Swindon parkrun, event 436, Run report

Swindon parkrun

Event number 436

9th February 2019


Last week’s flurry of snow, which led to the cancellation of the first parkrun of Feb 2019, threatened a constitutional crisis of monumental proportions.

According to tradition, the first parkrun of every month at Lydiard Park has to be run in an anti-clockwise direction, but what happens when the first parkrun of the month didn’t take place…!? Clock or anti?

This was clearly a time when strong and stable leadership was required to steady the ship - because without a proper agreement, we would end up with people running in both directions and what a total shambles that would be!

Clockwise! declared parkrun director Emma Sperring, putting a lid firmly on any lingering uncertainty.

At parkrun 436, Swindon regulars were joined by visitors from Bristol, Guildford, Huddersfield and Leeds - taking the total number of participants to a steady 440.

Celebrating 50 runs this week was Chris Parker, Ann Richards and Heather Weston and hitting 100 runs this week was Jason Higgs.

This week was also notable for a trio of 300th runs. Long-time veteran of Lydiard Park, John Matthews moved to Cornwall with his wife Pat last year but completed his 300th at Heartlands parkrun near Redruth this morning - congrats John! A good friend of John’s - Paul Appleby - was supposed to run his 300th simultaneously at Swindon but was unable to make it to Swindon - because of family commitments (choosing to run ‘undercover’ at Raphael Park parkrun) so that he can clock up his 300th at Swindon next time. Also pushing through the 300 tape was Mark Malham - splendid job all round!

Quick reminder - please could runners limit themselves to one dog max (not a specific dog called Max, just to be clear…) if that’s your thing. Also, Lydiard parkrun is cancelled on March 16 and 17 because of CaniX.

Thanks as always to the volunteers (41 this week) and also to the unofficial junior volunteers for their excellent high-fives and shouts of ‘run faster!’

It’s good advice.

Ben Fitzgerald