Christmas & New Year Compendium – 2018/19

This page shows events who have declared that they're staging an extra event on Christmas Day and/or New Year's Day. Please see the event's own news page for more details. Note that some events choose to operate Christmas/New Year events at a different times from usual. A red cross means that the team has declared that an event will not take place. A blank box means that the team has not yet decided whether an event will take place.

On Christmas Day you will not be able to register more than one result. On New Year's Day we will allow the option to register up to two results.

EventRegionChristmas DayNew Year's Day
Aberbeeg parkrunWales10:30
Aberdare parkrunWales
Aberdeen parkrunScotland09:3011:00
Aberystwyth parkrunWales09:0009:00
Aberystwyth junior parkrunWales
Abingdon parkrunSouth East England
Acton junior parkrunGreater London
Albert parkrun, MiddlesbroughNorth East England09:0010:30
Aldenham parkrunEast of England
Alexandra junior parkrun, OldhamNorth West England
Alexandra junior parkrun, Moss SideNorth West England
Alice Holt parkrunSouth East England10:30
Ally Pally parkrunGreater London10:00
Alness parkrunScotland
Alyn Waters junior parkrunWales
Andover parkrunSouth East England09:0009:00
Andover junior parkrunSouth East England
Antrim parkrunNorthern Ireland11:00
Armagh parkrunNorthern Ireland
Armley parkrunYorkshire and the Humber09:0010:30
Arrow Valley parkrunWest Midlands09:30
Ashford parkrunSouth East England09:00
Ashford junior parkrunSouth East England
Ashton Court parkrunSouth West England09:00
Avenham Park junior parkrunNorth West England
Aviemore parkrunScotland11:00
Aylesbury parkrunSouth East England09:00
Aylesbury junior parkrunSouth East England
Aylestone junior parkrunEast Midlands
Ayr parkrunScotland09:30
Bakewell parkrunEast Midlands09:0009:00
Banbury parkrunSouth East England09:0009:00
Bangor parkrun, Northern IrelandNorthern Ireland09:30
Bangor junior parkrunNorthern Ireland
Banstead Woods parkrunSouth East England09:00
Barclay parkrunEast of England10:30
Barking parkrunGreater London09:00
Barking and Dagenham junior parkrunGreater London
Barnsley parkrunYorkshire and the Humber09:0009:00
Barnsley junior parkrunYorkshire and the Humber
Barnstaple parkrunSouth West England10:30
Barnstaple junior parkrunSouth West England
Barrow parkrunNorth West England09:0009:00
Barrow junior parkrunNorth West England
Barry junior parkrunWales
Barry Island parkrunWales10:30
Barshaw junior parkrunScotland
Basildon parkrunEast of England09:00
Basingstoke parkrunSouth East England09:0009:00
Basingstoke junior parkrunSouth East England
Bath Odd Down junior parkrunSouth West England
Bath Skyline parkrunSouth West England09:30
Beaumont Park junior parkrunYorkshire and the Humber
Beckenham Place parkrunGreater London09:0009:00
Beckton parkrunGreater London
Bedfont Lakes parkrunGreater London
Bedford parkrunEast of England09:0010:30
Bedford junior parkrunEast of England
Bedgebury Pinetum parkrunSouth East England
Bedworth parkrunWest Midlands
Beehive junior parkrunEast of England
Beeston parkrunEast Midlands10:30
Belfast Victoria parkrunNorthern Ireland09:30
Belfast Victoria junior parkrunNorthern Ireland
Belton House parkrunEast Midlands09:00
Bestwood Village parkrunEast Midlands
Betteshanger junior parkrunSouth East England
Bevendean Down parkrunSouth East England
Bexley parkrunGreater London09:0010:30
Bicester parkrunSouth East England09:0010:30
Bickershaw parkrun
Bideford parkrunSouth West England09:00
Billericay parkrunEast of England09:0009:00
Billingham junior parkrunNorth East England
Birkenhead parkrunNorth West England
Black Park parkrunSouth East England09:00
Black Combe parkrun09:0009:30
Blackhill parkrunNorth East England09:00
Blackpool parkrunNorth West England08:30
Blandford parkrunSouth West England09:00
Blickling parkrunEast of England09:00
Bloxwich junior parkrunWest Midlands
Bodington junior parkrunYorkshire and the Humber
Bodmin junior parkrunSouth West England
Bognor Regis parkrunSouth East England09:0009:00
Bognor Regis junior parkrunSouth East England
Bold Forest junior parkrunNorth West England
Bolton parkrunNorth West England10:00
Boston parkrunEast Midlands09:00
Bournemouth parkrunSouth West England10:00
Bracknell parkrunSouth East England10:30
Bracknell junior parkrunSouth East England
Bradford parkrunYorkshire and the Humber09:00
Bramhall parkrunNorth West England
Bramley parkrunYorkshire and the Humber10:30
Bramley junior parkrunYorkshire and the Humber09:00
Brandon Country Park parkrunEast of England10:0010:30
Braunstone parkrunEast Midlands09:0010:30
Brentwood parkrunEast of England10:30
Brentwood junior parkrunEast of England
Bressay parkrunScotland
Bridgend junior parkrunWales
Brierley Forest parkrunEast Midlands10:30
Brighouse parkrunYorkshire and the Humber
Brighouse junior parkrunYorkshire and the Humber
Brighton & Hove parkrunSouth East England10:30
Broadmeadow junior parkrunNorthern Ireland
Brockenhurst parkrunSouth East England
Brockwell parkrun, Herne HillGreater London
Brockwell junior parkrunGreater London
Bromley parkrunGreater London09:0010:00
Bromley junior parkrunGreater London
Bromsgrove junior parkrunWest Midlands
Brooklands parkrunSouth East England
Brueton parkrunWest Midlands09:0009:00
Brundall parkrunEast of England08:30
Bryn Bach parkrunWales09:0009:00
Bryn Bach junior parkrunWales
Buckingham parkrunSouth East England09:30
Buckingham junior parkrunSouth East England
Burgess parkrunGreater London
Burnage parkrunNorth West England
Burnham and Highbridge parkrunSouth West England
Burnham-on-Crouch parkrunEast of England09:0009:00
Burnley parkrunNorth West England10:00
Burnley junior parkrunNorth West England
Burslem Park junior parkrunWest Midlands
Bury St Edmunds parkrunEast of England09:00
Bury St Edmunds junior parkrunEast of England
Bushy parkrunGreater London09:0009:00
Bushy junior parkrunGreater London
Cambridge parkrunEast of England
Cambridge junior parkrunEast of England
Camperdown parkrun, DundeeScotland10:0011:00
Cannock Chase parkrunWest Midlands09:00
Cannon Hill parkrun, BirminghamWest Midlands09:30
Cannon Hill junior parkrun, BirminghamWest Midlands
Canons Park parkrunGreater London09:0009:00
Canterbury parkrunSouth East England10:30
Cardiff parkrunWales09:0009:00
Cardiff junior parkrunWales
Carlisle parkrunNorth West England09:0009:00
Carlisle junior parkrunNorth West England
Carmarthen junior parkrunWales
Carrickfergus parkrunNorthern Ireland
Cassiobury parkrunEast of England09:0010:30
Castle Park parkrunEast of England09:0009:00
Castlewellan parkrunNorthern Ireland10:30
Catford parkrunGreater London09:0010:30
Catterick parkrunYorkshire and the Humber09:00
Catton parkrunEast of England10:30
Central Park junior parkrunEast of England
Chadderton Hall parkrunNorth West England09:00
Cheadle Hulme parkrunNorth West England
Cheddar junior parkrunSouth West England
Chelmsford junior parkrunEast of England
Chelmsford Central parkrunEast of England09:0010:30
Cheltenham parkrunSouth West England09:00
Cheltenham junior parkrunSouth West England
Cheshunt junior parkrunEast of England
Chester parkrunNorth West England10:30
Chichester parkrunSouth East England09:0010:30
Chichester junior parkrunSouth East England
Chippenham parkrunSouth West England09:0010:30
Chippenham junior parkrunSouth West England
Chipping Sodbury parkrunSouth West England09:3009:00
Churchfields Farm parkrunWest Midlands
Churchill Gardens junior parkrun, SalisburySouth West England
Cirencester parkrunSouth West England
Citypark parkrun, CraigavonNorthern Ireland10:00
Clacton junior parkrunSouth East England
Clacton Seafront parkrunEast of England10:30
Clair parkrunSouth East England09:00
Clapham Common parkrunGreater London
Clare Castle parkrunEast of England09:00
Cleethorpes parkrunYorkshire and the Humber09:30
Cliffe Castle parkrunYorkshire and the Humber09:0010:30
Cliff Park junior parkrunEast of England
Clifton parkrunEast Midlands
Clitheroe Castle parkrunNorth West England09:00
Clitheroe Castle junior parkrunNorth West England
Clumber Park parkrunEast Midlands09:00
Colby parkrunWales
Colchester junior parkrunEast of England09:00
Colchester Castle parkrunEast of England09:0009:00
Coldham’s Common parkrunEast of England
Colin Glen parkrunNorthern Ireland
Colney Lane parkrunEast of England
Colwick parkrunEast Midlands10:30
Comber parkrunNorthern Ireland
Comber junior parkrunNorthern Ireland
Concord parkrun, SheffieldYorkshire and the Humber09:00
Congleton parkrunNorth West England09:0009:00
Conkers parkrunEast Midlands09:0009:00
Conwy parkrunWales
Corby parkrunEast Midlands09:30
Cotsford Fields parkrunNorth East England09:00
Coventry parkrunWest Midlands09:00
Crane Park parkrunGreater London09:0010:30
Cranleigh parkrunSouth East England09:0010:30
Cranleigh junior parkrunSouth East England
Crewe parkrunNorth West England09:0010:30
Crichton parkrunScotland
Crosby parkrunNorth West England
Cross Flatts parkrunYorkshire and the Humber
Cross Flatts junior parkrunYorkshire and the Humber
Croxteth Hall parkrunNorth West England
Crystal Palace parkrunGreater London
Crystal Palace junior parkrunGreater London
Cuerden Valley parkrunNorth West England
Cwmbran parkrunWales
Dalby Forest parkrunYorkshire and the Humber09:00
Darlington South Park parkrunNorth East England09:0010:30
Dartford parkrunSouth East England
Dartford junior parkrunSouth East England
Dartford Heath parkrunSouth East England
Daventry parkrunEast Midlands09:0010:30
Daventry junior parkrunEast Midlands
Delamere parkrunNorth West England09:0009:00
Derry City parkrunNorthern Ireland09:3011:00
Derry City junior parkrunNorthern Ireland10:00
Devonport junior parkrunSouth West England10:00
Dewsbury parkrunYorkshire and the Humber09:0008:30
Dewsbury junior parkrunYorkshire and the Humber
Didcot parkrunSouth East England09:00
Dinton Pastures parkrunSouth East England09:0008:30
Dishley parkrun, LoughboroughEast Midlands09:0009:00
Dolgellau parkrunWales
Doncaster parkrunYorkshire and the Humber09:00
Dover junior parkrunSouth East England
Drumchapel parkrunScotland
Druridge Bay parkrunNorth East England09:0010:30
Dudley parkrunWest Midlands
Dulwich parkrunGreater London10:0010:00
Dumfries junior parkrunScotland
Dunfermline parkrunScotland11:00
Dungannon Park parkrunNorthern Ireland
Durham parkrunNorth East England
Durham City junior parkrunNorth East England
Duthie junior parkrunScotland
Eastbourne parkrunSouth East England09:0009:00
Eastbourne junior parkrunSouth East England
East Brighton parkrunSouth East England
East Grinstead parkrunSouth East England
Eastleigh parkrunSouth East England09:0010:30
Eastney junior parkrunSouth East England
Eastville parkrunSouth West England10:30
Eastville junior parkrunSouth West England
Ecos parkrun, BallymenaNorthern Ireland
Eden Project parkrunSouth West England09:00
Edinburgh parkrunScotland09:30
Eglinton parkrunScotland09:00
Elgin parkrunScotland09:3011:00
Ellenbrook Fields parkrunEast of England10:30
Ellesmere Port parkrunNorth West England09:00
Ellon parkrunScotland
Eltham junior parkrunGreater London
Enniskillen parkrunNorthern Ireland09:30
Erddig parkrunWales
Evesham parkrunWest Midlands09:30
Evesham junior parkrunWest Midlands
Exeter Riverside parkrunSouth West England09:00
Exmouth parkrunSouth West England09:00
Falkirk parkrunScotland09:30
Falls parkrun, BelfastNorthern Ireland
Fareham parkrunSouth East England09:0009:00
Felixstowe parkrunEast of England10:30
Fell Foot parkrun, Newby BridgeNorth West England10:30
Finsbury parkrunGreater London09:00
Fire Service College parkrunSouth West England
Flatts Lane parkrunNorth East England
Fleetwood Promenade parkrunNorth West England09:00
Fletcher Moss parkrunNorth West England
Folkestone parkrunSouth East England
Foots Cray Meadows parkrunGreater London09:00
Ford parkrunNorth West England
Forest of Dean parkrunSouth West England10:0010:00
Forest of Dean junior parkrunSouth West England
Forest Rec parkrunEast Midlands09:00
Forest Rec junior parkrunEast Midlands
Fort William parkrunScotland09:30
Fountains Abbey parkrunYorkshire and the Humber
Friary Park junior parkrunGreater London
Frimley Lodge parkrunSouth East England09:0010:00
Fritton Lake parkrunEast of England
Fulham Palace parkrunGreater London09:3010:30
Gadebridge parkrunEast of England09:00
Gainsborough parkrunEast Midlands
Ganavan Sands parkrunScotland
Gateshead parkrunNorth East England09:00
Gedling parkrunEast Midlands09:00
Gedling junior parkrunEast Midlands
Gibside parkrunNorth East England
Girvan Prom parkrunScotland09:30
Gladstone parkrunGreater London10:30
Glossop parkrunEast Midlands09:0009:00
Gloucester City parkrunSouth West England10:30
Gloucester North parkrunSouth West England
Gnoll parkrunWales
Gnoll junior parkrunWales
Goole parkrunYorkshire and the Humber
Gorleston Cliffs parkrunEast of England
Gorleston junior parkrunEast of England
Goudhurst junior parkrunSouth East England
Grangemoor parkrunWales10:30
Grange Paddocks junior parkrunEast of England
Graves parkrunYorkshire and the Humber09:00
Graves junior parkrunYorkshire and the Humber
Gravesend junior parkrunSouth East England
Great Cornard parkrunEast of England09:3010:30
Great Cornard junior parkrunEast of England
Great Denham parkrunEast of England10:0009:00
Great Dunmow parkrunEast of England10:30
Great Lines parkrun, MedwaySouth East England09:00
Great Notley parkrunEast of England09:0009:00
Great Notley junior parkrunEast of England
Greenock parkrunScotland10:0011:00
Greenwich parkrunGreater London09:0009:00
Grovelands parkrun, EnfieldGreater London09:0009:00
Guernsey parkrunChannel Islands
Guildford parkrunSouth East England09:0009:00
Guildford junior parkrunSouth East England
Gunnersbury parkrunGreater London
Gunpowder parkrunEast of England
Hackney Marshes parkrunGreater London09:00
Hackworth parkrunNorth East England09:00
Hadleigh parkrun, EssexEast of England09:30
Haigh Woodland parkrunNorth West England10:30
Halifax parkrunYorkshire and the Humber09:00
Hampstead Heath parkrunGreater London
Hanley parkrunWest Midlands09:0009:00
Hanworth junior parkrunGreater London
Harcourt Hill parkrunSouth East England
Harcourt Hill junior parkrunSouth East England
Harlow parkrunEast of England10:00
Harlow junior parkrunEast of England
Harrogate parkrunYorkshire and the Humber09:00
Harrogate junior parkrunYorkshire and the Humber09:0009:00
Harrow parkrunGreater London10:30
Harrow Lodge parkrunGreater London10:30
Harrow Lodge junior parkrunGreater London09:00
Hartlepool parkrunNorth East England09:0010:30
Harwich parkrunEast of England09:0009:00
Hastings parkrunSouth East England09:00
Havant parkrunSouth East England09:00
Haverfordwest parkrunWales09:0010:00
Haverhill parkrunEast of England10:30
Hawkwell junior parkrunEast of England
Hay Lodge parkrunScotland
Haywards Heath junior parkrunSouth East England
Hazelwood parkrunSouth East England
Hazlehead parkrun, AberdeenScotland09:3009:30
Heartlands parkrunSouth West England09:3010:30
Heaton parkrunNorth West England
Heavitree junior parkrunSouth West England
Helix junior parkrunScotland
Hemlington Lake junior parkrunNorth East England
Henley-on-Thames parkrunSouth East England08:30
Henley Wood parkrun, OswestryWest Midlands
Henstridge Airfield parkrunSouth West England09:0009:00
Hereford parkrunWest Midlands09:30
Hertford junior parkrunEast of England
Heslington parkrunYorkshire and the Humber10:30
Higginson parkrun, MarlowSouth East England
Highbury Fields parkrunGreater London09:0009:00
Highbury Fields junior parkrunGreater London
Hillsborough parkrunYorkshire and the Humber10:00
Hilltop parkrun
Hilly Fields parkrunGreater London09:0010:00
Hilly Fields junior parkrunGreater London
Hoblingwell parkrunGreater London09:0009:00
Hockley Woods parkrunEast of England10:30
Hogmoor Inclosure parkrunSouth East England09:0009:00
Holkham parkrunEast of England
Homewood parkrunSouth East England09:30
Horsham parkrunSouth East England09:0010:30
Horsham junior parkrunSouth East England
Horton Park parkrunYorkshire and the Humber09:0009:00
Houghton Hall parkrunEast of England10:30
Houghton Hall junior parkrunEast of England
Hove Park junior parkrunSouth East England
Hove Promenade parkrunSouth East England09:00
Hucknall junior parkrunEast Midlands
Huddersfield parkrunYorkshire and the Humber09:0010:00
Huddersfield junior parkrunYorkshire and the Humber
Hull parkrunYorkshire and the Humber09:00
Humber Bridge parkrunYorkshire and the Humber09:00
Huntingdon parkrunEast of England09:0009:00
Hyde parkrunNorth West England10:30
Hyde junior parkrunNorth West England
Hyndburn parkrunNorth West England
Inverleith junior parkrunScotland
Inverness parkrunScotland10:30
Ipswich parkrunEast of England09:0008:30
Ipswich junior parkrunEast of England
Isabel Trail parkrunWest Midlands
Jacks Road junior parkrunScotland
Jersey parkrunChannel Islands
Jersey Farm parkrunEast of England
Jordanstown junior parkrunNorthern Ireland
Jubilee junior parkrunEast of England
Kenton Rec junior parkrunGreater London
Keppel parkrun
Kesgrave parkrunEast of England09:0009:00
Kesgrave junior parkrunEast of England
Keswick parkrunNorth West England09:0010:30
Keswick junior parkrunNorth West England
Kettering parkrunEast Midlands10:30
Kew Woods parkrunNorth West England
Killerton parkrunSouth West England09:30
King George junior parkrunEast of England
Kingsbury Water parkrunWest Midlands10:30
King's Lynn parkrunEast of England09:00
King’s Lynn junior parkrunEast of England
Kingston parkrunGreater London10:00
Kingsway parkrun, GloucesterSouth West England
Kings Weston junior parkrunSouth West England
Kirkcaldy parkrunScotland09:00
Kirkwall parkrunScotland
Knavesmire junior parkrunYorkshire and the Humber
Knowsley parkrunNorth West England10:30
Laleham junior parkrunGreater London
Lanark Moor parkrunScotland
Lancaster parkrunNorth West England10:0010:00
Lancing Beach Green parkrunSouth East England
Lanhydrock parkrunSouth West England
Larne parkrunNorthern Ireland
Larne junior parkrunNorthern Ireland
Leamington parkrunWest Midlands09:00
Leavesden junior parkrunEast of England
Lee-on-the-Solent parkrunSouth East England09:0010:30
Leicester Victoria parkrunEast Midlands09:00
Leighton Buzzard junior parkrunEast of England
Lesnes Abbey Woods junior parkrunGreater London
Letchworth parkrunEast of England09:00
Limavady parkrunNorthern Ireland
Lincoln parkrunEast Midlands
Linford Wood parkrunSouth East England09:0009:00
Linwood parkrunScotland09:3011:00
Littleport parkrunEast of England09:00
Little Stoke junior parkrunSouth West England
Livingston parkrunScotland09:3011:00
Llanelli Coast parkrunWales
Llanelli Coast junior parkrunWales
Llanerchaeron parkrunWales
Lloyd parkrun, CroydonGreater London09:0009:00
Lloyd junior parkrunGreater London
Llyn Llech Owain parkrunWales09:00
Loch Leven parkrunScotland11:00
Loch Leven junior parkrunScotland
Lochore Meadows parkrunScotland
London Fields junior parkrunGreater London
Long Eaton parkrunEast Midlands10:30
Long Eaton junior parkrunEast Midlands
Longrun Meadow parkrunSouth West England09:00
Longrun Meadow junior parkrunSouth West England
Longton junior parkrunWest Midlands
Lough Moss junior parkrunNorthern Ireland
Lower Drummans parkrun
Lowestoft parkrunEast of England10:00
Ludlow parkrunWest Midlands
Lullingstone parkrunSouth East England
Lurgan junior parkrunNorthern Ireland
Luton Wardown parkrunEast of England09:00
Lydney parkrunSouth West England08:30
Lyme Park parkrunNorth West England09:00
Lymington Woodside parkrunSouth East England09:00
Lytham Hall parkrunNorth West England10:00
Macclesfield parkrunNorth West England09:30
Maesteg parkrunWales
Magherafelt junior parkrunNorthern Ireland
Maidenhead parkrunSouth East England09:0008:30
Maidstone parkrunSouth East England09:0008:30
Maldon Prom parkrunEast of England09:0009:00
Maldon Prom junior parkrunEast of England
Malling parkrunSouth East England
Manor Field parkrun, WhittleseyEast of England10:30
Manor Park junior parkrunSouth East England
Mansfield parkrunEast Midlands10:00
March parkrunEast of England10:30
Margate parkrunSouth East England09:30
Margate junior parkrunSouth East England
Markeaton parkrunEast Midlands09:00
Markeaton junior parkrunEast Midlands
Market Harborough parkrunEast Midlands09:00
Market Harborough junior parkrunEast Midlands
Market Rasen Racecourse parkrunEast Midlands
Marlborough Common parkrunSouth West England
Marple parkrunNorth West England09:3010:30
Marple junior parkrunNorth West England
Medina I.O.W. parkrunSouth East England
Medina I.O.W junior parkrunSouth East England
Medway junior parkrunSouth East England
Melksham parkrunSouth West England09:00
Melton Mowbray parkrunEast Midlands09:0009:00
Melton Mowbray junior parkrunEast Midlands
Mersea Island parkrunEast of England
Merthyr parkrunWales
Middleton Woods parkrunYorkshire and the Humber09:00
Mile End parkrunGreater London
Mile End junior parkrunGreater London
Millom parkrunNorth West England10:30
Milnrow Memorial Park junior parkrunNorth West England
Milton Keynes parkrunSouth East England09:0010:30
Milton Keynes junior parkrunSouth East England
Minehead parkrunSouth West England
Moira junior parkrunNorthern Ireland
Mole Valley parkrunSouth East England09:0010:30
Montrose parkrunScotland11:00
Moormead junior parkrunGreater London
Moors Valley parkrunSouth West England
Moors Valley junior parkrunSouth West England
Mount Edgcumbe parkrunSouth West England10:30
Mulbarton parkrunEast of England
MUSA Cookstown parkrunNorthern Ireland
Musgrave junior parkrunNorthern Ireland
Myrtle parkrunYorkshire and the Humber09:0009:00
Nant y Pandy parkrunWales08:30
Netley Abbey parkrunSouth East England09:0009:00
Netley Abbey junior parkrunSouth East England
Newark parkrunEast Midlands09:3010:30
Newark junior parkrunEast Midlands
Newbiggin-by-the-Sea parkrunNorth East England09:00
Newborough Forest parkrunWales10:00
Newbury parkrunSouth East England09:0010:30
Newcastle parkrunNorth East England09:00
New Earswick parkrunYorkshire and the Humber09:00
Newent parkrun, Forest of DeanSouth West England
New Milton junior parkrunSouth East England
Newport parkrunWales09:0009:00
Newport junior parkrunWales
Newtown parkrunWales10:30
Nobles parkrunNorth West England
Nonsuch parkrunSouth East England10:00
Nonsuch junior parkrunSouth East England
Normanby Hall parkrunYorkshire and the Humber09:00
Northala Fields parkrunGreater London09:00
Northallerton parkrunYorkshire and the Humber09:00
Northallerton junior parkrunYorkshire and the Humber10:00
Northampton parkrunEast Midlands09:0009:00
Northwich parkrunNorth West England09:0010:30
Northwich junior parkrunNorth West England
Norwich parkrunEast of England09:00
Norwich junior parkrunEast of England
Nostell parkrunYorkshire and the Humber10:30
Oak Hill parkrunGreater London09:0010:30
Oakwell Hall parkrunYorkshire and the Humber
Ockwells junior parkrunSouth East England
Old Deer Park parkrunGreater London09:0009:00
Oldham parkrunNorth West England10:0010:30
Omagh parkrunNorthern Ireland
Orangefield parkrunNorthern Ireland10:3011:00
Ormeau parkrunNorthern Ireland11:00
Ormeau junior parkrunNorthern Ireland
Ormskirk parkrunNorth West England09:0010:30
Orpington parkrunGreater London10:00
Osterley parkrunGreater London10:30
Osterley junior parkrunGreater London
Oxford parkrunSouth East England
Paddington Rec junior parkrunSouth East England
Page Park junior parkrunSouth West England
Panshanger parkrunEast of England09:0009:00
Parc parkrun
Parke parkrunSouth West England
Park View junior parkrunNorth West England
Park Wood junior parkrunSouth East England
Peacehaven parkrunSouth East England09:3010:30
Peacehaven junior parkrunSouth East England
Peckham Rye parkrunGreater London09:0009:00
Pegwell Bay parkrunSouth East England10:00
Penallta parkrunWales10:30
Penallta junior parkrunWales
Pendle parkrunNorth West England10:30
Pennington Flash parkrunNorth West England10:30
Penrhyn parkrunWales
Penrith parkrunNorth West England10:00
Penrose parkrunSouth West England09:0009:00
Perry Hall parkrunWest Midlands10:30
Perth parkrunScotland10:0009:30
Perth junior parkrunScotland
Peterborough parkrunEast of England09:00
Peter Pan parkrunYorkshire and the Humber10:30
Peter Pan junior parkrunYorkshire and the Humber
Phoenix parkrunNorth West England
Pinehill junior parkrunEast of England
Pitshanger junior parkrunGreater London
Plean parkrunScotland
Plymvalley parkrunSouth West England10:0009:00
Pocket parkrunEast of England10:30
Pollok parkrun, GlasgowScotland09:3009:30
Pomphrey Hill parkrunSouth West England09:30
Pontefract parkrunYorkshire and the Humber09:0008:30
Pontefract junior parkrunYorkshire and the Humber
Pontypool parkrunWales09:00
Pontypool junior parkrunWales
Pontypridd parkrunWales
Pontypridd junior parkrunWales
Poole parkrunSouth West England09:00
Poolsbrook parkrunEast Midlands09:0010:30
Porthcawl parkrunWales
Portobello parkrun, EdinburghScotland09:30
Portrush parkrunNorthern Ireland09:30
Portrush junior parkrunNorthern Ireland09:30
Portsmouth Lakeside parkrunSouth East England
Potternewton parkrunYorkshire and the Humber
Prestatyn Prom junior parkrunWales
Preston parkrunNorth West England09:00
Preston Park parkrun, BrightonSouth East England09:00
Preston Park junior parkrun, BrightonSouth East England
Prestwick Oval junior parkrunScotland
Princes parkrun, LiverpoolNorth West England10:30
Priory Park junior parkrunGreater London
Prospect parkrunSouth East England09:0010:30
Prudhoe Riverside parkrunNorth East England10:30
Prudhoe Riverside junior parkrunNorth East England
Pymmes parkrunGreater London
Queen Elizabeth parkrunSouth East England10:0010:30
Queen's parkrun, BelfastNorthern Ireland
Queen’s Parade junior parkrun, AldershotSouth East England
Queen’s Park junior parkrun, BoltonNorth West England
Queen’s Park junior parkrun, LondonGreater London
Queen’s Park junior parkrun, RochdaleNorth West England
Ramsbottom junior parkrunNorth West England
Raphael parkrunGreater London09:00
Reading parkrunSouth East England
Reculver junior parkrunSouth East England
Redcar parkrunNorth East England10:30
Redcar junior parkrunNorth East England
Reigate Priory parkrunSouth East England09:0010:30
Reigate Priory junior parkrunSouth East England
Richmond parkrunGreater London09:0009:00
Rickmansworth parkrunEast of England09:0009:00
Riddlesdown parkrunGreater London09:0009:00
Rising Sun parkrunNorth East England10:30
Riverfront parkrunWales09:0010:30
Riverside parkrunNorth East England09:00
Riverside junior parkrun, BallymoneyNorthern Ireland
Roding Valley parkrunEast of England09:0010:30
Roding Valley junior parkrunEast of England
Rogiet parkrunWales09:00
Rosliston parkrunEast Midlands10:30
Rossmere junior parkrunNorth East England
Rostrevor parkrunNorthern Ireland
Rotherham parkrunYorkshire and the Humber
Rother Valley parkrunYorkshire and the Humber
Rothwell parkrunYorkshire and the Humber10:30
Rouken Glen junior parkrunScotland
Roundhay parkrunYorkshire and the Humber09:00
Roundhay junior parkrunYorkshire and the Humber
Roundshaw Downs parkrunGreater London09:0010:00
Royal Tunbridge Wells parkrunSouth East England09:00
Ruchill parkrunScotland
Rugby parkrunWest Midlands09:00
Rushcliffe parkrunEast Midlands10:00
Rushcliffe junior parkrunEast Midlands
Rushmere parkrunSouth East England09:00
Rushmoor parkrunSouth East England09:0009:00
Rutland Water parkrunEast Midlands10:30
Rutland Water junior parkrunEast Midlands
Sale Water parkrunNorth West England10:30
Salford junior parkrunNorth West England
Salisbury parkrunSouth West England09:0010:30
Saltaire junior parkrunYorkshire and the Humber
Sandwell Valley parkrunWest Midlands
Savill Garden junior parkrunSouth East England
Scunthorpe parkrunYorkshire and the Humber10:30
Seaton parkrunSouth West England09:00
Sedgefield parkrunNorth East England09:0009:00
Sedgefield junior parkrunNorth East England
Selby parkrunYorkshire and the Humber09:0010:30
Severn Bridge parkrunWales
Sewerby parkrunYorkshire and the Humber
Seymour Park junior parkrunNorth West England
Sheffield Castle parkrunYorkshire and the Humber09:00
Sheffield Hallam parkrunYorkshire and the Humber
Shelley junior parkrunYorkshire and the Humber
Shepton Mallet parkrunSouth West England10:30
Sheringham parkrunEast of England
Sherwood Pines parkrunEast Midlands
Shipley Country parkrunEast Midlands09:00
Shorne Woods parkrunSouth East England10:30
Shrewsbury parkrunWest Midlands08:30
Shrewsbury junior parkrunWest Midlands
Sittingbourne parkrunSouth East England10:30
Sixfields Upton parkrunEast Midlands
Sizewell parkrunEast of England
Skelmersdale junior parkrunNorth West England
Skipton parkrunYorkshire and the Humber09:3009:00
Somerdale Pavilion parkrunSouth West England
Southampton parkrunSouth East England09:0010:30
Southampton junior parkrunSouth East England09:00
Southend parkrunEast of England08:30
South Manchester parkrunNorth West England09:0009:00
South Manchester junior parkrunNorth West England
South Norwood parkrunGreater London
South Oxhey parkrunEast of England
South Park junior parkrunNorth East England
Southport parkrunNorth West England10:0009:00
Southsea parkrunSouth East England09:0009:00
South Shields parkrunNorth East England
Southwark parkrunGreater London09:0010:30
Southwick Country parkrunSouth West England09:00
South Woodham Ferrers parkrunEast of England09:0010:30
Springburn parkrun, GlasgowScotland
Springhill parkrun
St Albans parkrunEast of England10:30
Stamford Park parkrunNorth West England
St Andrews parkrunScotland10:00
Stanley Park junior parkrunNorth West England
Staveley junior parkrunEast Midlands
Stevenage parkrunEast of England09:0010:30
Stevenage junior parkrunEast of England
Stevens Park junior parkrun, WollescoteWest Midlands10:00
Stewart parkrun, MiddlesbroughNorth East England09:00
St Helens parkrunNorth West England09:0009:00
Stirling junior parkrunScotland
Stokes Bay junior parkrunSouth East England
Stonehaven parkrunScotland09:3009:00
Stonehouse parkrunSouth West England09:00
Stonehouse junior parkrunSouth West England
Stormont parkrunNorthern Ireland09:3009:30
Stratford-upon-Avon parkrunWest Midlands10:30
Strathclyde parkrunScotland09:00
Strathmartine junior parkrunScotland
Street parkrunSouth West England09:0009:00
Stretford parkrunNorth West England
Sunderland parkrunNorth East England09:00
Surbiton junior parkrunGreater London
Sutton Park parkrunWest Midlands09:00
Swadlincote junior parkrunEast Midlands
Swaffham parkrunEast of England
Swansea Bay parkrunWales10:30
Swindon parkrunSouth West England10:30
Swindon junior parkrunSouth West England
Tamar Lakes parkrunSouth West England10:30
Tamar Trails parkrunSouth West England
Tees Barrage parkrunNorth East England
Teignmouth Promenade parkrunSouth West England
Telford parkrunWest Midlands10:30
Telford junior parkrunWest Midlands
Temple Newsam parkrunYorkshire and the Humber10:30
Temple Newsam junior parkrunYorkshire and the Humber
Tern Hill parkrun
Tewkesbury parkrunSouth West England09:30
The Meadows junior parkrunScotland
Thetford parkrunEast of England09:0009:00
The Wammy parkrunWest Midlands09:0010:30
Thornbury parkrunSouth West England
Thurrock parkrun, Orsett HeathEast of England
Thurso parkrunScotland09:30
Tilgate parkrunSouth East England09:0009:00
Tilgate junior parkrunSouth East England
Tollcross parkrun, GlasgowScotland11:00
Tolson junior parkrunYorkshire and the Humber
Tonbridge parkrunSouth East England10:30
Tonbridge junior parkrunSouth East England
Tooting Common parkrunGreater London10:30
Torbay Velopark parkrunSouth West England09:0010:30
Torbay Velopark junior parkrunSouth West England
Torridge junior parkrunSouth West England
Town Moor junior parkrunNorth East England
Trelissick parkrunSouth West England09:30
Tring parkrunEast of England09:0009:00
Troon parkrunScotland09:3011:00
Uppermill junior parkrunNorth West England
Upton Court parkrunSouth East England10:30
Upton House parkrunSouth West England
Upton House junior parkrunSouth West England
Valentines parkrunGreater London10:00
Valley parkrun, NewtownabbeyNorthern Ireland09:3009:30
Victoria parkrun, GlasgowScotland11:00
Victoria junior parkrun, GlasgowScotland
Victoria Dock parkrunGreater London
Victoria junior parkrun, MacclesfieldNorth West England
Vogrie parkrunScotland11:00
Wakefield Thornes parkrunYorkshire and the Humber
Wakefield Thornes junior parkrunYorkshire and the Humber
Wallace parkrun, LisburnNorthern Ireland09:30
Walmer and Deal Seafront parkrunSouth East England09:0008:30
Walsall Arboretum parkrunWest Midlands09:00
Walthamstow parkrunGreater London
Wanstead Flats parkrunGreater London09:0009:00
Wardown junior parkrunEast of England
Warren Hill parkrun
Warrington parkrunNorth West England09:0010:00
Warrington junior parkrunNorth West England
Watergrove parkrun, RochdaleNorth West England08:30
Waterlooville junior parkrunSouth East England
Waterworks parkrun, BelfastNorthern Ireland09:3011:00
Waterworks junior parkrunNorthern Ireland
Wayland parkrun
Wednesfield junior parkrunWest Midlands
Wendover Woods parkrunSouth East England10:30
Wepre parkrunWales09:00
Westmill parkrunEast of England10:30
Weston-super-Mare junior parkrunSouth West England
Wetherby parkrunYorkshire and the Humber
Weymouth parkrunSouth West England09:00
Weymouth junior parkrunSouth West England
Whaley Bridge junior parkrunEast Midlands
Whinlatter Forest parkrunNorth West England09:00
Whitehaven parkrunNorth West England
Whiteley parkrunSouth East England09:0009:00
Whiteley junior parkrunSouth East England
Whitley Bay parkrunNorth East England
Whitley Bay junior parkrunNorth East England
Whitstable parkrunSouth East England09:0009:00
Whitstable junior parkrunSouth East England
Widnes parkrunNorth West England09:0010:30
Widnes junior parkrunNorth West England
Wilmslow parkrunNorth West England09:0010:30
Wilmslow junior parkrunNorth West England
Wimbledon Common parkrunGreater London
Wimbledon Park junior parkrunGreater London
Wimpole Estate parkrunEast of England
Wimpole Estate junior parkrunEast of England
Winchester parkrunSouth East England09:0009:00
Winchester junior parkrunSouth East England
Windmill Hill junior parkrunSouth West England
Windy Nook parkrunNorth East England
Wirral Country Park junior parkrunNorth West England
Wisbech junior parkrunEast of England
Witney parkrunSouth East England09:00
Witton parkrunNorth West England09:0008:30
Woking parkrunSouth East England
Woking junior parkrunSouth East England
Wolverhampton parkrunWest Midlands10:00
Woodbank parkrunNorth West England
Woodhouse Moor parkrunYorkshire and the Humber09:0009:00
Woodley parkrunSouth East England09:0010:30
Woodley junior parkrunSouth East England
Woolacombe Dunes parkrunSouth West England
Worcester parkrunWest Midlands09:00
Worcester Pitchcroft parkrunWest Midlands10:00
Workington parkrunNorth West England
Wormwood Scrubs parkrunGreater London
Worsley Woods parkrunNorth West England09:00
Worthing parkrunSouth East England09:0009:00
Wotton parkrunSouth West England09:00
Wycombe Rye parkrunSouth East England
Wycombe Rye junior parkrunSouth East England
Wyre Forest parkrunWest Midlands
Wythenshawe parkrunNorth West England
Yeovil Montacute parkrunSouth West England10:30
York parkrunYorkshire and the Humber09:0009:00