Run Report 14th March 2020 by Michael Guy

Travelling to Southwick Country parkrun this morning I really didn’t know quite what to expect. I
know the course and layout, I’ve run it 123 times so should do, but with Covid-19 beginning to
spread much more I wondered how many it would put off.
Well with 215 participants and a full complement of volunteers it appears that the locals have
decided to keep going.
A gorgeous sunny morning, something of a rarity in recent months, but it was still a wet start with
Puddle Corner being a bit on the slippery side. Cathy Warner took the First-Timers & Tourist brief
and our RD for the day was Simon Lathbury who gave the main brief and got the runners going by
shouting 5,4,3,2,1 Enjoy, so we did.
Today I had planned to walk with my puppy but he had other ideas so walked with the Tail Walkers
(Jay Sims-Bagshaw and Sarah Barker) and Terri & co as I was really not dressed for running today.
There were a few puddles on course to go through and even though I was in normal clothes I
decided to splosh through them anyway, it’d be rude not to eh?
First finisher today was John Reed in a time of 18:09 followed by Paul Crudge who managed a PB
today. First Female was Isabel James, from Kidderminster, in 20:58.
31 PB's in total and 35 First timers, wow, well done and welcome!

Every parkrun is only made possible by our band of volunteers aka the Hi-Viz heroes, and your crew
today were:
Alexander Ross • Benjamin Hails • Bernadette Ross • Bex Walsh-Hill • Catherine
Greenland • Cathy Warner • Charlotte Hill • Colin Sawyer • Dawn Sawyer • Eileen
Farrell • Eloise Nice • Fiona Price • George Robert Sawyer • Gil Nott • Jeanette Sims-
Bagshaw • Jerry Clark • Jonathan Rolinson • Jorja Warner • Josephine Farrell • Katharine
Farrell • Keith Getheridge • Michael Germany • Michael Guy (me) • Mick Marchant • Paul
Brazier • Richard Parke • Sarah Barker • Sean Price • Simon Lathbury • Victoria
Farrell • Wendy Marchant
I don’t think I missed anyone but if I did I’m so sorry.

Congratulations to the following parkrun people on their milestone runs:
Mike Maidment on his 50th
Samantha Castley-MacDonald and Victoria Farrell on their 100th
Anita Bradshaw on her 150th
Alex Chesterton for his 200th
Anita Bradburn for her 300th
Trevor Meadowcroft for his 350 th
There are no incidents to report, thank you for running safely and considerately
Thanks to everyone that took part and volunteered today, it made the day that bit brighter.


Run report for 21st December 2019 – christmas@parkrun

If last weeks run report was all about the volunteers, today was definitely about those who completed the 5k course: in costume, in mud, in flood conditions. Today parkrun took place at Southwick on Sea.


Short dogs and children needed a helping hand through the water section

Short dogs and children needed a helping hand through the water section!                                                                                                       One of the many things I love about parkrun is the statistics. I always fancied a 99 ice cream on my 99th run and in my head that special run would come in the middle of summer at a gloriously sunny seafront parkrun with an ice cream van nearby. So here I am, the day before winter solstice,  surrounded by runners in Christmas fancy dress, no promenade, but plenty of water and mostly where it shouldn’t be. But I have my ice cream.


So you have to do it anyway

Back to the water section. Thank you Martin who managed to get the best photos by kneeling in the mud

Back to the water section. Thank you Martin who managed to get the best photos by kneeling in the mud

Tail walkers with still one more lap to go. The wet feet just start to warm up and then you are right back there

Tail walkers with still one more lap to go. The wet feet just start to warm up and then you are right back there

Made worthwhile by the wonderful Christmas carols and Songs on the sax at car park corner

Made worthwhile by the wonderful Christmas carols and songs on the sax at car park corner

And the volunteers at cut through

And the volunteers at cut through and elsewhere around the course, but mainly clear of the water stretch


Fiona waiting with her stopwatch

Fiona waiting with her stopwatch


And a Christmas present waiting to hand us our finish token

And a Christmas present waiting to hand us our finish token

Unbelievably there were at least a couple of finishers home and dry in 17 minutes. Beth Good and Eloise Nice were the first and second ladies home. Eloise did a pb on her 191st parkrun. Eloise that was amazing, you must love running with wet feet!

222 parkrunners set off at Southwick this morning and even though Sean told us about the flooded course in the run briefing no-one was really prepared for the long water stretch that soaked us to the waists amid shrieks of laughter and complaints that the water was cold. And it was.
Well done to Shelly Caines and Mary Noyce who did their 50th run today,  Ed Knudson and Gemma Lawton who did their 100th and Darrell Fern who did his 150th. Also to the wonderful Jo Finch who did her 200th run at Southwick, the double ton. She is also a busy parkrun tourist as well and has 271 parkruns to her name.

I hope all the tourists visiting us this morning had a run to remember. Most importantly the chap from Wimbledon who did his first parkrun ever. During his second lap of the water stretch he told me this could be his first and last parkrun but he was laughing when he said it so I don’t believe him.

And on that note I wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and lots of happy volunteering and parkrunning in the year to come.


Run report for 14th December

Run report


Our volunteers setting up and looking very happy about it

Our volunteers setting up and looking very happy about it

Today I am going to make this run report all about the volunteers. Because it was very cold, very muddy, very puddly and very changeable and not a day to be standing still in wellington boots, wearing a happy face and exuding positive encouragement. At the pre parkrun briefing up on the wet start line I cheered and clapped for you all, just like the 146 other walkers, runners, joggers and buggy pushers who sidled up to Southwick Country Park for their usual 9am parkrun fix. Despite the weather. Next Saturday I am celebrating my 50th volunteering shift and I actually feel entirely selfish about this. All my volunteering shifts have been carefully planned around being on the start line too so I can still run. Don’t get me wrong, I have fulfilled valuable roles - I mean someone has to check the course and put the signs out but that just means I am there to secure a good parking space and get a warm-up before the start.
If I was fast enough I would offer to barcode scan as soon as I got back from my run but there wouldn’t be many of you left so I have to leave that to the early finishers!

Applause and congratulations over, parkrunner of the month so happy she probably would have run with her medal round her neck had someone no offered to hand it back at the end, tourists welcomed and the poor weather takes a break. 3,2,1 go

Applause and congratulations over, parkrunner of the month so happy she probably would have run with her medal round her neck had someone not offered to hand it back at the end, tourists welcomed and the poor weather takes a break. 3,2,1 go

So on a day like today I am joining in the applause for all those unselfish volunteers who were injured, unwell or simply gave up a parkrun to ensure that the rest of us could do it. They had cold, wet feet, mud, rain, and even a brief storm before they could pack up (at this point the parkrun weather fairies had simply run out of goodwill and a menacing purple/black sky threw horizontal rain, a flash of lightening and a roll of thunder, along with a sweeping cold wind at everyone left out on the course). The marshals were still out there and so were the tail walkers, the barcode scanners, the timekeepers and those wonderful people who give you such encouragement as they hand you your finish token.

Cathy, our marshal on the flooded puddle corner was still laughing despite taking fright at the thunder. Wendy on car park corner who got handed and left with a green/blue buff mid run (Wendy will have it on the same corner next week for your safe return - now that’s real service), Bob who marshalled on the brow of the hill and cheerfully acted as a volunteer clothes hanger as coats, hats and gloves were off-loaded during the brief moments when the rain and wind stopped and the sun shone. There was Ken at the finish funnel, who called out to most of us by name as we passed by on each chilly lap. And there were the lovely two gentlemen who were on our first corner who never failed to cheer on every runner.

And there was Cathy Warner who today did her first RD role. Cathy you were amazing and calm and did a great job. As did your daughter Jorga who took all our fantastic photos and some of them are used here. Thank you Jorja.

What our volunteers did today deserves our applause. I mean even half our runners gave the weather a miss. But the volunteers all turned up. Without parkrunners there would be no volunteers: without volunteers there would be no parkrunners. What a great team we make.
So I hope our lovely visitors from Swindon, Weston Super Mare and elsewhere around Somerset and Wiltshire enjoyed our hospitality, our course and our cafe.
Well done to Sally Frawley who got parkrunner of the month for November. Very well deserved. Always smiling.
Well done to our first finishers and second finishers, Pete Clark who did his 50th run and did a pb. Adam Bradburn who did his fastest time since 2015, 18.24 and all in such slippery conditions. To Anna-Marie Watson who was first lady across the line in 20.46 followed by Leah Sartain in 21.56.
A pat on the back all round. See you next week.
( there are a few roles you can do as a volunteer and still run, believe me I have tried and enjoyed them all. Training is given and there is always support. Another great way to be part of our fantastic parkrun community)


Run Report – 7th Dec by Stuart MacGregor

What else do you do on your 65th birthday? If it’s Saturday it must be parkrun! Lovely to share it with family and 157 other parkrunners! Weather turned out to be much better than originally forecast, where is Michael Fish when he’s needed. On the start line the usual announcements, milestones and tourists but not a mention of Brexit or the Election, happy days.


As usual I probably started too fast but soon settled down as the faster runners vanished into the distance, Still a very enjoyable run, with as always lots of encouragement from other parkrunners and the volunteers (note to self must volunteer!).


The first to finish was Mike Dooley in a time of 17:53, the sort of time I can only dream about!(actually sort of time I’ve always dreamed about). For the ladies the first home, was Freya Buglass in a time of 20:16.


It is very encouraging to see that after 8 years, the enthusiasm of both runners and volunteers is still there. Finally thanks to Jay for inviting me to offer a few words, best birthday pressie ever!


Run Report by Esther Frawley 16th Nov 2019

Hey I’m Esther Frawley and I currently go to Trowbridge college doing lv3 Uniformed public services. This was my 9th parkrun at Southwick which I usually run with my mum every weekend.

This weekends weather was perfect, cold and cool which lead to many PB’s being accomplished.

Altogether there were 182 runners with some tourists visiting all the way from Glasgow!! Many runners achieved their 150th milestones including Sean Price, Fay Barnes and Philip Rockcliffe, well done!!

Then another huge congratulations to Jo Guy and Sally Frawley for getting their PB’s with Jo reaching sub 30 with a time of 29:46! And then Sally with a time of 33:46 who had amazing support from Jorja Warner who kept her going. Along with 22 more PB’s achieved and 11 first timers.

I’d like to give a special thanks to the volunteers as without them it would simply not ‘run’ at all. Within the 30 volunteers today there was Paul Thorne catching all the coats and jumpers and by the end beginning to look more like a Clothes rack and hardly being able to see the fluorescent vest underneath. But also another congratulations to Fiona Price for completing her 300th parkrun being the RD and just an all round amazing volunteer giving up her time to ensure every Saturday is run smoothly.

The first male to finish was Adam Bradburn with a whopping time of 18:40 then the first female to finish was Sarah Bennett with a great time of 20:43!

Overall this weekends parkrun was great and can’t wait for next Saturday. Bring it on!



Run Report by George Sawyer – 9th Nov 2019

Hey I’m George Sawyer, parkrunner of the month for October and today’s run reporter.

gs spI am 12 years old and go to St Augustine’s Catholic College. Today’s parkrun was my 15th, my 13th at Southwick. I have also ran the Old Showfield (Frome) and Kew Woods (Southport, Merseyside) parkruns. I started parkrunning as my Mum and Dad were both parkrunners and I thought I might like to give it a go. I also thought it might help my football, I play for Staverton Rangers u13s Whites.

My parkrun speed has improved quite a bit; my slowest parkrun was 40:49, today I ran 30:15 a new PB for me. My main parkrun goal is to try to break 30 minutes before Christmas. I have also racked up 3 volunteer stamps (2 x Barcode Scanning & 1 x Marshal).


Mum (Dawn Sawyer) started the park bench to parkrun about 12 months ago following which Dad (Colin Sawyer) started running again. Dad used to run a bit in his younger days when he was in the TA (Territorial Army), he has completed 2 x London Marathons and 3 x Great North Runs, all long before I came along. With me running now, I guess you could call us a running family?

Unfortunately, my Grandad is really poorly so Mum was not there today to see me get my medal as she is looking after him. She says it has been really lovely reading all the wonderful comments on the Facebook page.

My friend Robin-Mark Schols ran the New York marathon last Sunday. Congratulations to Robin for an amazing time at the NYC marathon getting a time of 3 hours and 26 minutes.

RMS Congrats to my friend Luis Vance from school too, he ran a new PB at Frome (Old Showfield) today.

Running with me n’ Dad … sorry Robin, Dad and I … was Lucy Howerd and her dog Bronson. Lucy is new to parkrun, today was only Lucy’s 3rd parkrun. Lucy was clocked up a new PB today (35:11). Lucy used to be my keyworker when I went to Nursery.

DogDad hurt his back playing golf so today was his 1st parkrun for 6 weeks. Whilst he has been injured, he has volunteered each week (3 x Time Keeper & 3 x Marshal). Dad says he enjoys volunteering almost as much as he enjoys running. Dad ran 25:11 today.

CSWith a reported temperature of -1 degrees, today was our coldest Southwick Country parkrun for ages, an amazing 221 brave people still ran, jogged and walked the course today.

With tourists from Yeovil and Colchester, our top tourist today were Estelle Ellis and Pamela Moreton from the Arrow Valley parkrun which is held at the Arrow Valley Country Park in Redditch (north-east Worcestershire), another Country Park parkrun! In case you missed them out on the course, great outfits Ladies.

TT Apologies if I have missed out any of our other tourists out there today. Many thanks for joining us today, we hope you enjoyed your Southwick Country parkrun experience C

The “It’s Our Birthday” bibs were worn by twins, Felicity and Christina Webb today. It’s no wonder they are smiling, not only were they celebrating their birthdays, they only both went and got new PB’s too.


As to the parkrun, 1st home today was Ben Mees. Finishing in a new PB of 17:50, Ben managed to see off the challenge from new the Avon Valley Runners record holder and top pacer, Richard Harding. Behind Ben there was a real battle for places with a mere 13 seconds separating 2nd and 5th.


Our 1st female home, Anna-Marie Watson, meant it was an Avon Valley Runners double. Our 1st male home was also an Avon Valley Runner.


In total today we had; 20 first timers, 32 recorded new Personal Bests and representatives of 25 different running clubs.

Congratulations to Alex Maidment, Stuart Donnelly and Christie Bell on their 50th parkrun, Zoe Yeomans and Helen Donnelly on their 100th parkrun and Richard Harding and Toni Clark on their 150th. WOWZERS!

Today would not be possible without our volunteers who turn out week in week out to ensure the safety of those taking part. Today’s event was made possible by 22 volunteers, namely:

Sean PRICE • Simon LATHBURY • Zoe Louise ALMOND • Martin PEARCE • Sarah WAUGH • Pippa TATE • James WAUGH • David STREETER • Debbie ELLIS • Paul WARNER • Jorja WARNER • Gil NOTT • Eloise NICE • Clare BLAKELEY • Eileen FARRELL • Jon MURGATROYD • Dudley BROWN • Max MURGATROYD • Jake MURGATROYD • Wendy MARCHANT • Josephine FARRELL • Alexander ROSS

A massive thumbs up to all our hi-vis heroes today!


Volunteering at parkrun has a bigger impact on health & wellbeing than just running or walking! It may seem a bit intimidating, but honestly volunteering is really fun! All the tasks are pretty straight forward, and full training is given. If you would like to give it a go and volunteer simply email ‎



Run report for 2nd November


Just wondering. If you are going to run with a dog at a muddy parkrun wouldn’t you bring a black dog. Hope this one loves a Bath

 Hopefully all today’s parkrun dogs enjoyed a good bath when they got home

I don’t like to go on about the weather, but today it seemed to say a lot about parkrunners. Or at least the weather and a certain rugby game that was inconsiderately scheduled to start at the parkrun hour. Let’s start with the weather. All of us that turned up were rewarded with a little patch of blue sky and a ray of sunshine at 9am. And the rugby, well not the result most of us wanted anyway.
91 runners and 21 volunteers braved the mud, wind and rain, but 2 people were stand-out amazing: Duncan and Rhys Lloyd decided to parkrun for the first time ever. I mean even many of our regulars didn’t turn up, but these two did. On holiday nearby this was the day they chose to take that first step. Really impressive.

Duncan and Rhys, first timers, and visitors to the area

Duncan and Rhys, first timers, and visitors to the area

Amongst the other little group gathered at the first timers briefing there were a handful of determined tourists from Wolverhampton, Whitstable, Maidstone, Kings Lynn and closer to home, Frome. We can also welcome James and Helen Hewlett who ran Wimpole parkrun in Cambridgeshire until very recently and have now moved to Wiltshire. Technically not now tourists.
James loved our course and we look forward to seeing more of them both as they make Southwick their new home parkrun.
Also congratulations to Bradley Arberry who completed his 50th parkrun milestone today and got to wear the vest. And to his partner Maria Walters celebrating her birthday. Also got to wear the vest.

Brad and Maria enjoying their celebrations

Brad and Maria enjoying their celebrations 

And a huge thank you to Dawn Ellams and her intrepid camera, both of whom donned wet weather gear, took some shelter under the trees and provided the amazing photos for us all to enjoy, including the ones in this report.

Halloween parkrun.

Halloween parkrun.


Despite all our visitors, a wise decision was made to not put out the direction signage around the course as the winds remained high and the signs would have been a greater hazard than falling branches. Anyway, our regular runner Adam Bradburn  did an amazing job taking in the mud, water, carpets of leaves and the odd branch to lead everyone home in 18.54.
Helen Connor probably also made a wise decision not to do the otherwise beautiful but muddy woodland steps and fields of her home Bath Skyline run in this weather and went for a pb at Southwick instead. She was also First Lady finisher in 23.26. Eight other runners, walkers and joggers achieved pbs today and should be justifiably proud.
And perhaps this is the perfect time for me to mention my time too. No I didn’t get a nice red pb after my name but nearly 3 months after donating a kidney to my sister I enjoyed jogging and even a sprint at the end that gained me  a lovely post op pb. My other kidney (safely in the care of my sister) made it to Frimley Lodge parkrun and also managed a minute faster than last week. The comeback pbs just keep coming and feel just as rewarding!

And back to the weather - if we have to. The rain held off and as we all walked back through the car park there was a general feeling that braving the rain and wind earlier had made today a win. And there were some people determinedly not looking at anything that might indicate the rugby result before they got to watch it on catchup. Perhaps this is a good time to move swiftly on and prepare for next weeks parkrun.


Run Report – 19th Oct 2019 – by Sally (Mum) and Esther Frawley (Daughter)

(Sally) Today I was a  park runner , volunteer as I was out of action because of injury , so excited to still be part of park run even though injured, it still as awesome as running as your giving back to park run ,my job was barcode scanner today I was very nervous as never done it before , but the lovely team of volunteers showed me what to do it’s not as easy as you may think as I was soon to find out
Sandra told me remember big band little band was order of scanning and remembering not to eat all the jelly beans before park runners got there’s , very emotional watching the runners go of on there run as not participating,  before we knew it the runners were round the first lap it was lovely cheering them on and seeing my run buddies go by and shouting out to them , Paul Thorne , Paul Warner, Helen Thorne , Esther Frawley Sean Price, Fiona Price just to name a few , it was a chilly morning but I had my AVR hat to keep me warm , as the runners came in to check in there times it was lovely to congratulate them on there achievements fantastic feeling and making sure they had there jelly baby’s and even the dogs loved them too well deserved too
It’s such a rewarding job being a volunteer as much as a runner all of this had been possible because of a number of people jay David Bagshaw Sean Price Max ,Linda , David  , all of avr runners. Also well done to my daughter today, Esther as she picked up her parkrunner of the month medal that she got from September which she was thrilled to get.
(Esther) my run today wasn’t my best as I struggled a lot and my head wasn’t in the right space, also having a cold didn’t help. However I find that having the support from others around you running or not is key to getting through it, like today.
That is what parkrun is all about, everyone running together regardless of their speed. but also that no one is ever running last as that is the tail walkers job. I’ve only been going to Southwick parkrun for 6 weeks but I can already see a difference, that I’ve been happier and look forward to Saturday mornings and getting to meet these amazing and inspecting runners. All of them have been a great help in my journey into the navy if not for the AVR beginners group ran by Jay and her lovely team of helpers including Linda, Helen,David and max and many more. Then those at parkrun including Sean, Paul, David plus the helpers as we all do it together.
Me and my mum have both got a real sense of family from this group, they have kept me going and actually got me to enjoy running.Every week more and more people come along and either become first timers, tourists or just regulars to our parkrun. That out of the 178 there were 24 first timers and also 27 runners who achieved their new PBs. But to also mention that Matt Evans ran his 350th parkrun this weekend as well and making an amazing milestone.Written by Sally and Esther Frawley
Esther Frawley(Please speak to a core team member if you would like to nominate a future parkrunner of the Month.)

Run Report- 12th October 2019 – An autumn Southwick Country parkrun

Preparing for a wet parkrun with their usual energy and enthusiasm

Our volunteers preparing for a wet parkrun with their usual energy and enthusiasm

Now all we need are some parkrunners

Now all we need are some parkrunners

There’s nothing like a bit of rain to start your Saturday parkrun morning. The volunteers turned up early with umbrellas and cheerfulness and, eventually, 176  others turned up to run, walk, chat through or jog 5k.

14 year old Alex Ross showed up with a smile on his face and bags of enthusiasm for his first volunteer shift towards his Duke of Edinburgh bronze Award. When I arrived he was sorting out the finish funnel and then went off to be trained to use the barcode scanner. All in all, he summed up his first experience of parkrun with “yes it was a very good morning”. Well done Alex and thank you very much for your help.

Alex Ross picking up new skills

Alex Ross picking up new skills

The first timers briefing given by Sean Price was fun and informative, and yes there were first timers, 10 of them in fact, willing to try their first parkrun on an autumnal wet and muddy course. Others were tourists and included Simon whose wife jumped in with a positive response to Sean’s question about anyone celebrating a birthday. He was rewarded him with a birthday vest to wear. (Note to self; never admit to having a birthday)

When your wife decides to tell everyone it’s your birthday.

When your wife decides to tell everyone it’s your birthday.

Now everyone knows

And you are delighted to let the rest of the world know.

It’s all in the anticipation

It’s all in the anticipation

Tourists, Julie and Stephen Lockwood, from Greenwich really enjoyed their first trip to Southwick. Julie said there were three things she would take back to Greenwich. They loved the top tourist and birthday vests (revised note to self; ok, own up to birthdays), she thought the puppy briefing was a great idea and I have no idea what the third thing was because we were enjoying a good chat and the third thing dropped off the radar. Sorry Julie.

Fortunately the rain was gentle to non existent and the muddy puddles were splashed aside by the runners who sprinted through from the front. So I was left to enjoy a gentle jog and reflect on the idiosyncrasies of running within arms reach of an eleven year old or under. I am not talking here about those young parkrun heroes at Southwick, but what may occur when you take your under eleven year old for their first time, my nephew being one, who ran to an entirely different pace altogether. I have brought my nephew to two parkruns. Never under duress but because he has enormous energy and on any given day can move at a pace for hours on end. So he is full of enthusiasm at the start and sets off at a speed that requires more arms length than I can muster. And just when I am coming to the rapid conclusion that I am up for the biggest pb if I can just hang on to him, I’m nearly catapulted over the top of him because he has come to a dead halt. And when I have appealed to his better nature to get him going again, ( and finally to a bit of bribery and corruption) he is back off at a sprint! As we pass the finish funnel for the first time, it also crosses my mind that it might be better to choose a parkrun with one lap, because that finish funnel, in his mind, signifies the completion of 5k. “What aunty, we have to go round again”.  

I also consider that when an eleven and under gets the hang of this pacing thing, their responsible adult is in even more trouble. Miller Hookins, a JM10, ran today in 25.04, that’s 71.01% age grading. That is simply awesome. He didn’t pb today but I assume the muddy course slowed him down and not his adult running out of arm’s length.

Anyway we have some pretty amazing youngsters amongst us at Southwick and I can only admire them all, usually from a long way back.

Some under elevens are best kept under wraps though a double buggy has its own drawbacks

Some under elevens are best kept under wraps though a double buggy can have its own drawbacks

First finishers of course are long gone (some jog back with words of encouragement for the rest of us and that is lovely). Ben Mees, ran his 15th parkrun today. Not only did he manage his 7th pb but he finished first for the first time. Well done Ben. That’s nearly 3 minutes faster than his first parkrun at Southwick back in March. Second finisher was Richard Harding (his 148th run) and third was Paul Coles who was a local tourist from Melksham and did a pb on his second run with us. It was worth coming Paul.

First lady in was Isabel James who did her third run with us and finished with another pb. Hannah Cox was second lady and third was Justina Burles. 

All in all there were 26 pbs and 31 tourists and first timers. Danielle Sellwood ran her 150th today. Congratulations to Esther Frawley who was awarded September parkrunner of the month. Thank you to Dawn Ellams who took some fantastic photographs despite and probably because of the weather. And an enormous thank you to all 23 volunteers who ensured the event ran smoothly and ensured we all enjoyed yet another great parkrunday. See you next week!


Run Report by Simon Lathbury RD – 28th Sept 2019.

It was a halcyon day on event 424 with 185 runners making the most of the sunshine and calm during a wet and blustery weekend.

36 runners represented fourteen clubs, astonishingly though, 80% of the event 424’s participants are registered as non-affiliated.

Neither the headwind nor the Rugby World cup could not distract or deter the 23 first timers or the 24 runners who achieved a personal best.

Congratulations must go to everybody who ran with a special mention to those who achieved parkun milestones: Darren Messen and Graham Busby both reached their 50th and Edward Coleman his 100th.

Special thanks must go to the volunteers. We are very grateful to the volunteers who made this event happen: Samantha Castley-Macdonald, Jerry Clark, Toni Clark, Josephine Farrell, Liz Haigh, Richard Harding, Simon Lathbury, Wendy Marchant, Jasmine Martin, Holly Newman, Eloise Nice, Gil Nott, Richard Parke, Joseph Parke, Gill Perry, Dave Plummer, Ken Price, Sean Price, Fiona Price, Sophie Rees-Lilley, Matthew Simpson, Jeanette Sims, Paul Warner and Simon Woolley.

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