Southsea parkrun # 294 – 27/04/2019

My alarm goes off at 6.30 am. Open my eyes leap out of bed (ok ,I don’t leap anywhere these days) and throw open the curtains! Why? Because it’s Saturday…So? That means its Parkrun day!

A quick look around outside shows no sign of overnight damage from storm Hannah and also no sign of rain. So, its breakfast, coffee, running kit on, laces of my trainers tied, grab my all important barcode and head to Speaker’s Corner for this week’s edition of Southsea Parkrun. The short cycle ride down there turns out to be a challenge in itself against a terrific wind.

With an formidable weather forecast of storm Hannah arriving at Southsea late on Friday and running into Saturday morning, bringing with it 40mph winds, is it any wonder that numbers were down by nearly 300 on last week ?

Although Hannah turned out to be a relatively tame storm she still made this week’s Parkrun much harder than of late for the 265 hardy souls who did turn out.
Any attempts at fast times were put on hold for this week but somehow 6 runner’s still managed to bag themselves a PB!

The 2.5 k on the outward journey saw the Westerly wind firmly behind us and created a false sense of security for most of the runners. At the turn we were all in for a bit of a shock as strong gusts slowed everyone down and almost swept some runners off their feet

To our left the Solent looks so dramatic as waves crash on the shore,, boats are tossed around the sea and gulls traverse above our heads.
The finish line has rarely been so welcome and there is a bigger sense of achievement than usual as the runners have beaten some challenging conditions for this week’s run.
Windswept?.... Yes. Tired …Yes. In need of a coffee?.... Yes. Coming back next week?.....You Bet!

Paul Wheeler