2019

268 hours, 7 days or 1 week…call it what you want but at last Parkrun has arrived again!
For me, it’s at least a healthy habit, almost an obsession. I really can’t remember what I used to do on a Saturday morning before I found Parkrun.
It sounds a bit corny but I have met people who I would now consider ‘Parkrun friends’ in that I only ever see them on Saturday morning at Speakers Corner and this Saturday is no exception as I bump into Alan Davidson and Sam Trout for our usual pre run chat (moan) and we harp on about the old days long before Parkrun had started and at the same time celebrating that it does! Between the three of us we have completed over 700 Parkrun’s so the vast majority of which at Southsea. A quick “hi” to other evergreen’s such as Kev Budd, Robert Bilton, Evan Brice and a hug with the ever infectious Debbie Pentland and it’s time to warm up.
At 9am sharp we all head off once more along the seafront in the wonderful April sunshine.
It really is a pleasure to run along the promenade on such wonderful morning, all a million miles from the cold, wet, windy we had to endure during the seemingly endless winter.
I get to the turnaround point in one piece and head back with all intentions of a’ negative split’ and increase the pace. Looking around it seems everyone has the same idea as we stride toward the pier. It’s a strange thing, I don’t want Parkrun to be over for another week but for the purposes of a good time ( I know it’s not the Olympics, Kev Budd) I want to reach the finish as soon as I can!
A spurt at the finish brings yet another Parkrun to an end with only the scanning left to do.
A million thanks to the dedicated team of volunteers who turn out week in week out to put this amazing event on and make the whole Parkrun experience what it is.
See you all in 267.5 hours folks!

Paul Wheeler