Lovely Tourist Write up… Enjoy

As a tourist writing a run report I should probably start with something along the lines of it being a long-held dream for me to visit Temple Newsam parkrun. However, the truth must intervene at this point. At 8 o’clock this morning I’d never actually heard of it! On very rare occasions I plan my tourism meticulously, some of the time I decide on the Friday night but the most common occurrence is seeing what time I wake up on Saturday morning and making a plan from there. This morning I woke up at home in Leicestershire and was due to be in Newcastle by mid-afternoon so the plan was to jump on the M1, head north and come 8am figure out where I could get to just in time for parkrun. As I approached Sheffield it was decision time and Temple Newsam jumped off the tourist tool (a fantastic site for those seeking parkrun venues when out and about) as a logical option. Sometimes winging it can backfire but today was quite the opposite – what a cracking event in a stunning location!

Run Director Andy briefed us on the “Yorkshire flat” course and this being my 8th visit to a Yorkshire parkrun I knew I was in for a good workout. He also included a tenuous reference to it being event number 321, the script for which will probably end up in a Dusty Bin.  Although nobody owned up to it in the brief four people completed their first ever parkrun today. Well done to Alex HILBERT, Ryan HIGGINS, Elliott TOBIN and Ben TOOTLE who all remarkably finished within 55 seconds of each other. There were ten members of the 250 Club running today along with 38 from the 100 Club and 33 from the 50 Club including Phil EDEN who completed his 50th parkrun today, 47 of which have been at Temple Newsam. There were also six members of the junior 10 Club including Niamh WILSON who finished her tenth 5km parkrun today, congratulations!

Michael VARGAS of Hyde Park Harriers led us home in an impressive 17.43 with Daniel LINSTRUM and Patrick CHILTON the second and third male finishers respectively. Aisling WALL of Horsforth Harriers was the first female and fourth overall with Jasmine TROTT and Amanda SPENCER the second and third females to finish. As well as the four brand new parkrunners there were 36 other runners who visited Temple Newsam for the first time today, I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did! 33 people recorded a Temple Newsam PB today including the aforementioned Phil EDEN on his 50th – two slices of cake for you Sir!

As ever, your parkrun only takes place thanks to the wonderful army of volunteers who make it happen come rain or shine. Thanks today go to Rachel BEVAN, Roslyn BIRCH, Ronnie BRAY, Bradley CLARKE, Georgie COOPER, Clare COOPER, Sue CRABTREE, Kate CRONSHAW, Andy DARBY, Huw DAVIES, Graham FISHER, Stephen FLANAGAN, Angela FLETCHER, Nigel FULLER, Christopher GILL, Rob HARBOURNE, Francis JACKSON, Shelly JAMES, Gillian LAMBERT, Moira LENAGHAN, Ewan LYNCH, Lynsey LYON, Alison O'HEARNE, Katy PAGE, Valerie PELL, Angie SELLERS, Dominic THOMAS and Richard WHITEHOUSE.

If you’d like to volunteer and give something back to this wonderful event drop an email to and get involved – it really is just as much fun as running!

Thank you Temple Newsam for a lovely morning run, I’ll be recommending it to friends and fellow tourists for sure!