Swindon parkrun future volunteer roster

Here is the volunteer roster for the next few weeks. If you'd like to take a particular spot, simply email swindonhelpers@parkrun.com. To find out more, visit the volunteer page. Details about what particular roles do on the day can be found by clicking on the role name below, or visiting the volunteering section of the parkrun support site.

Future roster

 20 April 201927 April 20194 May 201911 May 201918 May 201925 May 2019
Run DirectorEmma SPERRINGEmma SPERRINGEmma SPERRINGno event
Volunteer Co-ordinatorJulia HASKELLMartyn JOYCEGraham MCDERMOTTno event
Volunteer Co-ordinatorJane STEPHENSno event
Car Park Marshalno event
Pre-event SetupStephen HEAVENSStephen HEAVENSSimon LANSDOWNEStephen HEAVENSno event
Pre-event SetupAndrew YOUNGMANSteve DUDMANDerek WHITTLEno event
Pre-event SetupSteve DUDMANStephen HEAVENSno event
Pre-event SetupGraham MCDERMOTTDerek WHITTLEno event
Pre-event SetupSarah MCDERMOTTno event
Event Day Course CheckLeah BAKERno event
Event Day Course CheckNigel BARBERno event
Otherno event
Otherno event
Communications Personno event
First Timers BriefingMike WAKEFIELDPeter HARRISGreg WELLSno event
Photographerno event
MarshalColin GUNNEYTom COTTERILLColin GUNNEYColin GUNNEYno event
MarshalIan WALLISDerek WHITTLEDerek WHITTLEno event
MarshalMandy WETHERELLno event
MarshalJoanne STILLMANno event
Marshalno event
Pacer (5k only)Simon LANSDOWNESimon LANSDOWNEMatt LANESimon LANSDOWNEno eventSimon LANSDOWNE
Pacer (5k only)Sharon BROOKSHAWJulian FARMERCaroline MATTHEWSno event
Pacer (5k only)Kanny SOMALDarren PETTITno event
Pacer (5k only)Julian FARMEREmily MCMANAMONno event
Pacer (5k only)Paul HAYDONSara Louise VANESno event
Pacer (5k only)Ben LINESKevin SMITHno event
Pacer (5k only)Philip JEFFERIESSarah TILLINGno event
Pacer (5k only)Mark HOLMESColin HARVEYno event
Pacer (5k only)Kevin SMITHno event
Tail WalkerMary WAKEFIELDno event
TimekeeperJulia HASKELLno event
TimekeeperAdam COXONno event
Number CheckerMadeleine HARRISno event
Number CheckerEmily KINGSTONno event
Funnel ManagerRobert DAVIESRichard WHIGHTRichard WHIGHTno event
Funnel ManagerGraham MCDERMOTTno event
Funnel ManagerSarah MCDERMOTTno event
Funnel ManagerAndrew YOUNGMANno event
Funnel ManagerBenjamin BRADLEYno event
Funnel ManagerMandy YOUNGMANno event
Funnel ManagerCath ROSEno event
Funnel ManagerEwan NETHERTONno event
Finish TokensHelen GOODEno event
Finish Token SupportErica MILSOMno event
Barcode ScanningJon HOLMESMadeleine HARRISMark JONESJake DAVIESno event
Barcode ScanningPaul BOARDMANSamantha ROYLANCEno event
Barcode ScanningBernard LOVELLLeanne PETTITno event
Barcode ScanningSimon SPERRINGJudith ROUSEno event
Barcode ScanningNeil PALMERno event
Barcode ScanningLuke SPERRINGno event
Barcode ScanningMarrick SOMALno event
Post-event Close DownStephen HEAVENSStephen HEAVENSStephen HEAVENSStephen HEAVENSno event
Post-event Close DownSharon SMITHDerek WHITTLEDerek WHITTLEno event
Post-event Close DownDave ONLEYno event
Post-event Close DownNigel BARBERno event
Equipment Storage and Deliveryno event
Token SortingGary WHITEHEADno event
Results ProcessorJulia HASKELLno event