Swindon parkrun, Event 433, Run report

RUN REPORT for Swindon parkrun Number 443


So many nice things happen at Swindon parkun, things that cement bonds and create friendships.


It’s especially nice to see parents running with children. What lovely lesson for life, and great legacy, that you can run together with your children and hundreds of other people of all ages and backgrounds.  Today, we had parents holding hands with children as they ran, other smaller ones happy in their running buggies, and older ones striding out alone, sailing past plodding vets. Such a lovely sight!


Talking of vets, but more striders than plodders, a whole bunch of them from Swindon Striders were among today’s 49 brilliant volunteers, including Darren Pettit doing his 25th stint. They took on pacing and barcode scanning and did both duties with good cheer despite some of them being slightly the worse for wear, having had a drink or three last night at a surprise 50th birthday party for Kevin ‘Strider’ Smith. More friendships among runners! Also, well done to Richard Whight on completing fifty occasions of volunteering.


Today, 524 friendly runners lined up at Swindon parkrun, but who, as if they were birds in a spring dawn chorus, were decidedly chirpy and chatty and Run Director Emma had to be at her quiet-commanding firmest before there was sufficient silence for her to welcome 51 First Timers, including tourists from Canterbury, Sheffield, Southampton, Wolverhampton, and Wootton.


This morning’s nip in the air and gentle breeze did not stop 81 runners getting themselves new PBs and our congratulations.


Well done too to Junior Jessica Zirger, who, running with her dad, not only got a new PB but also reached T-shirt rewarded 10 runs.


Earning himself a black one was Bassett Hound Brian Cooke for reaching 100 runs, all bar one in Lydiard Park.


In view of the increase in runner numbers over recent weeks and the likelihood of this continuing as we head into spring and summer, a new finish funnel system was trialled today. Devised by multi taksing number cruncher Graham McDermott, and managed by a competent team of hi viz volunteers, it worked well. Thanks to everyone for following instructions and helping make the finish funnel part of parkrun more fun than frantic.


The next time we can all practice parkrunning and funnel finishing is Saturday 13th April.


Till then, keep well, keep running, and being grateful we don’t have to jump fences too!


Matt Holland