#24 – Smiley volunteers!

No shortage of participants and volunteer's at parkrun on the 14th March. 95 participants came together in high spirits to encourage and support each other to complete the course.

We always receive such lovely feedback on how supportive our volunteers are, in all weathers they keep smiling, keep turning up week after week and keep cheering everyone on. We really do have a great team.

We had visitors from as far as Yorkshire and 11 first timers.

A total of 31 PBs achieved, a big well done.

Dennis and Brian, our over 80s did amazing as always and really put me to shame, as my achievement every week is getting out of bed. We also had a couple of our four legged friends taking part, a big well done to them.

As I was unable to print out the volunteer list another member of the core team, who I wont name, kindly offered to print it out for me. She did print it out but picked up the wrong sheet on her way out of the house. I now know how to make pitta bread.

Run Director

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