Event #156 Run Report

Parkrun 1st June 2019

It was a gorgeously sunny Saturday morning this week as 384 athletes ran, jogged or walked 5k. 30 seasoned parkrunners tackled the Stevenage course for the first time, with 29 people completing their very first parkrun with us! 55 (almost 15%) attendees gained a new PB - so extra special congratulations to you all!!!

Ann Quinn's 250th Parkrun

Ann Quinn's 250th Parkrun

Congratulations to Ann Quinn for completing her 250th parkrun - she was easy to spot, towing numbered helium balloons to indicate her amazing achievement. An email regarding how to claim your green parkrun 250 club t-shirt should be coming your way soon, Ann! Jared Marklew, Paul Smith, Ian Harvey and Louise Chancellor all ran their 50th parkrun and Sofia Carpenter completed her 10th parkrun as a junior - well done to you all for earning a t-shirt as well!

This week's wonderful volunteers were: Rachel EVANS • Angus KINDLEY • Elizabeth JORDAN • Lyndon HEARN • Ruth KENNEDY • Rose JENNINGS • Helen HARRIS • Joe COLGAN • Steve MOWLES • Doug WILSON • Rosemary BIGGS • Debbie BASSETT • Gill PHILPOTTS • Alan FORD • Alan GOODWIN • Sarah BOLGER • Emma TOZER • Niamh SKINNER - making my life an absolute joy on such a lovely day. If you'd like to volunteer at Stevenage parkrun (remember, helping out just twice a year would ensure we're never short of volunteers), just email us at stevenagehelpers@parkrun.com. There's a range of different roles, with some still letting you complete the course.

Parkrun 1st June 2019 volunteers

Full results from this week are available HERE

This week's (slightly sunburned) Run Director!