Telford parkrun is cancelled on 2021-05-15 – COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Run Report – 29th Feb – Jordan Harrop

It may have only taken 338 events, but Telford finally saw its first parkrun take place on the 29th of February. Coming from Birmingham, I’ve only ever done this parkrun once before, but I do love coming to Telford, because it’s a beautiful place and is without a doubt one of the most cheery parkruns around!

Screenshot 2020-02-29 at 18.26.39

When I arrived, Amy, the Run Director, was delivering the volunteers briefing to what was effectively a wall of coats – it certainly didn’t feel warm at this point in time, but the volunteers were still smiling away as they went to their respective stations. My aunt, who lives in the area and is a regular to this course, was one of them and was stationed at “The Onion”. The wonderful thing about parkrun is every course has its quirky titles and this was just one of them. I didn’t know why this title existed, but I was to find out later! I got to chat to a few of the other volunteers too and it was really nice to get their opinions on the layout and why they love being a part of the team.

Telford is really fortunate to have the Visitors Centre right by the start, as you’re able to use the facilities pre-run, but also has access to a speaker to address the runners at the start, which I’ve only witnessed at a few other courses. The use of the X-Factor voice to announce the first timers and main briefing was something I really enjoyed and brought chuckles and smiles to those around to witness it.


Screenshot 2020-02-29 at 18.26.47







After receiving the first timers briefing, delivered excellently by Amy and Chelsea, we were all lined up ready to go parkrunning, but not before applauding a few amazing achievements, including a young runner doing their 10th parkrun, plus a few 50th and two 100th parkruns. Again, these are amazing accomplishments, but a huge congratulations goes to Stacey running her 250th parkrun – you clearly enjoy these early morning starts!

Then, we got a big countdown (from a young boy whose name I missed – sorry!) and we were off!


Screenshot 2020-02-29 at 18.27.09

The course in a nutshell: A long downhill section at the start takes you into a small circular loop, followed by a big loop and finishing with The Hill of Opportunity – yet another quirky title, but one to treat with great care! The marshalls were, as always, really vocal, but I particularly enjoyed seeing a big crowd at the Amphitheatre around 2km into the course and then again as you finish up The Hill of Opportunity. The support here is simply excellent and was perfectly summed up when I saw a young boy holding up a sign showing his support and cheering runners on.


One other point to mention – at other parkruns, most signal every kilometre with a small sign at the side of the track, but this one uses permanent wooden posts, each one sponsored by a different running group in the area. I thought this was a fabulous touch and really showcases the wonderful running community that Telford has.

Overall, despite the threatening weather, it was a brilliant morning out on the first ever Leap Day parkrun. We’ll see you all again in 2048 for the next one!

Oh, and as for “The Onion”? Well, come to Telford and find out!

Screenshot 2020-02-29 at 18.27.18


International Women’s Day #IWD parkrun – Sat 7th March 2020

At Telford, we are delighted to be one of the parkrun’s participating in the parkrun celebration of International Women’s Day, also supported by This Girl Can – which you may have seen on social media.

Of course everyone is welcome at parkrun – always!

But the figures and research show that women are less likely to take part in parkrun. Despite the fact that females make 54% of registrations, they are less likely than men to take part in parkrun and to continue participating. International Women’s Day #IWD parkrun is a fantastic opportunity to encourage more women and girls to participate.

There are many barriers that hold people back – as #ThisGirlCan has been highlighting.

So we invite you all to come along on 7th March 2020 for a parkrun celebrating female participation. Please do talk to the women and girls that you know about how great parkrun is, support them to overcome any worries that they have and come along, have fun and enjoy the friendly tea/coffee/cake at the end.


Run Report – 11th Jan

Telford was my parkrun of choice on the 11th January, along with 678 parkrunners, making Saturday’s attendance the fourth largest in Telford’s history. If you haven’t visited Telford, it’s possibly the only parkrun where you run past a group of dinosaurs, but if anyone can prove me wrong, I’m happy to be corrected!


Saturday’s first finisher was Carl Aveyard in a time of 18:15, this was Carl’s first visit to Telford. First female was Lorna Hulme, in a time of 20:51, Lorna was also a new visitor to Telford, having previously run at Dudley and Wolverhampton parkruns. Will they both be back in future weeks to try and set new PBs for themselves?


Highest Age Grade was Christine Hockings, with an impressive 85.76%, second to Christine was David Mansbridge with an Age Grade of 82.25%.


There was a huge 57 first timers to parkrun this week and 25 other parkrunners visiting Telford parkrun for the first time, how many will be back on the 18th January? Milestones this week were Daniel and Craig Upton running their 50th parkruns and Darren Jones running his 100th parkrun, congratulations to them all and here’s to the next milestone!


Special thanks goes to all the volunteers for making Telford parkrun happen as it does throughout the year.



NYD Run report

"WOW! 37 volunteers enthusiastically supported a record 718 people as they chose Telford parkrun to start the new year in the best way possible! And what a fantastic park to do it in. Dinosaurs an unexpected bonus!
54 PBs were recorded including first male and first female Dylan Gillett and Isobelle Jones. There were 106 first timers from a variety of running clubs and lone tourists. Amongst that number were 17 people who decided to make this their very first parkrun! Well done - I really hope this is the start of a wonderful journey for you.
There were a number of parkrunners who joined the Milestone clubs - Derek Carlin (50), Louise Houlston (50), Dawn Humphries (50), Laura Mitchell (50), Andrew Crozier (100), Jason Pickin (100), Stefan Matecki (250) and Oliver Stokes (250). Wear those T shirts with pride!
It was great to run alongside one of the milestone runners carrying their balloon. Even better was to see someone at the end with a placard congratulating them on their fantastic achievement.
As a tourist, I chose Telford to knock off my T and the county of Shropshire (my first 24 parkruns will be all different letters of UK parkrun in different counties - I'm on 18 now). I didn't know that Telford was a comparatively young town but the timeline on a hoarding near the car park filled me in on your history. This is the beauty of parkrun tourism for me - not only do you get to spend time with like-minded people, you also get to see so many new places you hadn't considered before.  18 months ago I was 6.5 stone overweight and started walking, then run/walking and now running to improve my fitness. Parkrun is for everyone whatever way you do it or whatever your time. The most important thing is to keep coming back

Six Degrees Of Seperation – Run report for 28/12/19

There is a principle called the six degrees of separation.  The idea that all people are six, or fewer, social connections away from each other. If you follow this rule then essentially all participants in parkrun are connected to each other. We are just one big connected family, whether we realise it or not!
Myself and three friends were tourists at Telford parkrun on 28 December 2019. To understand how we came to be at Telford, I'll need to recount a little story.

In or around July 2019 an Isabel Trail parkrunner named Lee Barnard mentioned that he was looking to run at Zamek v Malborku in Poland and was going to travel with Nicola and Matthew Wright, two Telford parkrun regulars. I somehow wangled my way onto the parkrun tour. I mentioned this adventure to two fellow runners from Hanley parkrun, Martin Halls and Natalie Carter, and they decided to join the adventure. Although Lee was unable to go to Poland in the end, he had brought together five people from different parkrun venues.

An agreement was made in Poland to meet up at Telford on 28th December. Natalie brought her son Thomas Halls instead of her partner Martin and I brought a touring friend, Claire Johnson.

Are you all still awake?

My point is that one person's decision to run in poland brought seven people together, directly or indirectly. It makes you wonder how many lives we touch through our participation at parkrun.

The general consensus, based on our post run nattering at the cafe and during the 28 miles drive home was that this was a great parkrun. Despite travelling together we decided to walk, jog or run at our own respective paces. I had the pleasure of running with 8 year old Thomas Halls, who was like a caged cheetah. My major complaint is that the Marshals were far too happy and enthusiastic, and every applauding hand and cheering voice resulted in Thomas putting on an amazing burst of speed. Clearly the marshals had no consideration for the 'old woman' that had to run with him to keep him at arms length. Pah! I can honestly say I have never been so pleased to see a finish funnel. Haha.

Seriously though, we all loved every aspect of this parkrun, including the celebration of parkrun landmarks; the lady (sorry I didn't get your name) who secured our personal items in her car; the downhill sections of the course; the interesting inclines; the enthusiastic support; the post run nosh and the lovely scenery. When tourists are still talking enthusiatically about a parkrun hours after its completion, it's definitely a good sign.

I for one will definitely be back again. Thanks for a great morning.

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