Swindon parkrun, event 440, Run report

Swindon parkrun
Event number 440
9th March 2019
Runners had to lean heavily into the thick air, muttering dark things through their gritted teeth, as they were assaulted by a bracing arctic gust on the outward stretch today.
It was what they refer to in Norfolk as 'a lazy wind' in that it can't be bothered to go round you and goes through you instead. And although you might assume that on a circular route everything should balance out, there was little sign of helpful wind on the return leg; it seemed to have forgotten its part of the bargain and wandered off somewhere. Annoying.
Sharing in the fun were tourists from Abingdon, Bath Skyline, Heaton Park, Northumberland and Reading parkruns - hopefully the horizontal hurricane didn't put you off coming again?
At the pre-race briefing, with Graham holding the amp above his head like the Greek God Atlas, co-director Emma insisted upon... and received... pin-drop quiet - even from the cluster of rebels who think they can't be seen hanging around at the back of the cafe!
We welcomed the Race 4 Life team who announced that they are opening the way for male participants to take part in all of their events - raising money for all 200 types of cancer - excellent news!
The next Race 4 Life run will be held at Lydiard Park on 18 & 19 May, so stick a note in your diary - parkrun and junior parkrun will be cancelled that weekend. And while you're at it, make a note that parkrun is cancelled next weekend to make way for the CaniX running with dogs event... not dancing with wolves - that's something else entirely.
Michael Sas, our regular 25 minute pacer, was saluted for his excellent work in supporting those of us languishing in the 25 minute mid-table obscurity zone. He's completed 250 runs at time of writing - good one!
Marking 50 runs this week were Mark Singleton and Donna Barrett and on 10 runs is Amy Field - get those t-shirts on order!
Right then, see you at the next parkrun on 23rd March.
Cheers Ben Fitzgerald