This week’s trial course – 24 March 2018

We are getting closer to the end of our trial routes with another different one for this week (24th March 2018). We are doing these trials to future proof against our continuing growth and the congestion that this can cause on the narrow section of the lake when overtaking is in full swing in the mid part of the run. We had lots of positive feedback about the trial route last week although the two way congestion up the hill to King Harry Lane and our domination of the four way junction could prove to be a sticking point!

No automatic alt text available.This week we will do another adaptation of the original lake course.

The route:
We will gather in and around the basketball court just beyond the playground for the start. Marshals will usher you there from the normal starting point so don't worry! From there, we will head to the junction and round the lake once anti-clockwise as normal, before coming back up from the lake and back up the yellow brick road to the old start/finish. Then you'll head left and left again, following the tree line and staying off the football pitches before rejoining the path and heading back to the lake via the carriage way behind the toilets, then round the lake anti-clockwise again before heading back to the hold finish near the Museum car park.

We hope you like it. Be sure to thank all the volunteers, particularly those who've spent a while staking out another potential route, and we look forward to your feedback!