Swindon parkrun, non run report

Non-run Run Report 


Oh what a beautiful morning, oh what a beautiful day, no household chores or duties could stop some of us going out to play!


Call me keen, predictable, or routine ridden but when the clock struck eight this morning, parkrun came calling.


How was it for you?


Yes, of course, I knew today’s official Swindon parkrun was cancelled, and rightly so, but a naughty little voice in my head said pull on those leggings, slip on those trainers, and get yourself over to Lydiard Park


So, after feeding the animals and thawing the pipes, I set off, gingerly, along the snow-covered paths of West Swindon; a slip here, a crunch there, and caution all the way.


There was something wonderful about arriving in Lydiard Park, so quiet, so white, and so empty but for a few dogged dog-walkers.


And, irony of ironies, it seemed both the best day to be in the park and the worst day to try to run in it.


Never was the sky so blue, the sun so bright, and the snow so white.  The Swindon parkrun course was a stunning snowscape, a briiliant expanse of blinding beauty.


You just had to run round it. So I did. (Sorry.)


Half of it had pickup truck tracks you could run along, if you were careful; the other half was simply virgin snow with frozen footprints here and there, requiring even greater care.


Running pace was slow, very slow, ankle deep in crunchy frozen snow. It guaranteed a new PW and from it I learnt that, if you go slow enough, not the usual parkrun ‘sprint’, you feel like you can go on running forever. So, naughtily, I ran more than one parkrun.


Because being out there, on our oh-so familiar parkrun course, new, glistening, and bright under its blanket of snow, was simply wonderful.


And yet, just in case there is anyone who doubts the rightness of the difficult decision, taken by our great core team, to cancel today’s official Swindon parkrun, be assured, they were absolutely right.


Hundreds of runners would have struggled to get into the frozen park let alone get round it safely.


In a week’s time, on 9th Feb, the snow should be gone and we can all go back to our usual safe Saturday morning fun, run.


Till then, keep well, keep running, or maybe, for a day or two, not.


Matt Holland