parkrun report #399 by Steven Hunter

parkrun #399

 229 people ran, jogged and walked St Andrews Parkrun #399 (UK average: 200) enjoying the sunny, late summer morning.

We had 9 first timers, 26 visitors and 25 different athletic clubs represented.  Mitchell Keay ran his 50th Parkrun, congratulations Mitchell. Those close to significant milestones are; Matthew Holden on 199 Parkruns, Rebecca Laing and Steven Hunter on 99 and Beatriz Martín-Andrade on 49

 There were 43 PBs !!!! a special mention for Grant Cumming who knocked 10 minutes off his previous best; and three runners with an age percentage of above 80%

A big thank you to the 16 volunteers who made parkrun possible this week: Heather Anderson, Ruth Cruickshank, Sandra Gardener, Katrin Metsis, Gary Ovenstone, Lynne Park, Amanda Rodden, Bella Rodden, Daisy Rodden, Meredith Schertzinger, Ian Shield, Ewen Sparks, Dianna Stewart, Michaela Sullivan, Adrian Wood, James Yule. Please remember and volunteer as Parkrun couldn’t happen without them. We still need volunteers for our 400th Parkrun next week. Please check out or future roster if you can help.

 Enjoy the Weekend