Run Report 14th March 2020 by Michael Guy

Travelling to Southwick Country parkrun this morning I really didn’t know quite what to expect. I
know the course and layout, I’ve run it 123 times so should do, but with Covid-19 beginning to
spread much more I wondered how many it would put off.
Well with 215 participants and a full complement of volunteers it appears that the locals have
decided to keep going.
A gorgeous sunny morning, something of a rarity in recent months, but it was still a wet start with
Puddle Corner being a bit on the slippery side. Cathy Warner took the First-Timers & Tourist brief
and our RD for the day was Simon Lathbury who gave the main brief and got the runners going by
shouting 5,4,3,2,1 Enjoy, so we did.
Today I had planned to walk with my puppy but he had other ideas so walked with the Tail Walkers
(Jay Sims-Bagshaw and Sarah Barker) and Terri & co as I was really not dressed for running today.
There were a few puddles on course to go through and even though I was in normal clothes I
decided to splosh through them anyway, it’d be rude not to eh?
First finisher today was John Reed in a time of 18:09 followed by Paul Crudge who managed a PB
today. First Female was Isabel James, from Kidderminster, in 20:58.
31 PB's in total and 35 First timers, wow, well done and welcome!

Every parkrun is only made possible by our band of volunteers aka the Hi-Viz heroes, and your crew
today were:
Alexander Ross • Benjamin Hails • Bernadette Ross • Bex Walsh-Hill • Catherine
Greenland • Cathy Warner • Charlotte Hill • Colin Sawyer • Dawn Sawyer • Eileen
Farrell • Eloise Nice • Fiona Price • George Robert Sawyer • Gil Nott • Jeanette Sims-
Bagshaw • Jerry Clark • Jonathan Rolinson • Jorja Warner • Josephine Farrell • Katharine
Farrell • Keith Getheridge • Michael Germany • Michael Guy (me) • Mick Marchant • Paul
Brazier • Richard Parke • Sarah Barker • Sean Price • Simon Lathbury • Victoria
Farrell • Wendy Marchant
I don’t think I missed anyone but if I did I’m so sorry.

Congratulations to the following parkrun people on their milestone runs:
Mike Maidment on his 50th
Samantha Castley-MacDonald and Victoria Farrell on their 100th
Anita Bradshaw on her 150th
Alex Chesterton for his 200th
Anita Bradburn for her 300th
Trevor Meadowcroft for his 350 th
There are no incidents to report, thank you for running safely and considerately
Thanks to everyone that took part and volunteered today, it made the day that bit brighter.

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