Run Report by Tourist Frankie Wellings- 14.03.2022

I am visiting my in-laws in Shrewsbury this weekend and having only done Telford parkrun once before, I fancied giving it another go.  So I set my alarm nice and early but was awake well before it went off. I think it was the excitement of running a course I haven’t run for 3 years!

Arriving in the park, I went in search of the toilets and asked another runner if she could point me in the right direction.  She was very helpful and told me we were allowed to use the toilets in the local pub.  As tempting as it was to have a quick half in there, I resisted!

Next I spoke to a very friendly, helpful man who told me we could leave our coats in the boot of the car parked by the finish funnel.  Looking at the names on the roster, I think it was Andrew Crozier, co-RD, I spoke to. He also gave me the very useful tip of not putting all my oomph into the final hill too soon but to use the 2 lamp posts as markers.  Thank you very much, great tip!

As we stood on the start line, the chatter soon turned to silence as today’s RD, Dawn Colyer, welcomed us and explained it was her first time being RD. She asked us to be nice and not laugh at her. Absolutely nothing to laugh at, she gave a very clear and informative brief so well done Dawn!

The majority of today’s volunteers were from Lawley Running Club and what a friendly, encouraging bunch they were too. There was an assortment of cow bells, tambourines, cheers and lots of applause as we weaved our way around the course.  Another friendly person who spoke to me (but I didn’t have enough breath to speak back) was the lady 27:30 pacer. I saw her ahead of me before getting to the amphitheatre and wondered if I could catch her. The cheer of the marshals and spectators gave me a boost and I realised I was closing the gap. As I ran past her, she called out with a very friendly “keep going, you can do it”. 

My home parkrun is Basingstoke in Hampshire which is a mixture of grass, tarmac and shingly track through a wiggly wooded section.  It was a pleasure today to have solid ground underfoot for the entire course.  There seems to be a lot of down hill and I was thinking “this has got to go up at some point” but apart from the finish and an incline in the middle, the rest seemed to be flat.  I’m not complaining!

There were 439 participants today, including 34 first timers, 22 of whom were doing their very first park run.  The first man home was Daniel Galloway in 15:25 earning himself a shiny new PB and a very impressive 87.57% age grade. Second was Jack Cole in 16:33, also earning himself a shiny new PB. Hot on Jack’s heals was Daniel Turner who was the third man home in 16:39.

The ladies were led home by Megan Tibbetts in 21:41, closely followed by Natalie Morris in 21:54 and third lady was Camilla Stewart in 21:57.

Congratulations to the 62 people who all earned themselves shiny new PBs. It’s such a great feeling and on the very rare occasion I get one (today included!) it puts me on a high for the rest of the weekend. I hope you are all still very pleased with yourselves.

Thank you for making us so welcome today Telford parkrun, you are one of the friendliest ones we have ever been to!