Christmas at parkrun

Christmas, that time of year you (hopefully) spend doing things that you love, including parkrunning.

As well is our weekly Saturday runs parkrun UK allow events to hold extra runs on two occasions: Christmas Day and New Year's Day. Below are our plans for the first Christmas of Stamford Park parkrun:

Christmas Day

We will NOT be holding an extra run on 25th December, but have spoken to the teams of nearby Oldham and Marple parkruns who both advise they plan on holding Christmas Day runs. For more details on these please follow the links to their pages and keep an eye on their Facebook page.

Boxing Day

Saturday 26th December is a normal parkrun day and will see us hold our usual 5k run starting at 9am, as always volunteers will be needed to ensure the event goes smoothly. Keep an eye on your inbox and Facebook for more details closer to the time.

New Year's Day

1st January is a special day in parkrun world as it is the only day of the year where runners can log two runs in a day. With this in mind we are looking at holding a run at 9am on New Year's Day. Again we have been in contact with our two closest parkruns, Oldham and Marple who are both looking to hold runs at 10:30 giving people plenty of time to run Stamford Park and have a choice of events for their second run of the day, should they want to.

Of course we won't be able to hold a run on New Year's Day without a full compliment of volunteers and are hoping that a number of people will be able to help out start the 2016 off with a parkrun at Stamford Park.

Saturday 2nd January

It's parkrun day: you know what we will be doing at 9am!

If you are away over the festive period and are looking for another event to run at during this time please check out the Christmas Compendium.

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