Tetbury Goods Shed #42 on 29/2/20

"Leap-day" parkrun report 29/02/2020

Well there were no 29th of February proposals of marriage at Tetbury Goods Shed this morning. If anyone is mustering up the courage, the next 29th Feb parkrun is in 2048, so you can build up to it gradually!

Despite having run the route in various Dolphin events, this was my first official outing at the (42nd)Tetbury Goods Shed parkrun. This is actually because I live in the Northern environs of Tetbury, namely Cumbria. I had an inauspicious start to the week - totalling my car sideways into the back of a parked truck in a layby on Monday at 05:30 as I fell off the road in a blizzard. So this was kill-or-cure for my whiplash.

Apart from a clicking neck it seems to have sorted me out!
and what a fine morning it was. Storm Jorge was more hey-ho than hoo-ha and hadn't really lived up to the hype. Let's hope we don't get any more flooding in the area.

One is always guaranteed a warm welcome at parkrun, but Tetbury's was particularly spiffing, mainly due to the randoms who have a chat with everyone, and the efforts of the following 28 volunteers-

Kate BALL • Nigel ROSE • Elaine KIRTON • Eileen HODGSON • Paul KIRTON • Peter HODGSON • Jonathan JAMIESON • Katy HAZELL • Nea SNEDDON-JENKINS • Laura FINCH • Lou DAWSON • Jenny WARNER • Bex KANDIYALI • Jacqui SNEDDON-JENKINS • Mary HINTON • Marc HINTON • Holly BELL • Thomas MCNALLY • Darcy SHEPPARD • Darren SHEPPARD • Adam BLIGHT • Kimberley MONAHAN • Ada-Grace WITCHELL • Pippa-Rose WITCHELL • Nuala MONAHAN • Bernadette BELL • David WARNER • Kirsty MCKENZIE

121 people "leapt" (see what I did there)?!into the somewhat swampy but exhillhirating conditions of the out-and-back course.

Holy cr@p! Jonathan Jamieson finished in 17:43! How is that even possible? Nea Sneddon-Jenkins from Cirencester AC was the first woman home in an amazing 21:27-a new PB.

Sorting by club, 11 Dolphins turned out for a splash, 1st Dolphin home was Georgina Tucker, 2nd Queenie a PB, 3rd was me if my mastery of the gadgetry can be believed? Other Dolphin PBs from Claire Avery, Catherine Chidley and Lucy Andrews.

First runners from other clubs were Simon Pinnington from Brimsham Bullets, Robin Philillips from Westbury Harriers, David Hart from Tetbury Royals RC, Lisa Thompson from Calne RC,

First time at the Goods Shed for Charles Knights - and a podium 3rd place!Zac Davies was the fastest JM10 - an excellent first timer time.

Another swimmer, Sarah Bradley from Swim-1st Triathalon Club plowed through the somewhat liquid course!

A special mention to Dan Sivil, who despite sliding out sideways in a splatter of mud and gore, 3/4 of the way round, still staggered over the line with a smile on his face.

Next week its the same out-and-back course, only much drier (!)

Also next Saturday, it is International Women's Day, Food Bank Day, and Elaine Kirton's Birthday. All kicking off at Tetbury Goods Shed!
Surely all these things can be combined?!

Encourage your female friends, bring any food donations, mention the possibility of cake! Who knows!
Cheers for now. Happy parkrunning!