Run Report #189

For the first Saturday run of 2020, the New Years resolutions to run and get fit were certainly evident.  We had 532 runners of which 56 were first timers and 72 recorded new Personal Bests.  532 is the 2nd highest attendance and only the second time we have had over 500 runners.

Congratulations to Grace Brown, Steven Adams, Andy Coates, Chris Lennon, Mark Godfrey, Tracy Stiles and Karen Thomas who completed their 50th parkruns.  Congratulations to Patrick Norris who completed his 100th parkrun.

We are using new finish tokens, which cost £120.00 and were kindly bought through donations from runners.  We have already lost two tokens through runners taking them away.  Please don't take the tokens, they are not a souvenir and of no use outside of parkrun.

To manage such a large number of runners, we have a brilliant team of volunteers.  This week our brilliant stars are:

Laura KIMPTON • Ian KIMPTON • Daniel SUTTON • Kelly BURGESS • Esperanza CASTRO • Jan FRY • Tony RANDFIELD • Helen HARRIS • Helen COXON • Richard GLAISTER • Matthew PATTMAN • Petra WARNER • Jane MOULDER • Andy WISEMAN • Sarah KINSELLA • Hannah BUTLER • Alan FORD • Peter FITZGERALD • Alan GOODWIN • Shelbe MOONBEAM • Karl SPARKS • Paula SPARKS • April LACEY • Tamara CLELFORD • Jake HAZELDENE • Mark DAVEY

Happy New Year to everybody and see you Saturday!