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Alzheimer’s Research UK and parkrun:
A partnership for people who rise to the challenge

Dementia is our greatest health challenge. One in three people born today will develop dementia in their lifetime unless we bring about life-changing preventions and treatments.

The condition doesn’t just affect memory, it can also affect a person’s ability to walk, communicate and even swallow. It is the leading cause of death in the UK.

Today, there are no effective treatments to slow, stop or prevent diseases that cause dementia, such as Alzheimer’s. But thanks to our amazing supporters, there are now more researchers than ever working to change that and Alzheimer’s Research UK is spearheading efforts to translate promising discoveries in the laboratory into treatments for the future.

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Alzheimer’s Research UK is proud to have the backing of parkrun. We are incredibly grateful that so many parkrunners have got behind our cause and raised money for groundbreaking research, many of whom are motivated to support us because they have seen loved ones affected by dementia.

A key part of our partnership is spreading the message that leading a healthy lifestyle and being socially active can protect brain health and help reduce the risk of dementia. We are determined to help parkrun continue to grow their community and promote the benefits of exercise.

We are also committed to fighting the fear and stigma that still surrounds dementia with parkrunners helping us to raise awareness of the condition.

The support of parkrunners is helping us in our mission to make breakthroughs possible for people with dementia that will keep them connected to their families, their worlds and themselves for longer.

Join #TeamARUK

Visit our dedicated partnership page to find out how you can support pioneering dementia research.

You can apply for a place in a number of prestigious sporting events or discover a whole host of other inspirational fundraising ideas.

There’s information about how you can take part in our annual Running Down Dementia challenge where we encourage people to clock up the kilometres and raise money for dementia research.

We’re here to help

More than half of UK adults know someone with dementia, but there is still a lot of misunderstanding of the condition. We’re helping put people in the know with our free dementia information.

To find out more about dementia, and for further information about supporting Alzheimer’s Research UK, visit or call 0300 111 5 777.