We need to talk about your barcode.

For a while now, we've seen more and more barcodes that won't scan. This means we have to write them down and add them into the results manually.
Many of these are wet, ripped and tatty. For some, the printing quality is not good enough to scan. Your barcode is your responsibility so please bring one we can scan. And, just to remind you, we can't scan from a picture on your mobile either.

Also, the volunteer that writes down the barcodes that will not scan is only there for that purpose. They are not there so you can jump the queue so please don't abuse the system.

Finally, we ask that you update your 'In Case of Emergency' details on your parkrun profile and ensure you bring a barcode containing this information. If something bad does happen then it's not fair for your family, the volunteers or the Emergency services if we can't contact the right people.

And remember, no barcode, no time, no exceptions.

Thank you