Event #151 Run Report

With Storm Hannah blasting her way across the UK, this week's parkrun certainly cleared any cobwebs from your head - and almost took the finish line flag with her! Despite the near-gale force winds, 312 brave attendees ran, jogged or walked the 5k course. 30 people were completing their very first parkrun and 52 (that's almost 17%) athletes gained a new PB!

Unfortunately, this week we had the exceptionally rare occurrence of equipment failure. Not just one, but both stopwatches suffered issues, resulting in one watch breaking completely and the other corrupting the times. Fortunately, we managed to download the data from the hardware and, after a little bit of correction produced a full set of results. Apologies to everyone who's emailed in stating that the website time is different to their notification email or text - I had to manually correct times at one point and this happened after the official results were sent out. Since we can't resend corrected results in this way, please take the website time as your official result.

Congratulations to Nick Kleanthous for completing his 50th parkrun. I was going to offer him the Stevenage Parkrun 'Red Cape of Success', but since he was dressed as a penguin I felt he had enough to cope with :-D An email regarding how to claim your parkrun club t-shirt should be coming your way soon, Nick!

This week's lovely volunteers were: Ems SOUTHERINGTON, Angus KINDLEY, Elizabeth JORDAN, Karen PALMER, Karen BROOM, Esperanza CASTRO, Jo FISHER, Richard HENRY, Sheila LEAVY, Tony RANDFIELD, Joe COLGAN, David SCOTT, Nathan HADFIELD, Kate BERRY, Sam SIMMONS, Hedley HADFIELD, Victoria HADFIELD, Ally BROWN, Stuart HOLLICK, Alan FORD & Alan GOODWIN - thanks loads for all the help this week. An extra special thanks to Kate, David, Ally and Elizabeth for keeping it together when things got a bit hairy at one point! If you'd like to volunteer at Stevenage parkrun (remember, helping out just twice a year would ensure we're never short of volunteers), just email us at stevenagehelpers@parkrun.com. There's plenty of different positions to do, with some still letting you complete the course.

Parkrun #151 Volunteers

Parkrun #151 Volunteers

NOTE: we still have quite a few items of lost property. If you think you've lost something whilst parkrunning, please email us at the above address and we'll see if we can reunite you with your coat, gloves, watch or whatever!

Full results from this week are available HERE

This week's (slightly stressed) Run Director!