Park nicely please.

Still looking for a new year’s resolution?
Here is one for you – only park in a parking bay.
The recent increased attendances are great however, it is putting a strain on the usual resources, particularly parking, and that it is causing concern to our landowners, local businesses and other riverside users.
There is ample free parking at Tees Barrage, the trick is to simply turn up in time to allow you to park in a bay and get to the start. We are starting to witness late arrivals simply abandoning cars on verges and grassed areas – this would not be acceptable during the week so why would people think it is going to go unnoticed during parkrun?
We rely heavily on the goodwill of many parties along the riverside – please do not do anything that might put these relationships in jeopardy or cause annoyance to their staff and customers.
As a rule of thumb, the White Water Centre carpark will already be full by 08:45hrs – plan to go elsewhere. The Serpentine car park has around 150 parking bays – there is no reason to park on the road verges.
Navigation way, on the Southern river bank, has enough free parking for similar numbers – with the added attraction of a nice warm up and cool down jog.
Now that the mornings are getting lighter and spring is just around the corner – maybe it’s time to start cycling or running down to the start!
Whatever your mode of transport, please respect the facilities and park with consideration for others.

Happy parkrunning.
Thank you.