Southsea parkrun #21 – All hail but little wind

Another fantastic parkrun with 155 runners, a great volunteer team and some variable weather.  As always a big thank you to our volunteers, who this week were:

Peter hooley, Andy Elder, Damian Williamson, Neil Dyer, Heather Todd, Alice Hooley, Michael Taylor, Eric De Greef, Melanie Wells, Lorna Reavley

Why not volunteer yourself, e mail

As the day started and I got on my bicycle, a hailstorm descended upon me.  Arriving at the equipment store, I could barely open my cold hail batterred hands. I'd be lying if I said that at that point I didn't question why I had bothered to get up at 07:45 on a Saturday.  However, shortly thereafter a few fellow runners appeared and an offer to carry some of the equipment was eagerly accepted by me.

When I arrived at the start point, I was pleased to see all the volunteers were there, and although cold, their enthusiasm warmed my heart and I remembered why I enjoy parkrun so much.

I think I actually enjoy volunteering more than I do running.  While you are on the sidelines stressing about the equipment, you hear people's personal stories, here's a few highlights:

  • A mother waiting for her 14 year old to finish and see if she can beat her 24 minute record.
  • A gentleman finishing full run who was walking just a few weeks ago and the clothes hanging lose to show that the weight is just dropping off of him.
  • A buggy runner, the daughter of whom had decided to get out and give it a go herself taking him from 9 minute miles to near 90 minute miles, but non the less still sporting a beaming smile from ear to ear.

Results are in the system and should be with you soon.  Have a great weekend.

Pete and the team


Take a break, you’ve earned it! No parkrun on Saturday 26th October

Just a quick note to remind people that there won't be a parkrun on Saturday 26th October. This is to allow for the set-up of the Great South Run 5k on the Saturday and the 10 mile race on the Sunday.

We are concious that if we ran the parkrun it would mean no esplanade space for other community users, such as locals and dog walkers - so we have decided to take a break.  After all there is plenty of opportunity to run that weekend.

We will only be gone for one week and will return on the 2nd November, hope to see you all there.  In the interim we highly recommend the Havant Run.

Lots of love,

Southsea parkrun team.

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