✮✮✮✮✮ Course change – 27 May 2017 ✮✮✮✮✮

The boffins here at Stretford parkrun Towers have come up with an idea. They want us to run our course backward. What a great idea! Something about keeping things interesting and to help balance out the number of runners we have.

Anyhow, we thought running backward for 5km with 500+ other people might be daft but they told us to think about it. Here’s what they want us to do:

✮✮The start:
✮ we'll start as usual, do a lap of the track before exiting the stadium

✮✮Lap 1:
✮ here's the important bit, after the bollards don't take a right as usual up the back of the stadium. Instead, go straight and take a slight left along the path towards the Avenue
✮ go down to the switchback, turn and then go back down the Avenue towards Pet's corner, past the allotments and the Scout hut
✮ past the residents' car park and following the big loop around Disc Golf
✮ we'll run down the back of the stadium
✮ look out for the sign, keep right and take the right to start lap 2

Lap 2
✮ run lap 2 as above
✮ at the end of your second lap, look for the sign, keep left, then take a left
✮ into the stadium to complete another lap and finish

We’ve tried this and want to see what you think. We’re looking to spread our runners out more and we’ll be interested to hear what you think once you’ve finished on Saturday. #runbackward #lovestretfordparkrun