Parking information for tourists and car users

If you drive to Stretford parkrun as a tourist or as a regular Stretford parkrunner, please read this post.

As part of our licence of operation issued by Trafford Council, we are not allowed to use the car park accessible from the Cromwell Road entrance into the park. This car park is situated next to Discgolf, just down from the Scout Hut and the houses in the park.

We discourage all parkrunners from parking in this car park and you will be asked to move.

If you are driving then we ask that you arrive early to get a space in the car park at the front of the Longford Park athletics stadium. This car park should be used by parkrunners and is accessible via Ryebank Road. The postcode for the stadium is M21 9TA.

Most SAT NAV devices will direct you to Ryebank Road rather than Cromwell Road so if you find yourself at the Cromwell Road entrance you'll need to drive to the Ryebank Road entrance. Please see this Google route.


If the car park is full, you may chose to park on the surrounding streets. We ask that you do this with consideration, not blocking drives or access; not parking on double yellow lines especially on the entrance to the stadium and we ask you park away from Ryebank Road, Daresbury Road, and Nicolas Road. 

We really value having a parkrun in Stretford and we'd like everyone to support us by not parking in the car park off Cromwell Road, please.  We appreciate your help with this.