Pacing event 11th March

We’re organising a pacing event for 11th March.

We will have some volunteers, our pacers, who choose a target time and try to run that target time at a nice even pace. They will wear their target time on their back so all the other parkrunners can see it. So if you’re trying to run a particular time you can hopefully find the right pacer and run with them.

To make it work we need pacers. If you fancy being a pacer it’s good to pick a time a bit slower than you normally run, so you can run it evenly. Drop us an email at if you would like to help out.

Also, drop us an email at if there’s a time you’re targeting and we’ll see if we can find pacers at those times. This type of event works best if we can arrange pacers at times that there is demand for them, and we can only do that if we know what you’d like.
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