Street parkrun is cancelled on 24 October 2020: COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

This Saturday last year…

...the one where we wore red to mark Street parkrun number 50. It was calm fair weather and 192 people joined us to celebrate.

Milestone T-shirts, football tops, British Heart Foundation T-shirts, red socks or whatever people could find in their wardrobes to paint the fields red.









Street parkrun quiz:

1. It was a fast course, how many people ran a PB?
2. Who was Spiderman?


Au revoir parkrun

As you can see on the banner above all parkrun events are suspended until further notice.

With the rapidly evolving situation with Coronavirus this will of course come as no surprise.

As long as you are well you can still run to the shops! And don't forget to do the same for your elderly or ill neighbour.

Stay safe and look yourselves everyone. See you around (from a safe distance) or on social media.

With our love and best wishes,

The Street parkrun team


Event #97... our last for a while

Street parkrun #97





Street parkrun report #97 14/03/2020

At the end of the week in which measures to delay the spread of COVID-19 (Coranavirus)  had stepped up a gear, it was announced that parkrun events in the UK could carry on for now. People responded with common sense, maintaining  separation from each other throughout the morning and volunteers donning disposable gloves to handle finish tokens. Unsurprisingly, however, numbers were low with just 2 first-time visitors.

The sun shone and lifted spirits as 83 people gathered and set off to make their way around the course. Fields were questionably slightly drier than before and 11 people recorded new Personal Best times. Making the PB Wall of Fame for this week were the following: Top of the wall Corey Hanson in 35 minutes and 1 second, a huge 1 minute and 12 seconds faster than his previous best Street time. Amelie Cook raced home in 22:39 - 54s faster than her previous best, followed by Alison Badman in 28:09 - an improvement of 41s, close behind Elaine Dunford in 28:27 - 40s faster, Keith Dunford in 31:02 - 21s faster and Katie Capon 36:23 - an improvement of just 6s enough to earn her a place on the wall.

Congratulations were given to youngster Amelie Cook for the added bonus of being first lady over the line.

Anthony Lipmann, who has been parkrunning since 1994 in Bushy Park, ran his 200th event in Street on Saturday. A fantastic achievement, although Anthony admits it has taken him a very long time to do it!

Finally, heartfelt thanks is given this week to everyone  who stopped to help a female runner who had collapsed in the second field. Special mention to Anthony Lipmann, Kevin Penny, Lucy Hedgcock, Elaine Giddens and Teresa England.  The emergency services response was brilliant with an ambulance attending promptly. A fitting example of how fantastic our NHS is and how life continues to throw challenges at us unrelated to Coronavirus.

Update: the lady has returned home safely and thanks everyone for their help.

The event was made possible by 28 volunteers:

Anthony LIPMANN • Martin HOOPER • Jon FORSYTH • Teresa ENGLAND • Margaret GRUNDY • Isaac HOOPER • Sophie HOOPER • Karen SHEARS • Tim RICE • Sean DICKINSON • Benjamin HOOPER • Charlie BARTLETT • Molly GRAINGER • Sandra CINICOLA • Hayley GRAINGER • Peter GRAINGER • Judy BEVERIDGE • Jackie RICE • Anita FORSYTH • John BEVERIDGE • Jacqui KNIGHT • Richard COLES • Graham PORTER • Francis KNIGHT • John MITCHELL • Darren SHEPHERD • Mike CROCKETT • Emily KNIGHT

The photographer was John Beveridge. Photos may be viewed and are available to downloaded from the Street parkrun flickr group on the photos tab.


Tor view

Street parkrun #97


The first and the last

Street parkrun #97


Milestone 200

Street parkrun #97


Corona precautions

Street parkrun #97


Relaxed parkrunning

Street parkrun #97

Street parkrun #97

Street parkrun #97


Well done to everyone, hope you enjoyed yourselves. Fingers crossed, we very much hope to see you next week. Please check back with the Street parkrun website ( and click on the red banner at the top for the latest COVID-19 updates.


Street parkrun report #96 07/03/2020

At long last the rain stopped for long enough to allow the Strode College sports fields to dry and 101 people were able to make their way around the Street parkrun course on the first Saturday in March. 12 first-time visitors were welcomed, including 9 people completing a parkrun for the very first time: Ellieudo Santos, Melanie Stringer, Milo Cook, Dominic Cook, Hayley Cook, Bluebell Avgoulis, Jennie Howlett, Rachel Hann and Ryan Chapman.

To make up for missing the previous week's Leap Year run on 29 February and as a fun one-off, Run Director Molly Grainger announced that the course would be run in reverse. Alert marshalls kept everyone on the right track and all 101 reached the end of the finish funnel without confusion.  7 people took to the new direction particularly well and recorded new Personal Best times, of whom the following 4 made the PB Wall of Fame for this week (min 5 Street parkruns and improvement of at least 5 seconds). Top of the wall: Keith Dunford in 31:23 - an impressive improvement of 1 minute and 19 seconds,  followed by Katie Capon in 36:29 - 36 seconds faster than her previous best Street time, Elaine Dunford came home in 29:07 - an improvement of 21 seconds and her sixth successive PB. Just behind her Katharine Wilkinson crossed the line in 29:27 - 10 seconds faster than her previous best Street time.

The event was made possible by 25 volunteers. Huge thanks to:

Anthony LIPMANN • Emma POWELL • Martin HOOPER • Jon FORSYTH • Jenny ADAMS • Isaac HOOPER • Tim RICE • Shaun RIGBY • Benjamin HOOPER • Charlie BARTLETT • Molly GRAINGER • Sandra CINICOLA • Mike ACOTT • Lucy ACOTT • Peter GRAINGER • Judy BEVERIDGE • Jackie RICE • Anita FORSYTH • Jacqui KNIGHT • Graham PORTER • Francis KNIGHT • Mike CROCKETT • Emily KNIGHT • Marion TAYLOR • Lee HOWARD

The photographer this week was Lee Howard who has grabbed some fantastic shots, take a look at the photos tab and click on the Street parkrun flickr group to view the full set. A few of our favourites are included below:


Reverse formation

Street parkrun #96

Street parkrun #96


Finishing on a curve

Street parkrun #96

Well done to everyone who joined us, hope you enjoyed yourselves running backwards? See you next week!


International Women’s Day 07 March 2020

Invitation to everyone to join us at Street parkrun to celebrate International Women's Day on Saturday 7 March 2020



Street parkrun #72

Street parkrun #94

Street parkrun #87

Street parkrun #79



Street parkrun #89

So don't be shy, we'd love to see lots of women and girls running, walking and volunteering this week.


Men welcome too!
You could even bring your partner, sister, cousin, daughter or Mum!