parkrun run report #401 by Steven Hunter

parkrun #401

 224 people ran, pushed prams, jogged and walked parkrun #401. The UK average was 193 parkrunners.

 With the sun shining on St Andrews once again, we had 11 first-timers, 15 visitors to St Andrews and 25 different athletic clubs represented, including a member of an athletic club in Dublin.  Congratulations to Allen Marr, who ran his 200th and Duncan Edward and Fiona Cruickshank who ran their 50th.  Approaching milestones are Iain Gourley and Nessie Kirkbride on 49 parkruns.

 There were 29 PBs and one runner—second person to finish—with an age percentage of above 90% (according to the WMA age grading that is world class level running).  Well done Tony Martin.

 A big thank you to the 16 volunteers who made parkrun possible this week: James Ainge, Lesley Aitken, Ruth Cruickshank, Steven Hunter, Shirley Kay, Malcolm Mactavish, Fraser Mcdonald, Katrin Metsis, Gary Ovenstone, Lynne Park, Henry Paul, Ian Shield, Ewen Sparks, Frank Sullivan, Fiona Walker, Adrian Wood.  Please remember and volunteer as Parkrun couldn’t happen without people giving a bit of their time.  It’s also a great way to acquaint yourself with some of your fellow parkrunners.  Please check out or future roster if you can help.