St Helens parkrun is cancelled on 2020-12-05 – COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Christmas Day parkrun – Guest Edition

This weeks Run Report is courtesy of Paul Chapman who joined us from Conkers parkrun...

332 parkrunners lined up outside the Mansion House in Victoria park on Christmas Day 2018 and I was one of them, I hope you’d like to know my thoughts.

It was a mild morning for the time of year as all the parkrunners assembled in Victoria park. The team of volunteers had brought along hot drinks and mince pies for after the run, a very festive gesture and I’m sure it was appreciated by everyone. It was my 1st time at St Helens parkrun, I’ve got into the habit (some would say addiction!) of parkrun tourism.

After the briefing everyone lined up at the start, things set off quickly to say the least, the leading runners were flying, maybe eager to get home to open their presents! I’ve never seen so many people dressed up in Christmas attire, I lost count of how many Santa outfits where around and soon got into a nice rhythm on my run. As I lapped the park I was very impressed with how clean, tidy and well presented it was, a credit to the town and folk of St Helens. It was quite a musical event, I heard several people playing Christmas music as they made their way around the park and lots of spectators and volunteers cheering us on, the ducks in the pond were quacking and even a few cars driving past joined in the fun beeping their horns. This is the first time I have ever seen a turkey dressed as a marshall at parkrun, or maybe it was a marshall dressed as a turkey


IMPORTANT NOTICE – No St Helens parkrun on 23rd June 2018

Important Notice - no St Helens parkrun this weekend

This Saturday 23rd June St Helens will be hosting an Armed Forces Day Event in Victoria Park.

A number of very large military machinery will be on site, these will be arriving from 8am onwards which unfortunately means it is not safe for us to go ahead with parkrun on this day.

So 23rd June is your chance to be a parkrun tourist


Important Reminders

We have had issues doing the results for the last few weeks.

Some of them have been due to technical issues BUT the vast majority are down to runners not following what is a very simple process.

parkrun is meant to be fun so we try to avoid barking orders at participants wherever possible, but it’s now getting to the point where our Run Directors are spending hours unpicking issues and answering emails every week. Therefore, it’s time to issue a few reminders, PLEASE take note and mention it to your friends..

1)      Please register and get a barcode or we have dozens of unknown athletes.

2)      If you don’t bring your barcode, you can’t have a time, so please don’t ask with puppy dog eyes!

3)      If you go past the watches you MUST (No exceptions) take a token and hand it in to the scanners. This applies whether you want a time or not.

4)      Please only go past the timekeepers once, don’t run back to friends, get a 2nd time and then stop and discuss whether we need to give you a token (see point 3)

5)      If you don’t do the full course, please don’t go past the timekeepers or you will get a false PB and be affecting other peoples places.

6)      DON’T take the P tokens home!

That’s it – 6 Things that you can do to help us to get the results out efficiently!

There are then a few other issues that apply away from the funnel….

7)      Don’t park any where near the traffic island on City Rd, you are causing an obstruction and therefore breaking the law.

8)      Please don’t run in groups all of the way across the path, faster runners can’t get past and it causes frustration.

9)      Faster runners, please pass politely – NEVER shout “move!”

10)   Participating Dogs MUST be on a SHORT lead so they don’t become a trip hazard.

11)   U11’s must ALWAYS be within arms length of their responsible adult, if not, they aren’t insured.

From time to time, we administer a bit of tough love, so if anyone can’t follow these 11 simple rules, then I reserve the right to remove their time from the results and even ask them not to come back to St Helens parkrun.

The safety and enjoyment of everyone at St Helens parkrun (runners and volunteers) is paramount.

Thanks for your help


(Event Director)


The Class of 2017

So today was a funny day really with lots of reflection, it started off with marshalling at the top of the hill with the very funny Alan McCarthy, along with the endless clapping and words of encouragement we also shared lots of laughter in fact I couldn't think of anyone else to marshal with I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Straight after marshalling I had to call at the bank in St Helens, on leaving the town I was held up by lots of new graduates whom were graduating from the University Centre in St Helens and as I looked at these newly qualified students all clutching their certificates I thought of how we are all graduates of parkrun, swapping our caps and gowns for trainers and running clothes and our certificates for barcodes, and yes just like those we also have our very own pass system, we have our First Class Honours, upper seconds, lower seconds and thirds but more importantly we all graduate from the same place week in week out and should all be just as proud for our great running achievements.

As I approached the Bandstand I followed the ever reliable stalwart Bert who was limping to the Bandstand to again give up his Saturday morning so that we can all run although I'm sure he also gets as much of a thrill out of this as do you as a runner, and not just Bert but all the other marshals who week after week give up their time for your enjoyment, also the Run Directors who work tirelessly to bring parkrun to St Helens every Saturday, in fact there is a vacancy for an extra couple of Run Directors so if you think you have the qualities and skills necessary please drop an email to for full details.

As we gathered around the Bandstand before today's run we heard of 13yr old Catherine Ainley doing her 10th parkrun also we had celebrating her 50th parkrun Julie Zdrenka who with a fab time of 25:41 was just 4 seconds outside her PB a great great effort especially with it being so warm this morning, and I'm not sure I could write a report without mentioning our very own Ava Smith celebrating her own (unofficial) 50th parkrun and in true tradition she brought cake :)

And now down to the Nuts & Bolts of our run, today we saw a magnificent 300 people participate with our leading male in a steady time of 17:14 Matthew Crehan, our leading Lady who came home in a fab time of 21:48 was our very own Chester Marathon heroine Hazel Fairhurst who just seems to go from strength to strength, and our leading junior runner again is Wigan Harriers protégé Joel Pollard in a marvellous time of 21:53, and despite the unseasonably warm weather there was an 33 amazing PB's you should all take a bow.

So it just remains for me to say congratulations to the class of 2017 you did it and once again you're amazing....

This week’s fabulous volunteers were......

Adam HUGHES  •  Andrew WOLFENDEN  •  Andy HURST  •  Anita HALL  •  Christina JACKSON  •  David LOCKETT  •  Eve WINSTANLEY  •  Frank MCALLISTER  •  Gill DRILLINGCOURT  •  Hazel FARLEY  •  Herbert HOLLAND  •  Jack HIBBS  •  John BARR  •  Kate NICKLIN  •  Mark HALL  •  Mark LIPTROT  •  Mark MOFFATT  •  Nigel HERBERT  •  Richard AYLETT  •  Talia MEHAY  •  Thomas WILSON  •  Tom HIBBS  •  Vicky HEWITT  •  Vivianne CARVALHO




It could be you!

Hi all,

We are looking for an extra Run Director or 2 at St Helens parkrun. If you are interested in applying please email: Details of what’s involved are below, please make sure that you can commit to it 100% before applying. Full training will be provided, it’s extremely fulfilling and once you’ve done a couple it’s quite straightforward. You will probably be on duty every 4 or 5 weeks.

No prior experience is needed, but as ED, I have to ensure that anyone who applies can manage the role and maintain the standards already set by our great Core Team. Therefore, I reserve the right to say "sorry, but no" if I don't think that you meet the criteria.



General Responsibilities

-        Adhere to the parkrun Code of Conduct and maintain the spirit of St Helens parkrun

-        Ensure that the run goes ahead smoothly and safely above all other priorities.

-        Report any issues or concerns to the Event Director (Ant).


-        Liaise with the previous RD and arrange to collect the bags.


-        Arrive at 7.30am to unlock the lodge and set up the course.

-        Check the course for any risks and decide Go / No Go.

-        Liaise with the Volunteer Co-Ordinator to ensure that we have cover in the right places (if needed).

-        8.50am - Deliver 1st timers briefing

-        9.00am - Deliver main briefing

-        9.05am – Set the run off and continually monitor safety, volunteers and lead runners. As the run progresses, ensure that the Funnel is managed effectively and that the team are all doing the right things.

-        Post-run: Pack the Trolleys, return the kit to the lodge and lock up. Usually finished by 10.30am latest.

-        Return home and process the results including manual entries. Usually takes no more than 20 minutes.

-        Report any “incidents” to HQ and Liaise with them in the event of any issues.

Saturday Evening

-        Check emails for any runners reporting valid issues.

-        Sort out the tokens – takes about 30 mins in front of the TV

-        Recharge the kit


-        Liaise with next week’s RD to swap the bags over

Occasional Tasks

-        Read Core Team Update emails

-        Very occasionally meet the Core Team to discuss upcoming events

Because of the above, applicants should be:

-        Very Organised

-        Willing to take responsibility

-        Good communicators

-        Team Players

-        Assertive – “No barcode, No result”