St Andrews parkrun is cancelled on 2021-03-06 – COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

parkrun #395 – Run Report by Steven Hunter

Thanks again to Steven for his excellent report writing

Parkrun 395

 This week we had 225 people coming along to Craigtoun to run jog and walk round the park. There were 20 new to St Andrews and 24 athletic clubs represented.  There was also 3 parkrun first timers. We had visitors from Norwich, Hampshire, Belfast and …Dunfermline. Great to see you all.

International Women’s’ Day was on Sunday so well done for all those wearing purple to celebrate that event. We had two female runners in the top 6 and 105 female runners overall.

 There were 23 PBs!

 The race director mentioned that it was only five more park runs to the 400th park run at Craigtoun which also coincides with our 8th anniversary. This will be the 18th of April. There are a number of parkrunners who are also getting closer to significant parkrun milestones whether in the nervous nineties, the fidgety forties or any other significant anniversary. Please get in touch by email before the event to make sure we don’t miss any personal parkrun milestone at the race briefing.

 Thank you to all the volunteers this week who make parkrun possible: Ronnie HUNTER BLAIR • Gary OVENSTONE • Adrian WOOD • Lachlan BRENNAN • Andrew Iain ARMSTRONG • Danny ROONEY • Angus BARRABLE • Katrin METSIS • Arvo KULU • George MCLEOD. And a special mention to Andrew Armstrong who volunteered at parkrun to enable him to complete the volunteering section for his Duke of Edinburgh Award




parkrun #394 – Run Report by Steven Hunter

Thanks again to Steven for his excellent run report

It was the first time since 1992 that a Saturday fell on the 29th of February and we saw 90 parkrunners (slightly above the UK average of 188 runners) enjoy the February Bonus Leap Year Craigtoun Parkrun #394. The next time the 29th February is on a Saturday will be in 2048 by which time many of us will have crept up a several age grades! Well done to everyone who read Gary’s Facebook post and wore fancy dress.
We had 2 first timers, 14 visitors and 17 different athletic clubs represented including a
member of the Chepstow Harriers. Congratulations to Sandra Gardener who reached her 25 volunteer milestone.
There were 18 PBs in total including three Wilsons; well done Paul, Joyce and Isla.

A big thank you to all the volunteers this week who make parkrun possible: Andy Anderson, Andrew Armstrong, Karen Brennan, Lachlan Brennan, Tone Brennan, George Brown, George Fraser, Sandra Gardener, Bekki Gorgon, Claire Gorgon, Ruth Hoffmann, Jennifer Morris, Gary Ovenstone, Gozde Ozakinci and Adrian Wood.

Please remember and volunteer as Parkrun couldn’t happen without them.

Have a great weekend - Steven



*****Leap Day Parkrun – 29th February*****

St Andrews Parkrunners - this Saturday marks a very special occasion. This will be the first ever Saturday 29th February - the first ever parkrun leap day.

Previous Saturday leap days were 1908, 1936, 1964 & 1992 - some before many of us were even twinklets in their fathers eye.

To make Saturday special we'd like everyone to dress as they would have if they'd done a parkrun in 1908, 1936, 1964 or 1992 - the year is up to yourself but lets see how imaginative you can all get digging out some old running gear.

The Winner (chosen at the discretion of the hand picked selection committee) will be rewarded with a free roll and coffee/tea/juice in the café following the run.

See you all Saturday


Parkrun #393 – Run Report by Steven Hunter

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. Craigtoun Parkrun #393 began in winter sunshine and ended in an EPIC winter snow storm with everything else in between. One parkrunner described it as four seasons in one parkrun. The Run Director kept the pre-run briefing brief as the parkrunners huddled together like penguins on an Antarctic ice sheet. We still found the time to sing Happy Birthday to Angus for his 7th birthday and recognise Steven Craske’s 50 th Parkrun. There was also a 100th anniversary that slipped past us, so a belated congratulations to Shirley Kay.
There were 186 parkrunners with 11 new to St Andrews and 16 athletic clubs represented. There was also 3 parkrun first timers, including Toni, daughter of today’s unofficial photographer and parkrunner, Jim Parker. All we can say, if you can manage to complete a parkrun in these conditions then you can manage anything.
An amazing 27 PBs!!, despite the weather.
The weather conditions deteriorated as the finishers came in to such an extent that the bar code scanning devices stopped working, so big thank you to the two volunteer bar codes scanners Andrew Armstrong and Jim Aiton, and also Ruth, the run director for their perseverance and keeping the finishing process going.
Thank you to all the volunteers this week who make parkrun possible: Jim Aiton, Andrew Iain Armstrong, Lachlan Brennan, Ruth Cruickshank, George Fraser, Robert Humphreys, John Ivinson Anne Metcalf-Macdonald, Gary Ovenstone, Peter Taylor and Adrian Wood.
Thanks to the Craigtoun Cafe for coffee, cake, heat and shelter. Well done Parkrunners and thank you very much volunteers. Also thank you to the wider parkrun community that attend every week and are very much appreciated by the parkrunners and rarely singled out for a thank you, the spectators. Who as well as providing support to their family members and friends participating, they also offer encouragement to the other participants as they pass. Thank you spectators!


Parkrun tourism report by Mark Herkes – Sat 22nd February

St Andrews parkrun #393 - 22nd February 2020

We were planning a weekend for my birthday and obviously I had to pick somewhere that I could also take in a parkrun so I picked St Andrews. I heard it was a lovely course and it would mean I could tick off another Scottish parkrun. 

On Friday night I had checked the weather and was hopeful that St Andrews parkrun would not be cancelled but just to be safe I looked at the closest options of Camperdown and Kirkcaldy and set the alarm a little bit earlier to allow for a change of plan if required. 

We arrived at Craigtoun Country Park and the sun was just breaking through the clouds and the wind wasn’t as bad as we had expected so we left the waterproof jackets in the car and went to find the start. We followed a small group of runners to what we thought was the start but saw a group of hi-viz heros heading in the opposite direction. A quick chat with the run director and we realised we were heading to the toilets rather than the start! 

Back at the start we realised we made a wrong decision and as the rain started to spit we headed back to the car for our waterproofs. The run director gave us the first timers brief and then the 14 first timers to St Andrews joined the rest of the pack for the start. Before we started we all wished Angus a happy 7th birthday by singing happy birthday to him. 

The course is 3 undulating laps around the perimeter of the country park on mainly gravel paths. You start with a run across the miniature railway line and then up a short hill where you see the finish for the first time. The sun was shining for the first lap and we got a great view of the St Andrews coast and we could see for miles. The second lap the wind had started to pick up and the rain started to appear. We passed the start point again and then I spotted the Dutch Village in the middle of the boating lake. Heading around the remaining part of the second lap we spotted the trim trail where visitors can exercise of equipment available in the park. On the third lap the Scottish weather changed again and we found ourselves running in a snow storm! We didn’t see much on this lap as our heads were down trying to avoid the snow. 

A short run up the hill to the finish and a shout of thanks to the volunteers who had stood out in all conditions to support parkrun. It was a lovely route and I will be definitely visiting again......just maybe when the weather is a little bit better. 

There were a couple of milestones in todays filed on 186 runners, Steven Craske ran his 50th parkrun today and Shirley Kay reached 100 parkruns. A great achievement by both and the other 184 who got around in that weather.





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