Route ‘C’ this weekend plus T-Shirt update

Just a little reminder we are on Route 'C' again this weekend, the start position and finish location are just the same though. Colton Road will be closed (to cars) as will the bottom car park so please approach via Temple Newsam Road past the golf course.

T-Shirt update:-
Here is a an update from parkrun HQ in regards to mile stone T-shirts.

See you on Saturday.




Volunteers & upcoming changes

Hi everyone,

This weekend Junior & Gill are running their 100th parkruns. They have both been fund raising for the Take Heart charity and will be bringing a bucket along this weekend, so if you do have any spare change it would be very much welcome. Alternatively you can donate directly by clicking on this link.

However to do this they need to run a parkrun at Temple Newsam this weekend and currently we don't have anyone to RD :-(

If anyone can help out - even if not to RD - we'd appreciate it as we are looking very light again for volunteers as you can see here.

Ok that's the begging bit over with and presuming we do get enough volunteers to run, then you will need to know that this weekend you will only be able to access Temple Newsam via Temple Newsam Road up past the golf course. Colton Road and the lower car park will be out of action. This applies to the Saturday & Sunday Junior event. You can however park in the large car park by the football field, or the car park up behind the house.
Colton Road Closed

Advance Notice of course changes:-

June the 20th
Due to the 80's concert access will be via same as above and we will be running our popular course 'C' through the woods.
No change to the Junior event which is unaffected.

July 11th
Again due to an event in the park we will be on course 'C' and no access via Colton Road.
No change to the Junior event which is unaffected.

Hope to see you then and please, please lets get this weekends event on for Gill & Junior.





1367307511_0 A reminder that due to the race for life event taking place in the park over both Saturday & Sunday this weekend, there will be no parkrun or junior parkrun taking place. Why not try one of our local nearby neighbours!



January Awards

Sweatshop 25.05.07i
This month our parkrunner of the month award and winner of a pair of trainers courtesy of Sweatshop goes to Gillian Lambert! The contribution Gillian has made to Temple Newsam is nothing short of outstanding and last month in the snow and cold she ran, she helped, she cheered - she deserves this award!

Our Volunteer of the month award goes to Stuart Gall! Thanks so much for your help from all of us at TeamTN!

Don't forget that this weekend ITS OUR BIRTHDAY! Going to have a great party so don't forget to come in your best party hat, cake, food and an awards ceremony will be taking place afterwards - all welcome.




Let’s talk t-shirts!

Unless you are brand new to parkrun or have been ‘away’ you will be aware of the fact that the parkrun Club t-shirts have been pretty hard to get hold of lately.

In brief… everyone who has qualified for a t-shirt will get one!
Hopefully most of you will have seen our founder Paul Sinton-Hewitt’s message 'Introducing free milestone t-shirts for everyone' and if not you can read that here.

So to put a bit of meat on the bones... if you qualified for your t-shirt and ordered it before the ordering system was pulled at the beginning of December you will have made it on to the definitive back-order list.

The back-order list has been passed to Tribe Sports (check them out – lovely stuff). Once those 5,000+ Club t-shirts have been made they will be sent in bulk to parkrun and redistributed to event teams to hand out as before.

Those who qualified before the cut-off point but didn't order their t-shirt, and those who have qualified since will come under the new system. They will be able to order their t-shirts via a link on their parkrun profile. This will be sent by our friends at Wiggle directly to your door. The process is explained in more detail in PSH's message.

If you would like to have your milestone t-shirt presented at Temple Newsam parkrun to rapturous applause and free hugs just bring it along and we will be absolutely delighted to do that for you.

The other great news to impart is that we are going to have a Volunteer Club! This is great for people who volunteer as they will now be rewarded with a milestone t-shirt too!

Did you know that you can also voice your opinion on the colour and icon of the volunteer t-shirt? Here is the link to vote.


Thanks to Colwick Bay for the message from all at TeamTN.


WARNING – 27-12-14 Adverse Weather Conditions

Please be aware we have had a layer of snow and sleet over night which, with the temperature below zero, is likely to have frozen.

The team will make an assessment of the course once inspected but please be aware there is a high chance of using an alternative course or cancellation completely at very short notice.

Please take very good care travelling and also in the car parks and paths around the house.

We thank you for your understanding.



Mike Sellars…

mike sellers1

Its with deepest regret that this week we have to announce the passing of Mike Sellars, one of the keenest parkrunners at Temple Newsam you could ever meet. He was a member of St Theresas Athletics Club and was very well known and hugely respected within the Leeds running community.

A teacher in Leeds for many years, he also ran the beginner section of the club. Even if you weren't taught by him it is highly likely he handed you some refreshment whilst manning a water station if you have ever taken part in any local runs within Leeds - he was almost a fixture at them all.

His daughter Liz and his wife were with him, and before Liz returns to New Zealand Mike requested that she attend Temple Newsam parkrun so she could experience why he loved it so, every Saturday morning. We of course will be marking this moment at the weekend and request that all runners please wear green for the occasion - green being the club colours of St Theresas.

Thank you.


mike sellers


October awards …. and any volunteers please?

Sweatshop 25.05.07i
This month our parkrunner of the month award and winner of a pair of trainers courtesy of Sweatshop goes to Alan Walsh! Alan has run 44 times with us and ran every event in October - grabbing 3 PB's in that time, we hope he enjoys his new trainers!

Our Volunteer of the month award goes to Bradley Clarke! Thanks so much for your help from all of us at TeamTN!

Here's the begging bit:-

We are a bit low for volunteers this coming week, please take a look at the roles available here:-
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE if you can help out do get in touch!



Course Change for 13th of September!

Please note that at short notice we have had to use an alternative course which wil still be 5km

Usual meeting point at the park benches in front of the house.


August Awards!

Sweatshop 25.05.07i
This month our parkrunner of the month award and winner of a pair of trainers courtesy of Sweatshop goes to Fraser Cory! Fraser ran 4 times in August with 2 PB's and last weekend broke through the 25 minute barrier. This is even more awesome when you look back and see Cory started at 37 minutes 33 seconds in May and following 5 PB's on the spin broke through 30 minutes only last month, so a fantastic improvement continues. A total improvement time of 12 minutes 54 is just amazing in 11 runs. Very well done Cory and thanks again for writing into parkrun!

Our Volunteer of the month award goes to James May.  Thanks so much for your help from all of us at TeamTN!


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