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Pro:Direct Running is part of the UK’s largest online performance sports retailer. With nearly 40 years of experience, they are full of passion, authentic heritage and rich family values, and pride themselves on being able to offer a wide range of the products and price points to ensure they have every run covered, whatever the distance or terrain. With a percentage of the proceeds going back to support parkrun, anything purchased from Pro:Direct Running by parkrunners will help parkrun in its mission to keep parkrun free forever, for everyone.

Hi, we’re MINI. We have to say that when we heard about parkrun’s philosophy of making the planet a healthier and happier place, we were totally inspired. Having spent the past 60 years creating cars that bring smiles to people’s faces, we’re always up for something that gets people together and makes them happy. That’s why we’re delighted to be a supporter of parkrun.

Running: put one foot in front of the other and then repeat! The most inclusive sport in the world. At Brooks we are fortunate to focus exclusively on the pursuit we love more than any other – the run. Our purpose is simple, we exist to inspire everyone to run their path to a better self. Run and your world becomes a happier place; one run can transform a day, and if you add up the days it can change your life. So even though we are a running company and all, the most important thing we make isn’t gear. The most important thing we make is your run. Granted, we may be biased, but our advice is simple: Run Happy!

CONTRA is the creation of parkrun Founder Paul Sinton-Hewitt. Paul’s ambition has been to create a sportswear brand that truly supports and encourages movement for everyone, creating kit available in 10 sizes, in non-gender specific colours, whilst ensuring all sourcing of CONTRA’s range meets the highest ethical manufacturing standards.
A huge benefit of CONTRA is that the profit from sales goes directly to supporting parkrun, helping to keep it free, for everyone, forever.

A natural collaboration between parkrun and iPRO Hydrate has been formed due to the shared ethos and objectives of encouraging healthy, active lifestyles.
iPRO Hydrate – Sport Edition, Student Edition and the new iPRO Hydrate are made with high quality stevia and enriched with electrolytes, vitamins and minerals. They all have zero caffeine and contain no artificial colours of flavourings resulting in an ultra-refreshing taste.
We believe that it is incredibly important for everyone to stay hydrated, whether they are dog walkers, casual joggers, weekend warriors or joining local runs just for friendships and fresh air. We will be working with parkrun to encourage parkrunners to capture and share their #parkrunMoment.

With over 50 years of nutritional know-how, we understand what it takes to keep dogs active, healthy and ready for a challenge. Working with our team of nutritionists, we have developed our new Get Out & Go! range to support active dogs across a range of activity levels and life stages, whilst being true to our values of sustainability, wellbeing and community. Whether you’re running in hills, hiking, biking, parkrunning or off exploring our Get Out & Go! range has all the goodness your dog needs to take on the challenge with you. Because we know, if they’ve a taste for anything, it’s a taste for the great outdoors. EXCLUSIVE DISCOUNT - parkrunners save 10% on every order using PR10 - discover more at www.skinners.co.uk.

In the UK De’Longhi is the most popular brand of home coffee machine by market share* and designs and manufactures a wide range from automatic and manual bean to cup, using fresh beans, through to filter, pod and more. That’s why we thought it makes complete sense to be a parkrun supporter, and partner with the most popular weekly community event.

We know how important great coffee is to parkrun, and parkrun’s ethos of open to all is exactly the ethos we’re embracing at De’Longhi, as we continue to bring great tasting bean to cup coffee to a wider audience - basically democratising great coffee.

* Source: Independent Research Institute, full year vales sales 2021

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