Stevenage Parkrun #186 Christmas Day 2019

Well what else can I write about this Christmas day parkrun except WOW!! I thought we would get approx 350 runners for our 3rd Christmas Day parkrun hosted by yours truly. Well THAT figured proved no where near the final figure!! And how!!!

Near perfect weather resulted in the attendance record going along with us running out of finish tokens too!! [Don't worry we have the a brand new set ready to use on NYD and they go up to 600]. Previous course record set on NYD this year and was 441, now that figure is a stonking 453!!

It was fraught at times as we only had 2 scanner volunteers and long queues built up at the scanning points, so thanks all for your patience at the end.

The volunteer team pulled together to ensure things ran as smoothly as possible in the circumstances and I thank them all for their efforts. Name check time: Thomas Suka, Beverly Atkins, Eperanza Castro, Adri Strydom, Johannes Strydom, Richard Henry, Shelia Leavy, Chloe Emmerson, Tony Randfield, Matthew Pattman, Helen Harris, Andy Garrett, Oliver Cuzner, Diane Cuzner, Rosemary Biggs and Alan Ford.

We had 85 first timers and 48 people achieved PB's.

A great atmosphere was had all morning with plenty of people in fancy dress, oh I have to thank Caroline Musgrove for the Quality Street chocolates she donated.

Roll on New Years Day when it's DPD = double parkrun day.

Until then parkrunners.

Oh a couple of unpublished pics from the day below too.

IMG-20191225-WA0018 IMG-20191225-WA0021