Parkrun #78

This mornings weather brought the baptism of the return to the original start of Southsea parkrun. With 195 people huddled under the shelter of Speakers Corner, from the classic English weather, everyone was set for the return to the single-turn-around course (not forgetting not having to run all the way to Eastney!)

Southsea parkrun brought 41 new PBs and 22 first timers, marking a great return to Speakers Corner. The conditions looked to bring help to some on the first leg with a lovely push from the wind, but it returned for a battle on the turn around point.  To those 41 people who managed to win the battle and come home with a PB a very well done to you!

As always, a massive THANK YOU to the volunteers who make southsea parkrun as special as it is, we could not do it without you! Lets hope the new/old course brings many more PBs and hopefully some better summer weather!


Southsea parkrun # 77 – last run on temporary course

Great turnout for the run this bank holiday weekend with a whopping 272 runners. parkrun #77 marked the end of our temporary home on the 'other' side of South Parade Pier. We and our wider community are very much looking forward to returning to our original start point by Speakers Corner for Southsea parkrun #78.

This weekend's run... the conditions were perfect with only a marginal breeze to either assist or hinder, depending on which way you're facing (!). 81 of you took full advantage of the conditions and recorded personal bests, well done to you all.

A big thank you goes out to the volunteers, without you parkrun would not be possible. If you're interested in volunteering please email

Peace out


Southsea parkrun #68 – A wet and chilly start

Southsea parkrun #68 A wet and chilly start

Another huge turnout-259, just 1 less than last week. We have had 3 of the 4 biggest turnouts in the last 3 weeks. It looks like most of the newcomers are getting into the parkrun habit.

There was a cold north-westerly blowing and it didn't look like many were going to be there at 8:50 but, as if by magic, they all appeared by 9:00. The few spots of rain petered out by the time we got under way for which we were thankful.

We had 50 first-timers, some of whom were parkrun tourists and had 35 Personal Bests (PBs to the uninitiated) which was a great effort considering the strength of the wind on the way back. For some of the first -timers it will be their first parkrun anywhere or indeed their first run of any kind with others.

Lets hope they spread the word. I think the new briefing for newcomers is very useful. No-one should be worried about taking part as we are all-inclusive.

I have been trying to get work colleagues to do parkrun for over a year now with only one success. However another approached me last week & told me he was going to run at Eastleigh and then perhaps once a month. He so enjoyed it that he ran again this week and I think he's hooked from the way he spoke to me.

I visited the Eastney Junior parkrun at Bransbury Park this Sunday to see their 2nd run. It was great to see the looks on the children's faces, ranging from elation to exhaustion but they all seemed to be having a good time. Try for more details if you have a 4-14 year old who would like to run.

Finally thanks to the helpers without whom we could not exist. If you would like to help, maybe if you have a race on the Sunday or have an injury but still want to be involved, please contact

See you next Saturday!


Southsea parkrun #65 – Nearly Gone With The Wind!

Super thank you to this week's volunteers: Alex SANDIFORD  •  Alice HICKMAN  •  David BRAWN  •  Denyse KING  •  Gabrielle YATES  •  Jo TAYLOR  •  Kathryn HAMMOND  •  Malcolm FERRIS  •  Molly MCMASTER  •  Oliver NOKES  •  Peter John HOOLEY  •  Roksana GRZELAK 

This week's run report has been written by Southsea parkrun ever-present Brett Rumfitt - Thank you Brett, great writing! 

Today's parkrun was attended by 176 people who braved 33 mph winds although the temperature was not bad at 12 degrees C and it was dry (until I jogged home later). We had a few first-timers for the New Year. Lets hope they weren't put off. It's not always THAT windy.

After my first wet parkrun last week (unbelievably in my 48th) today we endured the strongest winds that most of us had seen since we started in October 2013. Usually if there is a south westerly or westerly we don't really notice it until the turn at Eastney.  Today we felt if from the start! At one point at about 3k I was almost stationary! Most people I spoke to afterwards, young and not so young, were about 3 minutes slower than their PBs.

The spirit was great as usual. When you see familiar faces who are either in front or behind you near the turn, it really does help to give or to receive a shout of encouragement. The vast majority of runners felt that it was very tough today, reminiscent of the Great South Run of 2013.

I would like to thank all the helpers today who, as usual enabled Southsea parkrun to run smoothly. Hopefully next week will be less windy, but the BBC Weather Forecast says 19mph winds on 17.1.15.

Finally good luck to Denyse King who was Race Director today, in preparation for starting up the Junior parkrun at Bransbury Park, Eastney. They start tomorrow 11.1.15 at 10:00 with a trial run and hopefully the first actual run will be the following Sunday.

Looking forward to next week.


Southsea parkrun #53 – Autumn Sun

This week's run report has been completed by Dawn Aytoun

"No one would have guessed it was the first run in November! A moderate wind, temperatures of 15° and clear blue skies finished off with fluffy white clouds.

All the ghosts and ghouls had disappeared, however the run brief did have to fight against the cacophony of eager dogs... Their Welcome to our large number of first timers (welcome) and tourists (hi)!

The short walk to the start was lively with chatter of people's achievements at the GSR, and then we were off.

A few reminders needed to stay left, but rhythm was found by the first cone. In that double back you always get a good view of the range of runners. One man and his pram, two dogs, and a substantial population of children dragging their parents through.

Being fairly far back I was privileged to see the community spirit that is such a big part of parkrun. A woman having a breather was asked several times if she was ok, every walker was given a pat on the back a words of encouragement, and children who had stopped to wait for slow - coach parents were always asked if they needed help. Everyone had a smile!

Turning at Eastney brought on the moderate head wind, at which point I got over taken by several children, going on to complete with sprint finishes!

And the funnel came into sight with a crowd of cheering finishers and volunteers.

Just simply the best way to start the weekend.



Thanks Dawn! A huge shout out to say thank you the brilliant volunteers this week:
Adam BARLOW  •  Alice HICKMAN  •  Annabelinda HARDY  •  Darren MATTHEWS  •  Dawn AYTOUN  •  Fiona BUCK  •  John COWLIN  •  Malcolm FERRIS  •  Michael TAYLOR  •  Peter John HOOLEY  •  Roksana GRZELAK
You all did a marvellous job - Thank you! If anyone would like to help out with the volunteering we would love to have you involved! 


Southsea parkrun #47. 20th September 2014

A great day for a run as shown by over 50 people smashing their PBs. And once again we had over 200 park runners.

Congratulations to Richard La Cock and Jenny Baker first home for Men and Ladies respectively.

I'd like to thank the volunteers below who made my first time as Run Director go smoothly.

Anthony SALT • Debbie SUTTON • Michael TAYLOR • Michelle CLARK • Molly MCMASTER • Natalie HARPER • Nicola DYER • Susannah CATER • Terry MCLEOD

And a special thanks to Grant Day for making sure I didn't lose the data and got upload done.

Looking forward to being just a runner next week!

Kev Budd.


Southsea parkrun #45 – A great day for a run

Southsea parkrun #45 – A great day for a run
Well done to all today’s volunteers and participants, you guys make parkrun what it is. We had over 200 runners with the first finisher coming in the 17:00’s – he did confess to Southsea being the best parkrun, I'm inclined to agree, any course devoid of inclines gets my vote!

Conditions today were dry and bright and there wasn't much in the way of a breeze, cracking day for a run I’d say.  I was impressed that we had attracted a number of first time runners today and some that were visiting from further afield, well done the Edinburgh contingent! 
Now I must admit, I was a little apprehensive about my directorship today – it was my first time but having been a stalwart of the running and volunteering team since parkrun #1 I thought it was time to get a little more involved. I’d like to thank of the volunteers for their massive efforts today, they were:
David Aldred, John Cowlin, Anthony Salt, Gabrielle Yates, Neil Dyer, Fiona Buck, Michelle Clark, Amanda Peart, David Aldred, Grant Day, Lucy Cowlin and Peter Hooley
I hope everyone had a great time and aside from some gremlins in the hardware I think it went pretty well! But then I would say that ;-)
Have a great week one and all, see you at parkrun #46

Southsea parkrun #42 – A perfect day for PBs

In this run report, a perfect day of weather, a perfect day for PBs and over 200 parkrunners on the scene.

As always it was a great parkrun.  The sun was shining, the wind was minimal (after all when is it never) and there were a large number of eager parkrunners waiting to get out there and do a 5k, over 200 of you!

As always a big thank you to our volunteers, who were:

Alexandra HEMINGWAY  •  Fiona BUCK  •  Geok Khoon LIM  •  Hugo PINHO  •  Joe ADDYMAN  •  Katherine NEWELL  •  Kev BUDD  •  Liz WORMAN  •  Peter John HOOLEY  •  Susan TODD  •  Tony LISTER

A big well done to our first finishers this week, which were Jon Sullivan for the men who came in at 17:31

Emma Jolley was the first finisher for the women coming in at 20:20

This week there were 205 runners, of whom 46 were first timers and 49 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 19 different athletics clubs took part.

Some personal highlights from the photos from me:

Pumping those lungs for a PB

A sprint finish:

See you all next week.




Southsea parkrun #41 – Summer fun!

In this weeks run report it's all about a glorious run in the sun! 

When Southsea parkrun started in the autumn and progressed into winter it was often commented on how superb Southsea parkrun would be in the summer sun. Well, today was one of those days! Sure, it may have been a bit warm, but there is something delightful about running along the promenade when the sun is reflecting off the sea! We are very privileged to have such a great place to run.

This week there were 200 runners, of whom 42 were first timers and 28 recorded new Personal Bests (Congratulations!)

We also passed an exciting milestone this week - we've now had over 2000 unique runners run Southsea parkrun!  We hope you've all enjoyed it as much as we have!

Congratulations are also due to Danny White who was awarded his 50 parkrun's t-shirt today! - well done mate!


As ever we are hugely GRATEFUL to the volunteers who made this event happen: Kelly BAILEY, Alexandra HEMINGWAY, Naomi JOHNSON, Andrew MEW, Katherine NEWELL, Katrina PERKINSON, Julia REVILL, Michael ROWSELL, Andy SEEK & Grant Day. See them all looking absolutely brilliant!

We always need volunteers, if you would like to get involved check the volunteer roster: 
or email:
(don't make us post pictures of sad kittens!)

and finally! 
we managed to shoot a silly video at the first turn around point today - see if you can spot yourself!

Have a fantastic week everyone & we'll see you next week


Southsea parkrun #37 – What a day for a picnic

In this weeks run report it's all about a blazing day, a picnic and a dip in the sea ;-)

Today's parkrun had a French Riviera feel to it, the sun was shining, there was a gentle breeze and the beach and sea front was replete with runners,walkers and bathers.

As always a MAHOOSIVE thank you to all our volunteers, who this week were:

Budgie JOHNSON  •  David ALDRED  •  David JOHNS  •  Dawn AYTOUN  •  Grant DAY  •  Hayley RICHARDSON  •  Kathryn HAMMOND  •  Michael TAYLOR  •  Nicola DYER  •  Peter John HOOLEY

I'll admit to having a slightly sore head at this morning's parkrun and having one of our scanners break and having to write down half the results and manually enter them, was not my idea of fun. Alas, with the help of Dawn, Brenda and Grant we have sorted it all out.

So I will say nothing more, other than to use pictures to show you how today's run went.

The Picnic:

The runners:

A couple of run directors cannot resist the sea:

See you all next week ;-)